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My #Daily5 Highlights (Week 11)

Hi! :wave:
I'm SelflessDevotions and today, I will be sharing some of this week's artworks (and my thoughts on them) that I've commented on as part of the #daily5 project.

Third eye
@ladyseegardThe painting of LadySeegard's OC, Beatriz, looks so stunning. The character design is beautifully done, and the overall lighting looks so soft.

Pink And Green
@kaeverisA beautiful fanart drawing of Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia. The anatomy looks well done (her breast size is not too overexaggerated), and the details on her stomach (specifically, her belly button) are amazing!

Baka-chanLoveDancer by Baka-chanLove features the beautiful dancer Mizki! :love: I love the pose that she is pulling off, and the dancer's outfit further accentuates her sexiness and beauty.
:iconselflessdevotions:SelflessDevotions 3 2
Holiday News
I am opening request now!! Its limited so first come first served!! These request are only in one style and only flat colours!! Link the character you want me to draw plz!
(Here is a sample on what the request will look like)

Spots Open:
1) Swirlique 
2) M-ukki
3) CorvusScientist 
4) Pandoras-Socks 
5) Nurwhool 
6) LowKey-Fujoshi 
7) CookieCreamAJ 
I also have my commissions open now! 
:iconmyocz:MyOCz 1 15
Angels Without Wing September 2018
Angels Without Wings
September 2018 Announcement
Who Are Angels Without Wings?
They Are Those Fellow Deviants:
~ Who act Unselfishly and are Humble by Nature
~ Who more or less Regularly Feature Other Deviants
~ Who Willingly Offer Tips, Hints and Helpful Comments
~ Who Answer a Fair Amount of the Comments They Receive
~ Who Give Kind and/or Uplifting Words When and Where it is Needed
~ Who Feature and Promote Projects, as well as Contests and Challenges
~ Encourage or Otherwise Assist Deviants Who Need Support/Help
~ Who Give Fair and Helpful Critiques (whether official or not)
~ As Well As Doing Whatever Else is Helpful, Kind and Supportive
Each Edition of Angels Without Wings will Honor Three (3) Very Special Deviants with a Pair of Wings in a Feature Journal by WDWParksGal and her Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):
Annissina ~ BloomingRoseXeniia ~ coastbeachartist ~ davincipoppalag ~ DeviBrigard ~ DieffiDMD-CT ~ Egil21 ~ EveLivesey ~ Felizias ~ gigi50 ~
:iconstygma:Stygma 2 1
Ask My OC (Voting Poll)
I don’t have a reference for a lot of my OC’s but I’m only going to use these OC’s for the voting pole. I’ll add more next time.
Anyways next week I’ll do a Q and A Drawing session with my OC’s listed in this roster. Let me know who you want to ask and I’ll see who is the most voted on Monday.
Need names?
:icongmangamer25:GManGamer25 0 2
Bowsette: a hybrid character combining Bowser’s rough side and ruthlessness with Princess Peach’s charm and beauty. This character is already the source of many fanarts and is taking the internet by storm!
Beautiful and devilish, I think she is a breath of fresh air from the plain Princess Peach we've seen for so many years, even by fanart standards. What do you think about her?
:iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 0 0
(Nsfw)Art Trades open(as of now!)
Heyo SupartaDrawZ here ^^ art trades are open ^^
But as of now nsfw if u haven’t noticed yet,and yes there are rules still...
-Be near,or above my art level,if your unsure plz don’t hesitate to ask.
-Must be your ocs
-No furries sorry
-I prefer my trades to be done on digital
-I prefer to draw busty females.thats just me.
(To a extent)
-I will only draw females for nsfw
-I cannot draw sex poses and I won’t do that
-Not fetishes or vore I despise that.
-When I draw the female you will have some nsfw choices:
Partially nude
In bikini
Tiny bikini
Topless w/ bikini bottoms
Pasties Only
No top Pasties/ only bottom
Completely nude
If i agree and you agree I will respond and you must talk to me on the notes tab plz!Thats all for now,Biyo!
:iconsupartanimedrawz:SupartanimeDrawz 0 0
sorry for being inactive lately
So ik ive been inactive recently and its been forever since ive done a journal entry. Ive been so caught up in art, books, and tumblr that i didn't even pay attention to da anymore and im so verry sorry. I will try to be more active on here. I just posted more art i did recently. Ily guys, im sorry again. yeah. Just wanted to say that. Let you guys know i haven't forgotten about yall :) so, how are you guys??? I missed yall! Whats happenin in your life?? How's school?? You can literally tell me anything lol. If you see any spams from me its cause im tryin to catch up on your art lol
:iconwethepotterheads0214:WEthepotterheads0214 0 0
Devious Journal Entry
:iconhampura:HAMPURA 0 0
Which Oc Backstory?!
There are many different backstory's I have created for my Oc's, this is a other one. You pick witch story you like best, if that one has the most votes there will be art work for it. Now for the second story! Also this is a COMPLETELY different story, so there is no koyoto's Brother or same characters. 
Koyoto-San arrives at Shiko Academy, But he never shows his real self. He also keeps his last name private and his name isn't Koyoto-San. There is a very popular idol group, the members are: Ashiteme Owaika, Suikasa Meiru and Haru Tsuikasaka.(Last names first) Koyoto-San is in this idol group, so he hides his last name and changed his first name. Koyoto is the main Singer/Dancer, the manager is Haru's twin: Tsubaki Tsuikasaka, that eliminates  name from the idol group, do you know which one is Koyoto-San? Koyoto is very happy and loving and caring as a idol, but to make sure people don't find out he is a idol, he pretended he didn't talk that much and he was angry and never s
:iconsuperskyking:SuperSkyKing 0 0
spooky sl
:iconluigiandtravon:luigiandtravon 0 5
awesome oc raffle not mine
:icon186lilly:186lilly 0 0
If you would like to be added to this list, click here to find out how!
Price List:
:bulletblack: 2 weeks feature for 40 :points:
:bulletblack: 1 month feature for 80 :points:
:bulletblack: 3 months feature for 240 :points:
3 Months Feature
:iconSYSEN: [TCG] Eternal Wars - Christmas 2-2 by SYSENSword Art Online Alternative GGO - LLENN by SYSEN
:iconartisticallystrange: 2018 Art Commisshes Information [Open] by artisticallystrange
:iconpeachiibon:commission info - open by peachiibon
:iconSplinterlight: Commissions! Shameless art whoring! by Splinterlight
:iconZynnZ: Commission Page || '18-'19 by ZynnZ
:iconlovelyfantasy:  Commission is Open by lovelyfantasy
:iconPhallales:2018 COMMISSION PRICE LIST by Phallales
:iconSpace-Oracle: - Commissions (PAYPAL) OPEN - by Space-Oracle
:iconcommission-network:Commission-network 0 0
commissions (Open)
100 points = $1USD
I have the right to reject your commission if needed. I mainly accept PayPal only but if you have the points I'll accept
Customs $5 or 500 points

