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#MakeArtBeMagic Feature 01

The #MakeArtBeMagic hashtag is for use on any social media platform by anyone sharing their creative output in any medium or genre.

The purpose is to celebrate creativity in all its forms. It doesn't matter if you're a professional at the top of your game, a seasoned creator with decades of experience, a hobbyist who creates for the sheer joy of it or a beginner taking your first steps into a new creative endeavour. It doesn't matter if you're having the best day ever and hitting your flow, or summoning determination from the pit of your soul to push through a creative block.
If you make art, you are an artist, and art is magic.

Consider this your personal invitation to recognise and celebrate your creativity by tagging your art with #MakeArtBeMagic when you share it on DeviantArt and beyo
:icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 32 21
Applying the Colour Theory in Artisan Crafts
Artisan Craft Week
Crafting is a very special form of art that presents its own challenges that are not always shared by other types of artwork. It is, in essence, visual - the first sense that we use to appreciate a crafted piece is sight. Everything else (taste, touch, etc) comes second. As such, choosing how we present our crafting pieces becomes a bit of an art and a bit of science all together. How to grab your viewers' attention and make your craft stand out is something that is both fascinating and potentially profitable. Unfortunately, it is also something that most crafters end up taking for granted. After all, it's a piece of craft... how does colour come into play? That's what we will discuss today. 
The Basics about Colours
It's impossible to talk about colours without getting a little technical, at least in the very beginning. 
Individual colours can be described by three inherent "parameters" that, when put together, distinguish one colour from
:iconsinistrosephosphate:SinistrosePhosphate 35 0
Dark and Mysterious - Friday Friends' Art

Fairy Play by Lowranzy6699
Dark Circus Puppet by Nania-D-Vann
The Secret Garden by Battle-for-the-Sun
Nyah and Chani by phibesby
Musical Macabre by Object---Collector

Things to Come by Ascott-YarnJacks
The Fly Queen by toon-gabby
You don't need eyes to imagine by MihaiRotaru Acid face by ShiningLegacy
The Black Flower by meregoddess The Keeper of Time by DreamingDaysAway
Face Dead Eyes by AurielPhoenix
Floating island by DoreenHillmann
:iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 26 67
Cakes out of this World
Artisan Crafts
Hi everyone!
I'm UszatyArbuz and recently I surfed through the Culinary Arts category of Artisan Crafts.. I must admit I got hungry :waitingforfood:
I especially was amazed by so many beautiful and mouthwatering cakes.. Here are my favorite deviations depicting cakes from this category :la:
Super Mario Bros. Cake by cakecrumbsNaked Cake with Flowers by KirstysCakesThe Sun Is Coming Soon by GingerbreadFairyDusty's owl cake by Shoshannah84Zelda Wind Waker Cake by Kalan
:iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 26 40
Catcatalogue Vol.#52
You Make Us Proud!



Lead The Way [COMMISSION] by ARVEN92
          Pack Mentality by JoePingleton          Twilight by FleetingEmber
Father Fox Room Guardian by AnyaBoz
Sweet Moment by panjoool
           Little fox and the flower by ElenaDudina      
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 35 33
Feature time........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rapsodia by rafaarsen
Lantern Dog by JadeMere
Analog by GerryArthur
A Sleep by Madink2000
Endormie by DavidMnr
Dragon by trungbui42
Elf of the stars by MartaNael
Sin by wlop
Beowulf... work in progress 8... Wealhtheow by Yoann-Lossel
Jungle Myth by Dani-Owergoor
Red and Gold by RaidesArt
Blue Embrace by RaidesArt
River spirit by sakimichan
Breathe by yuumei
Blackreach by Quaenam
Mavis Vermillion by Aramisdream
Practise #3 by trungbui42
The Magic Room by Noldofinve
Kitana by Ururuty
:iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 33 36
Inspiration for Our Upcoming Contest
Greetings from Branka
:icondA-Morgue: welcomes our new members and watchers!
I would also love to welcome our new admin,
You are a huge asset to me and the group.
Thank you so much for the hard work you've already
put into the group in such a short time.
Please, give Tero your warmest welcome, Ghouls

I would like to thank, Tero and all of you who made

an enormous success with your bloody contributions
But, it's not over yet!
There's still one week left before we return to a "normal" group again.

