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How Doodle Met The Koopalings 4 (HDMTK)
Chapter 4: Snatcher
Doodle:"Once I arrived back home, my parents asked me all about my day. I told them everything that happened except for the snatcher. "Hey Doodle, did you see the big fight happening by your locker?" My sister asked. "What fight?" I asked nervously, hoping that my parents didn't ask any questions. "These two koopas were wrestling over a back pack. The blue haired one seemed to take a good beating. The one in the grey hoodie destroyed him!" My sister said. "How did you find out? Aren't your classes on the other side of the school?" I asked. "Yeah, but I got lost and wondered towards your locker hoping to find you but ended up watching the fight instead." My sister explained. I was silent. I didn't feel like answering anymore questions. I sat quietly at the dinner table as everyone ate. "What's wrong dear? Not hungry?" My mom asked. I couldn't keep this a secret from my parents much longer. I just had to tell them. "I know about the fight... This creepy Koopa came up
:icondoodledrawer1988:DoodleDrawer1988 3 2
Radioactive Winners!
The time has come to announce the winners in our most recent challenge...
I want to thank all of the participants, you guys rocked out some pretty awesome images! :la:
And now, without further ado...

I love that the artist interpreted the story behind the challenge in such a unique way. This piece was well thought out and extremely creative! :love:

A fantastic dive into the abyss of the psyche! Love the interpretation and the slightly dark touch while keeping
with the science fiction style challenge!


I know first hand, the perils of trying to get just the right color in an image you want to make pop. The glow in thi
:iconawphotography607:AWPhotography607 3 5
After today i won't be accepting anymore requests.
:iconbluemayo:BlueMayo 1 8
Concept design notes: Hisui no karasu
The drawing titled; Hisui no karasu “The Jade Raven” is a concept design for a fantasy creature that is the
familiar/ messenger for the "Witch king of the Jade Forest" character (Seiryuu).
The thought process behind his feathered companion was initially inspired by the concept of a “3 eyed raven” along with the general idea of ravens being used as familiars/ messengers between our world and the next. But I wanted to take it a step further, so I combined it with the 3 legged crow concept from folklore of Eastern Asia.
Concept notes - 3rd eye:
The concept of a 3rd eye can be used in storytelling as a physical manifestation of the inner third eye; an esoteric notion of an invisible eye which provides a 6th sense.
The third eye can also refer to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. The third eye can be used to symbolize a state of enlightenment. Other abilities associated with the 3rd eye are visions, clairvoyance, the ability
:iconkonaam:KonaaM 0 0
Drawing of Todoroki Shoto of Boku No Hero Academia
Drawing of Todoroki Shoto of Boku No Hero Academia | SayedArt
:iconsayedartxyz:sayedartxyz 0 0
Equestria Crusaders Pt 4. Saving Dusk Shine
[Cadence and the dogs continue to look around until they hear what sounds like Dusk Shine. They see a lavender-skinned teenage boy with navy hair with moderate violet and moderate rose streaks being bullied by a pink-skinned girl.)
Dusk Shine: Oh, I'm really sorry. I-I just found it, and-and I thought I should give it to her. I didn't know you had dropped it.
Pinkie Pie: Well, I did! And I was about to get it before you swooped in and ruined everything! You shouldn't pick up things that don't belong to you.
Dusk Shine: [hushed] It... doesn't really belong to you, either.
Pinkie Pie: Excuse me?!
Dusk Shine: N-n-nothing...
Pinkie Pie: That's what I thought. It's as good as mine, and you know it. You really are pathetic. [Dusk is reduced to tears] It's no wonder your best friends are all stray animals.
Princess Cadence: How dare you speak to him that way!
Pinkie Pie: What did you say?
:icondiana173076:Diana173076 0 0
A little bit about me.
So a little bit about me.
I answered a ton of random questions about me i found on the internet. You can ask me anything you want but I will NOT BE ANSWERING personal questions (name, Address, email.) But I WILL try to answer questions you have about me, just as long as they don't get too personal, and I'm sorry if I don't know the answer.
Just a short wrap up of basic info. I love animals😍. I prefer animation over film😄. I'm not a fan of big fandoms like Star Wars😝. I do get anxiety about a lot of things😖, And I love art (obviously). If there is any non personal details you want to know, I love reading comments.
1.Who is your hero?
I'd have to say my hero would be my parents.🙎‍♀️🙎‍♂️
2.What is your biggest fear?
Don't even think about saying the word s-p-i-d-e-r when you are around me. Any size freaks me out. AND THEY ARE NOT ANIMALS. they are creepy deadly bugs.😱
3.What is your favorite fami
:iconandromedacool:AndromedaCool 0 0
:iconaikoloveheart:AikoLoveHeart 0 0
YCH 100 x 100 pixel (gif)
Price Range:
150-250 points
150 points for base price
-30 for wave animation
-10 points for blinking animation
-10 points for simple jump/bounce animation
-10-50 for complex design (depends on the detail)
-need clear reference
-ponies only! (Bat ponies, changelings and ect. Are okay, long as they resemble a pony)
-pay before art. REFUNDS ARE ACCEPTED.
-These prices only apply to this ych! Full commission prices are coming soon!
-I will not take super complex designs, if possible, I will try to simplify them.
-REFUNDS ARE OKAY, long as art as was never made after a month.
:iconspaceybabe:spaceybabe 0 0
Friend Love | Season 2 Episode 1 - New school
Amanda: *gets new text*
Amanda: Liar! *puts the phone down*
Bella: You ready for school Amanda?
Amanda: Yea!
Bella: Bye sissy!
At the school
Melon: Hi Babe! 
Amanda: Melon? Pinkie Pie Scream01 
Melon: Watch this: Crazy seizurish Twilight 
Amanda: LOL, your actually here! 
Amanda: Let's pretend we aren't BF and GF because the class would freak out!
Melon: Okay!
Mrs. Pink: Today we have three new students! 
Amanda: I'm Amanda, I am super nice and popular at my old school!
Melon: I'm Melon, and I like to draw
Amanda: Wait, WHAT!
James: I'm James, and I loved to play with my friends at my old school!
Mrs. Pink: Good, now sit wherever you like!
Ellie: Who is it now? O.O OMG 
Ellie: Why hello new students! GIF My Little Pony - Smile 
Amanda: Hello
Mia: Wow, another noo
:iconprincessamanda778:PrincessAmanda778 0 0
check out these adopts
These adopts are so creative and bright check em out link in description
:iconsoulessanime1234:soulessanime1234 0 0
Roleplay anyone?
Bored so i decided to roleplay with anyone.
Anyone in?
:iconxxrougeone2005xx:xXrougeone2005Xx 0 27
TheFavoriteShowcase - June 2018
A warm welcome to all new members of :iconthefavouriteshowcase: - run by :iconegil21:!
 by C-Novack
 by Lilyas
 by Saffella
 by Flyy1
 by ScarlettLeigh
 by Wilku1000i1
 by DanicaFrost
:iconselflessdevotions:SelflessDevotions 2 2
Hello guys I’m going to go make a new web comic about a watermelon soon. IF you have any recommendations or ideas for the title of the overall web comic plz tell me. The concept is the main character Bobby, has glasses and a black seed (which in the world of watermelon is a deformity) this makes him the perfect target for bullying. He gets a friend but also a bully. Any ideas for what to do is greatly appreciated.
:iconrosegirltheartist:RoseGirlTheArtist 0 0
Logan9702 OC Requests (OPEN!)
So I decided to open requests for my ocs.
Basically it's where you request me of anything you'd like involving my ocs!
Here are the rules
-They must be of my OCs only
-No mature stuff!
-Please dont add your OCs into your request, like I said these must be of my ocs only
-There may be some ideas out there I feel questionable about. I dont draw every fetish.
-Your requests can include 1-4 OCs (5 is too many for a single request.)
These will close on July 5th (Two weeks from now.)
Here are my OCs (If you want more info about them, note me)
-The three ice cream cats (Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate)
-If I missed any other of my ocs please tell me and I will edit the journal by adding them to the list.
:iconlogan9702:Logan9702 2 40
I need to relax... and... the ship
Hello everyone
Sorry for the delays and the rest ... especially the role of characters that I have ... is that ...
You know, the school ... every time it gets like a torture ...
especially next week ... and I hope everything goes well and without bad grades ...
I'm stressed, depressed, crazy, etc ...
I just want to escape from school ... because I'm being tortured by tests, classmates and teachers who are very unfair
I wonder why schools are like this ... if before when winter holidays were almost approaching ... there was no evidence or anything in the style ... just rest and another ...
I do not want more...
I would like no more of this ... I am very tired ... and bored ...
about the characters everything is fine ... I just want to enhance their roles ...
Including envelope of Cheyenne and Arnick / Chieko and Ignem
And...Maybe is dead Cheyenn x Shadowman (megaman 3) in game style
BUT the official Cheyenn x Arnick...Booyah!
:iconeli-artist64:Eli-Artist64 0 1
The Crisis Trilogy
:iconjaredyboy:jaredyboy 0 0
Anyone Want A Request?
I’m Fresh Out Of Drawings And I wanna Draw Stuff For Other People Cause I haven’t in a While So Please Message Me Or Comment If You Want Bc Im Only Taking 3 Requests :V
:iconpxstelneo:PxstelNeo 0 10
Anybody wanna do art trades?
I mean I'm down for that, just send me a note and we can confirm the details.
:iconrecessartjunk:recessartjunk 0 0
Art Feature - June 2018
These are  some artworks posted this month that I would like to show to you guys.
I suggest checking out these artists and giving them loads of love and/or attention.
That, however, is not a requirement, just a mere suggestion.

