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Vector And Vexel Tutorials From Around DA
A bit of inspiration :eager: to see what you create!!! :iconlainloveplz:

Gimp Tutorial - Vexel Artwork by McZerrill
:squee: :eager: :happybounce: :eager: :squee:
:iconthegalleryofeve:TheGalleryOfEve 31 2
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 09-21-2018

Fantastic Fan Art Friday
Hello and welcome back to another feature coming straight to you from the Fan Art Category! Today we're taking another look at traditional fan art!

The Princess and Wizard by yanadhyana
Daily Deviation Round Up
Here are the Daily Deviations that I featured this week! As always, have a great weekend!
Aurora (sleeping beauty) by VeraVoyna
Princess Kida FanArt by ReneGorecki
Pop Culture Dogs by Risachantag
Your Lie in April by ofSkySociety
:icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 25 4
Fickle Friday: Morning

Woke up this morning, found a love light in the storm

Looked up this morning, saw the roses full of thorns

Guns are falling, they don't have nowhere to go

Sleep in a dream by Filipp13tribute by rickster155

Oceans of diamonds always shine, smoot
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 8 31
over and under - like i always said


Pico Ruivo - Arthritis by yvPico Ruivo - Avoidance by yv
Vanquished by BWilliamWestOceans' Shore by BWilliamWest

Little Gulag by siamesesamLike I always said by siamesesam
And do not forget about the little art game "Message In A Bottle"
:iconeintoern:EintoeRn 12 20
Space and Robots I - ThumbShare Feature
Thank you all who posted to my Space & Robots thread in ThumbShare Forum! I received so many thumbs I make a two-part feature! :D This is Part I.


Mobile Repair Platform v3.4 by Antarasol
Nebula by Senyadra
  Leaving Ringworld (OC) by Virus-Tormentor
Starcruiser by davincipoppalag
1950 by CapnDeek373 crash by CapnDeek373
the Robokraken by CapnDeek373
We're All Stars by WizardlyWalrusKing Red Nebula by A-Pancake 'Bubbles' and the Pterodactyles by PeKj
:iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 12 46
Catcatalogue Vol.#55
Look Closer To A World Of Wonder!
Feed Your Curiosity.



Playscale 1:6 Miniature Tuxedo Cat scuplture by Pajutee
          Conure and Cockatiel by FleetingEmber          
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 15 10
Watercolour Artist: magic-ravioli

:iconclu-art:Clu-art 2 5
Requests! (open)
I'm problably gonna be doing this once so um,,,
Dont claim the finished piece as your own
Have patience with me if I take a little while to get the request done, I'm human too
Nothing too complex please!
OCs only!
Will be shaded!
You must be okay with your request being an example for a commision sheet, do not worry, I will credit your OC
First come, first serve!
Send me a ref sheet via this journal or note!
One character only!
One slot per person!
If you'd like a specific expression, tell me!
:iconphoenixblue1987:PhoenixBlue1987 3 14
Suggested by our September
Hello :iconmegapixelmasterpiece: here for OurDreamsWillCome 
It's that time of the month again, so let's dive into some more suggested by our members art, to see what all our amazing members have been sharing with us over the last month. You guys are awesome! We thank you so much for all of your wonderful suggestions!


Don’t forget there is still a little time left to add a submission for the 
September prompt Back to school, it can be anything you can imagine
as long as it relates to the theme in some way. 
ALL MEDIA as long as it follows the theme
(traditional, digital, literature, crafts, etc)
old or new art
(preferably no
:iconmegapixelmasterpiece:MegapixelMasterpiece 3 9
Vore tournament rewards
Main prize - Mobian Megaladon OC
1st place - Rank "The Professional Predator", 15 points and 2 my OCs
2nd place - Super hybrid OC, 1 my OC and 10 points
3rd place - Armadillo OC and 10 points
:iconoctopus777:Octopus777 1 0
sonic X fan server
:iconluigiandtravon:luigiandtravon 0 0
The Next Big Thing seeks to highlight and bring recognition to the outstanding talent on DA who are rising stars in the community.