So, join us in the bloodiest month ever and get those bloody
:iconbranka-johnlockian:Branka-Johnlockian 8 28
The Muses Love Alternatives, CCIX

Thanks for stopping by.
:iconhummbuzz:hummbuzz 11 23
Angely et Kuro leur origine
Angely ange de l'eau et aussi un démon
Elle est très mignonne et gentille elle adore aidé les autres les anges ,les démons(malgré qu'elle la pourchasse)les pégases ou autre . Quand elle est triste ses ailes change de couleur et devienne bleu blanc mélanger ,elle fait apparaître une tornade d'eau et un tsunami en même temps qui risque de tuer tout le monde mais pour qu'elle se calme il suffit de chanter une très belle chanson pour la calmer. Elle déteste la violence et et le harcèlement. Elle a le pouvoir d’aidés les gens rien quand la regardant droit dans les yeux.Quand elle est en colère elle devient incontrôlable et contrôle exactement la foudre en même que l'eau et ses ailes change de couleur en noir. Elle a su qu'elle avait un frère le jour ou l'océan lui a parlé. 
Kuro hybride ange et démon
Son nom était Draco mais il avait découvert son vrai nom: Kuro .Il
:iconjaycee974:jaycee974 2 11
Quilt tutorial: how to quilt your own awesome star
Artisan Craft week
Welcome to this tutorial! Here I'll explain to you how to make your own 'patchwork' star. Patchwork is what quilters call sewing tiny pieces of fabric together. The technique used in this article is very accessible, even if it's only because I haven't figured out all the fancy techniques yet myself :P. It has served me well for many years, so it is time to share it with you all. You'll see, once you get the hang of the basics, a whole new world of fabric and possibilities will open up to you!
This is what you're going to make:

What you'll need:
Graph paper + penFabricFabric scissorNeedleThread, ideally a colour matching one of the fabricsPinsTeaspoon or iron
Some basic information:
The pattern I’ve given is 16 x 16 centimetre. However, because it's drawn on graph paper you can make it as big o
:iconbellagbear:BellaGBear 6 2
Fickle Friday: Bright Lights
Your words are high and running through a tired mind

A howling wind surrounds you

I'm trying to illuminate a clouded heart

I'm gonna find the strength to stay

Feel we're going break out

At the last step now

Feel we're going to break out

I really wanna see your face, and I see...

Bright, bright lights, bright lights to guide me

Bright, bright lights, bright lights to guide me home
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 8 11

Disclaimer #1: Personal opinions here!
This journal contains personal opinions of mine, which would probably not match yours, nor the ones of any other Homo Sapiens living on this planet, solar system, galaxy and universe. I usually answer any question and criticism, since they're politely and educately expressed. If you cannot express your criticisms without barking, flaming and insulting other people, you're courtesly invited to not read this journal and to not leave comments that I'd be forced to ignore and mark as spam.
Disclaimer #2: Quoted opinions from other users
DA journals are public. If you write down and publish a rant, a "psa", a tutorial a journal makes it public. This means that your work can be freely quoted by other users, with proper attribution. This right to quote is granted since the Berne Convention and is implemented by most of ci
:iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 9 24
Rarity this week =)
Rarity art highlight of this week!

rari by KeuRSH29
Tired of Fighting by Shimazun
Rarity- EQG Outfit by LTRM35A2
Rarity Colored Outline by Sketchywolfgrl
A rarity being on the cellphone i think by MissMisakiBoo
Rarity by DandelionCharm
You look ridiculous by SagaStuff94
rarrriririririty by Fernybee
Pixel Rarity by xFluTT
Punk Rarity by xPeriFairyx
Rarity by Sleeping-DreamDale
Mlp Rarity by Rachelkee1997
:iconrarityrarityrarity:RarityRarityRarity 4 0
Mid Monthly Marvels!!
From :iconAll-Fractal-Art:
Welcome to the 3rd Mid Monthly Marvels feature!! A little but after mid month this time around, sorry :)
Don't forget the group theme this month, to get in the feature journal early next month -
'Creatures - Real, Alien or Completely Imaginary' (Yeh, I know, some would argue Alien IS completely imaginary......I'm not so sure :laughing: )
Please enjoy the feature of just some of the great images submitted to the group over the last month or so and go and show the artists your support!!