Icon: $2 or 200 points

Half body shading: $7 or 700 points
:iconeiichiroluxray:EiichiroLuxray 0 0
~Art Stuff~
Hello! I am opening up Requests, Trades, and Collabs:
[CIB] Art Requests
[C] 💖
[CI] If you want to do an art request, you can always just ask, I will either post it, or show it to you when done
[CI] Slots
[CIB] Art Trades
[C] 💖
[CI] Same for an request, you can always ask. But you have to do your side, I don't want to give them art, then find out they didn't do it
[CI] Slots
[CIB] Collabs
[C] 💖
[CI] If you want to do this, you can either pm me for it or just comment. Do your part as well
[CI] Slots
:iconmusicdrawlover:Musicdrawlover 0 1
Help a boyo out
Ssssssssssssss, where to start.
Well, considering I’ll be staying here for quite a while along with my latest core membership from a dear friend.. it’s time I start progressing more into this community. Which leads to one of the main aspects of this art community, points.
Now I could open up commissions however I’ve been awfully busy, so that won’t quite work out well. However I had heard about artists using adoptables (along with premade bases) to gain points. And so this is where I may start off towards getting myself more points.
Now I get there’s several rules when either creating or purchasing adoptables such as giving credit, selling to a certain degree, appropriate usage, etc.
But I’m a bit confused to the point when someone actually succeeds in selling their adoptable/design. For example, when someone comments on buying your adoptable what happens next? I’m most likely making this a lot more complicated, but do you then give them the ad
:iconthe-dogtor:The-Dogtor 0 1
icon comms
attempting to stock up on superworms for my beardie while im super busy w/ school! 
unlimited slots, 10 USD or 1000:points:!
open for furry/anthro, feral, and human characters! comment or note if interested! 
:iconheartsuds:heartsuds 0 0
I want to do a Q&A lb, so if you have any questions about art, semipersonal stuff (like amount of pets), random questions, or just want some help learning something and want some help just friggn comment. I'll either answer head on (just replying to your comments) or if its commonly I'll probably draw my answers and responses.
:iconkaiagracie:KaiaGracie 0 0
blame Nobody
If you comment on this Journal I will do these things:
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page and gallery for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what I think about you as a person
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you what I like about your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you my opinion of your profile picture (avatar).
9. Tell you to do this in your journal, if you haven't already.
:icongalactica-panthera:Galactica-Panthera 0 22
Taking offers on any characters
I’m trying to buy my bf a gift card for his birthday on Tuesday!!
I need $25usd at least. So offer away!!
:iconslothcvddles:SlothCvddles 0 0
Rules for art trade
-not to much detail
-no fetish art
-must have a reference sheet for OC
-can be ocs or a fictional character
:icononelittlekill:OneLittleKill 0 2
Sketch Commissions!
I don't open Commissions much but I'm willing to start fresh and start off clean. They can be chibi or not. A ref must be sent. Price is $5 or 500 points if you'd like it colored I'd do so with no charge my gift to you all.
If you're interested note me or comment on this. I'll make sure to upload examples as well. Thank you have a nice day!
:iconlucyatakashi:LucyAtakashi 0 0
raffle not mine
:icon186lilly:186lilly 0 0