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Digital art photomanipulation
welcome to Art-Glory support / appreciation/ Show art of our members , these are best digital Photomanipulation from our group's gallery, Please visit these wonderful works and show them your love
Daily Desviation
we are very proud to present Daily Desviation from our group's gallery

Oceans Deep by eerilyfair ( Suggested by GeorgeXVII and Featured by Gejda ) Given 2018-05-21

M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y by WhimsicalBlue ( Featured by Gejda ) Given 2018-05-18

Steampunk Island by CharllieeArts ( Suggested by Ellysiumn and Featured by Gejda ) Given 2018-05-14

The Witch by neverdying ( Suggested by Catgirldstr11 and Featured by Gejda ) Given 2018-04-12

Best art works of the week
we are very proud to present
:iconpanjoool:panjoool 19 17
Masters of Capturing Light #20 + ALIVE
Take a look at some magnificent works of people who are able to align eye, head and feelings, observing the world rather than only seeing it. Enjoy and support them!

Fern Fairy Tale Trail by somadjinnlava fields III by roblfc1892Hope by KariLiimatainen
 Erta Ale - Ethiopia, Afar by acsevenColors of the Earth by PatiMakowskaThe lonely tree by LordLJCornellPhotos
The trolls in the sea by LinsenSchussFrisk by IvanAndreevichThe volcano with the green fire by LinsenSchuss
Boulders by MarcosRodriguezSolitary Dusk by EtherealSceneriesFireball by EtherealSceneriesBlue Grotto at sunset, Malta by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Inferno II by EtherealSceneriesreynisfjara III by roblfc1892Embers by EtherealSceneries
August Sets by jonathanjessupStories of the sky by JustinDeRosaMaletsenyane Falls by carlosthe
krokelvvatnet II by roblfc1892 The magical forest by streamwebWinter afternoon by streamweb
:iconambr0:AmBr0 6 6
Request [OPEN]
Hi emoticon Hi emoticon Hi emoticon
 divider divider divider
Accepting request!to try out my new Chibi art style!like these:

divider divider divider
-must be a watcher,new watchers are welcome
-faved this journal
-share this journal through poll, status updates and journal only 
-dont unwatch me,if i Don't accept yours
-follow the rules
:iconun-1d3nt1f13d:Un-1d3nt1f13d 14 13
The Imaginarium - Members Feature
Promoting our lovely members:
Works caught from the poll.

Summer Ballad by Renata-s-artPoisoned Arrow of the Witch by TeroPorthanAddams Tango by Lora-Vysotskaya
Star Wars - Princess Leia 04 by AraielMankind Evolved: Pt.6 - Freedom by the-Scarlet-Queen
Faded by LeenaHillbook cover 2 by theheekMorning Dew by Mylene-C
Piano on a sunny morning by annewipfAnd If You Gaze Long Into An Abyss... by azimutth
Art Work of the Month
:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 22 12
#SAVEBL00DY (if you hate Bl00DYkuro, just leave)
I wanted to talk about :iconKyusamablaze: (Bl00DYkuro). She gets bullied by a guy named Rapendkillantifascum one year ago but he's still bully her. He decided to make a fake account about her, i can prove it.
The real artist:                                                                                                   The fake artist:

TheRealKyusamablaze (The fake artist) stole the arts of :iconKyusamablaze: (The real artist) for "FUN" without the permissions of :
:iconspringgoldie1:SpringGoldie1 2 7
Choosing the request
Now must choose one,as i said,it gonna be:
-full body
-full shade
-can be furry,feral or human
For all the people who asked me:
- :iconsparkleroar:
- :iconSaltheBoss7:
- :iconkylakittycat:
- :iconGhostWriter434:
- :iconWereKatt:
- :iconUhh-mandaa:
In case that I don't choose you,don't worry,the next month I'll do request,if you want your drawing for the next month you have to watch me and don't unwatch after having it,that rude though.
:iconsalma360:Salma360 1 5
Birds of Blakeney and Beyond - Part 2
Birds of Blakeney and Beyond - Part 2 - Small Brown Birds!
NB All my bird identifications are subject to revision if more knowledgeable sources can advise me.
I've been lucky enough to spend a few days in East Anglia in the UK, mainly at the pretty coastal resort of Blakeney in Norfolk but for a few days also at Sudbury in Suffolk. Both areas have excellent opportunities for bird photography with diverse habitats such as coastal marshes at Blakeney and the adjoining village of Cley, and water meadows with deciduous woodlands at Sudbury. I used my Canon 5D Mark III equipped with the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS Mark II USM lens that I recently acquired. In addition, for most of the work I had the Canon Extender EF 1.4x III attached, giving a maximum focal length of 560 mm. Almost all the shots below were hand-held, post-processing was with Adobe Lightroom and Neat Image Noise Reduction software when required. Out of the 400 plus shots taken I had a "keeper" rate
:iconokavanga:Okavanga 5 3
Equestria Crusaders 4 Pt. 7
Twilight Sparkle: Um, Sassy Saddles, what are you doing?
Sassy Saddles: Putting marshmallows in my lantern. Then when we light them, mine will be beautiful and delicious!
Spike: Hey, Cadence, why aren't you with everyone else?
Princess Cadence: Pinkamena said something at camp is causing the other girls to get new magic. I think it's Midnight Cadenza. She's still part of me. I can feel it. And I think her magic is infecting my friends.
Spike: What are we gonna do?
Princess Cadence: I don't know what I can do.
Sour Sweet: *sweetly* Okay, everyone! It's time to watch your lanterns fly!
Unikitty: Hey, cool lantern! Mine's my face!
Princess Cadence: [laughs nervously]
Unikitty: Uh, you okay?
Princess Cadence: Mm-hmm.
Unikitty: You don't seem like yourself tonight.
Sour Sweet: Ready? And... go!
:icondiana173076:Diana173076 0 0
WIP Russia from Hetalia
Ok ok, I should stop drawing Hetalia characters ...
Naaah! I will never stop! Muahahahaha!  
:iconghostykeehl-kira:GhostyKeehl-Kira 0 0
Lyric souls, the proyect was born
Well, after meditating for a long time and trying to create something different, lyrical souls is now the sixth project and for the moment the last one, now I will explain what it is and what was its inspiration.
Concepts of inspiration: Concepts of sound and music, Legends of Chima, the history of Beren and Luthien, the story of Romeo and Juliet and for the protagonists inspire me in Sasuke and Naruto.
In the arcane times on earth, all the inhabitants were beings without feelings, without hearts, fights were the only thing that maintained their lives, but one day, in a clear cut, two gods saw from their world, like mortals highlight that as in Maikai, in this story there are no humans) fought and only caused damage, but both gods had an idea, from his heart and drawing several symbols of staves and notes (which were not yet known), created the music, the power of these symbols spread to the whole world and illuminated the hearts of all living beings, music was more than soun
:iconosoni-newyorker123:Osoni-newyorker123 0 0
list to do right now
1. Get my lazy ass off the bed cause i am laying down for like 2/3 fucking hours
:iconmaskgirlyt:MaskGirlYT 0 0
Player tracker - Esk
★Player Profile★
★ Askila Deamon★
Level icon goes here