A special mention for Mark here to say we are all thinking of you at this time my friend :doublehug: revamp 

:iconbgai:BGai 11 22
what should I draw to thank you for 50 watchers?
Give me suggestions please!
:iconkighto-9:Kighto-9 1 6
Thought the bird lady forgot about FEATURES!?
Here we go. I want to share 4 artists I look up to and that NEED MORE LOVE (i may have already spammed them with good jobs but...idgaf their art is good). You better watch, comment, and favorite or so help me Dodd (please tell me you guys got that joke).



widespread hysteria by snudderYour Eyes They Look Like Stars by snudder
myself (cause' im so full of myself)
$2.00 / 200points | OPEN by heavynlyVape to sleep. by heavynlyDoddy got da boddy by heavynly
in da chicken coop
Two chicken tenders. by norwayerCaving01 by mythicmuttGlitchz by ZomskiiesFluorescent Mermaid Coral polymer clay dragon by AtriaPolymerClay
Leech by multi-muttHappy Pride Month 2018 by DetectiveRJi could be your favourite girl by xutaesat: raincoat boy by remii-qSun and Moon Sonoelkh Collab Auction [Closed] by Herboreal[Edgy Title] by FoxByTheFoot
:iconunleashed-creatures:Unleashed-Creatures 1 9
Watercolor Artist: exact-brush

:iconclu-art:Clu-art 3 3
Interesting - part 137

Intergalactic Bath by luciekout by FreisCZ
Stranger Things by Catlaxy
:heart: :iconjocelyner: :heart: :iconsurrealistic-gloom: :heart:
Sunset on the Lake by JocelyneR
Autumn Aster Blossoming by JocelyneR
By The Lake In Spring by surrealistic-gloom
Wild White Flower by JocelyneR
Last Berries by surrealistic-gloom
Wild Plants on Tree Reflection by JocelyneR
:iconerozja:Erozja 2 9
Pedidos [Abierto] / Requests [Open]
Bueno no tengo nada mejor que hacer con mi vida ...
voy a abrir pedidos, de lo que quieran, todos pueden hacer pedidos! es gratis! solo comenta el nombre de tu personaje(s) y dejame una referencia de este (estos) asi de fácil para todos, ya si quieres agregar algo como: vestuario, fondo, la pose o lo que sea esta bien, aprovechen esto se quedará aquí un largo tiempo.
Well I have nothing better to do with my life ....
I'm going to open requests, whatever you want, everyone can place requests! It's free! just comment the name of your character(s) and leave me a reference of how it is (they are) so easy for all , and if you want to add something like: wardrobe, background, pose or whatever is fine, take advantage this will stay here a long time.
:iconxianzr0:XianZr0 2 13
Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' 

In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here . 
Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques !
Hope you will enjoy this feature !




:icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 27 10
What would you like to see from us?
Hey everybody! I'd like to know what you guys would like to see from us next!
Would you like adopts, another soap-themed species, legendary traits, maybe monthly prompts? Let us know in the comments here and there's a chance we'll do it!
:iconsoapie-tub:Soapie-Tub 0 1
Preview - Cinder's Faction vs. League Of Villains

The Kingdom of Vale, Nighttime
1 am
"Did we really have to come back here again, to this stupid, destroyed place roamed by Grimm? It's not like I just barely survived being swallowed by one of those goddamn abominations, so of course I'm taking part in this pointless mission to retrieve some "relic", whatever that's supposed to be anyway." A man with a bowler hat and a cigar in his mouth mumbled to himself. Roman Torchwick could've imagined lots of locations where he'd rather be at this point, due to not exactly having nice memories about the last time he was here.
"Can't help it, Roman. Cling together, swing together." The black-haired woman in the red dress next to him said, a glass mask covering parts of her face. Turning his head, Roman looked into the glowing right eye of Cinder Fall. He hated her so much. If it wasn't for the money, he would've never get himself into the deal she and this woman
:iconsilverjenkins:SilverJenkins 2 1