This is our princess! by ArvL
How to tame a dragon by ArvL
Help support the featured artists by taking the time to :+fav: this journal and keep :+devwatch: on their portfolios!
:iconlovelessdevotions:lovelessdevotions 2 8
A feature

One for Trippy by LordLJCornellPhotos
.... by nidandart
Drive by Metal-Bender
Entity by lostknightkg
Jesus at Seceda by vw1956
Storm Day 03 by TanyaSimoneSimpson
Eyes by MoonFairy82
Isonomia by HalfFormedThoughts
I will wait for you until the end of time by Mrs-White
Hurricane safe. by jennystokes
Caged by Ragnar949
cold as a winter wave by Inextremiss
Haunted by Mrs-White
Wake up! by Mrs-White
m i n d e s m a r k e t by JonhyBlaze
M by xbastex
Happy Place by silvia-giuli
Point of Light by Ragnar949
Share a little love... by a-kid-at-heart
:iconmep4photography:MEP4Photography 9 10
Ask Marble Pie (Echo Character)
Q and A Session (Read Please)
As always, ask Marble Pie any questions you want (PLEASE KEEP QUESTION ABOUT Marble Pie ). Questions that aren’t about Marble Pie will not be accepted.
You can ask only 1 Question
Marble Pie (Echo Character) Bio:
This version of Marble Pie can talk, she likes shiny rocks. She’s a bit shy but she can be quite the chatter box once you get to know her XD
She does have a dark secret, she has a little bit of Nightmare Moon’s Power inside of her, just like Nightmare Rarity. Rarity can control her mind due to this power she has over her.
:icongmangamer25:GManGamer25 1 7
Art trades?
looking to get art of my new boy Hotaru!! i'll be up for drawing full body ferals or even humans/anthros
:iconperiwinkletotem:Periwinkletotem 3 8
kaleidoskopik : 21092018

:iconkaleidoscopism: :icondilicious-trips: :icondigital-diptych: :iconphotograph-ism:
:iconkizukitamura:KizukiTamura 11 11
Sweet Saturday Vol. 13
If there's ever been one day of the week that's perfect for cute stuff, it's Saturday.
I can't imagine a better way to start your weekend!So let's activate Weekend Mode, sit back and enjoy some cute!
Happy Saturday!
Pro-tip: Come back here on Monday to alleviate your case of the "Monday's"!


My happy harvest by Kajenna
Walking on water by AdrianGoebel Butterfly on flowers by Hitodenashi23
Little white friend by irrlicht71 Family of deer by LandscapesNSuchPhoto
Beautiful Girl by BadSkys
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 8 6
Hey this is pretty cool~
:iconjollywitch:JollyWitch 2 0


This section is to make this group come to life again!
I would use the Poll section for you to leave your art there and then feature them here but we are no longer Super group so we don't have the widget available.
Here some of the members submissions from the last week, if you don´t see something yours here is probably because you submitted in the WRONG folder and it was removed, thanks for being part of our group!
SO MANY BEAUTIFUL WORKS, NOT ENOUGH SPACE :aww: and soo many wrong folder submissions or lack of stocks listed :hmm:
Have a nice day! :Party:
Read --> Submissions Rules Before Submitting <-
Wrong folder submissions are deleted in sight 
:iconstarscoldnight:StarsColdNight 7 7
LF TH icon comms
i need icons for Moshui and Lily's profiles on TH ;;
So, is someone taking icon comms?
No more than 600 pts pls
:iconwea-fome:Wea-Fome 2 4
Friday Night Specials v9.3

Another week went in flight... which means it is time for "Friday Night Specials"!

This week was kinda bananas at The Yard Collective...

... on account of the many shots with yellow, bananas being yellow... and that the shots are all so great that they make you go bananas...
works by:
:iconJACAC:  :iconMikeHeard:  :iconBatsceba:  :iconeverlastingdead:  :iconDougNZ:  :iconseppukuu:  :iconSUDOR:
Have a wonderful weekend!
:iconbatmantoo:batmantoo 5 5
Art Request Closed!!
I've been wanting to art request, but been too busy, so i'll be taking request now while i'm free from school ! they are free and i will try my best on them.
:iconseventailfoxy:seventailfoxy 3 38