This is my first art feature and I'd like to see how it turns out.
If you like it and think I should do more, please inform me.
Digital Pieces
  KiharuShan                        Caliki                          dracooties    
:iconkila-the-kitty:Kila-The-Kitty 4 8
I'm doing commissions for anyone who wants them. I have examples of what I do on my page. There will be no price though they will be done on paper.
Please note that they will take a while to make depending on what you want. Message me the info about your character so that I don't screw it up.
I have examples on my page of what I draw. I have a creepy cartoon style, anthro style, chibi, and an anime. Please tell me which you want!
:iconsaturn-berry:Saturn-Berry 0 0
Update :3
Okey so yes Teentale is currently being worked on :)
Chapter 1 still isn’t finished I just started this week :/
I might put some lil WIP pics of the panels
The comic will be in Black and White
With slight color like when they blush or something :)
Anyways once the Comic is finished I might look for voice actors to dub the comics for YouTube :3
There will be certain qualities I’ll be looking for each character, I might play Frisk and Chara so they might not be available but if I decide not to but I’ll put what I’m looking for with them.
Sans- Male voice (obviously) somewhat deep not too deep tho. Gotta be able to have a hint of emotion in each line :/
Papyrus- male voice (still obvious) must be LOUD but no ear rape material, gotta have excitement.
Frisk- Female Voice ( :/ ) must have a soft tone a vocal range that’s a bit high but not too high.
Chara- Female Voice ( :///// ) must be able to be aggressive, pitch of voice is slightly deeper than Frisks
:iconmichemarshmallow:MicheMarshmallow 0 1