Player Level

Aura Points

★ History ★
:iconaskila-deamon:Askila-Deamon 0 2
Welcome to my World Feature n108

Welcome to my (not so)weekly feature! Here is the menu!
 A feature of 6 of my watchers
Featuring watchers from oldest to newest. Empty galleries do not get featured.
I won't feature pieces which aren't on point with credits, offensive content and non-English literature (everybody should be able to read)
 A feature for any gift I recieve or collab I complete
 Bonus Round: featuring winners of contests and challenges I support and favourites from my personal collection.
So let's get started !
Watchers Feature
>> Listen <<
Please, please, PLEASE! Stick until 2;10!!!! My favourite part <3<3<3
Hehehe, now that I found this game, I can pause my playing and replaying and rereplaying of The Darkest Dungeon, hehehehe...

:iconlualady:LualaDy 3 2
Their Vacation - 3d 360 VR Set
Hello everyone, I have uploaded a test set that I did for those with VR headsets. You can still view the images with a 360 viewer or watch it on YouTube. But to get the real effect I recommend trying in virtual reality. If you have a smart phone cardboard is your best option, I personally use Samsung VR with my Galaxy. For those with VR headsets on their PC you will get the best effect. The images are in 3840x2400. The video is cut by a little because my video editing software does not go that big so the images are the highest quality. Let me know what you think of these, if the community seems to like them I will do more and try to figure out the best way to render them. The male body could be done differently but for now this is a test. I feel like VR content is the next big leap for us all to experience this fetish in so I hope you all enjoy.
Thank you to everybody who continues to watch and support me, because of all of you I plan to keep producing content in the future.
To get the
:iconaaabbbzzz:aaabbbzzz 4 0
Honest Hymn by Spencer John Luco
You are a just and good God,
I WORSHIP you with all my Heart and Soul...
and you ARE my Spirit!!!
:iconspencerluco:spencerluco 0 0
requests open!
I'm in a vague state of artblock so i want to get motivated! uwu'
-I don't draw furries, animals, mechas or fetish related art.
-I'll try to finish as many requests as possible ,most will probably be colored and/or sketched.
:iconteijouu:teijouu 0 19
Coming Soon..
Hey guys! :wave: I’m on the roll of ideas to draw more and new arts! And here’s what’s happening and coming soon! :D
1. Animal Arts: I’m planning and going to draw animal arts, any creature on earth and try to make them swell. (Traditional)
2. OC fan-arts: I’m like to get my fanart work going, so I’m plan to draw them with OCs, I know I’ve drawn Cuphead arts of them, but I like to try more in other games, movies, TV shows and many more! (Digital)
3. Fan-Art Crossovers: I’m also like to plan some crossover arts! Mostly involved with Disney princesses and Pokémon. I did start one years ago but I’ve never made it that far, so I’ll like to plan to draw them again. If you a know-of-all on Pokémon *all the generations* will fit perfectly with the Disney Princesses, let me know! (Digital)
4. New Story Arts: I’m extending my story arts and now I’m developing on a new collection called *Worldlings* OCs will come i
:iconjoshgarciaartworks:JoshGarciaArtworks 0 0
Discovered VS. Undiscovered Series.VOL.5

 Discovered vs. Undiscovered artists.Vol.5
This week I want to dedicate this feature to a very talented artists.
They do have different technique but their talent is very unique.
Ellysiumn  VS. Nikulina-Helena


Remorse... (Commission) + Video by Nikulina-Helena
:iconmagicladycharm:MagicLaDyCharm 2 1
My By That Pitches List 36 Edition Read Me Please
+36: Heaven
+35: Nebula
+34: Rainbow
+33: Money Green
+32: Diamond
+31: Plat
+30: Gold
+29: Silver
+28: Bronze
+27: Iron
+26: Tin
+25: Copper
+24: Salmon Pink
+23: Hot Pink
+22: Rose Pink
+21: Carnation Pink
+20: Pink
+19: Neon Pink
+18: Mauve
+17: Lilac
+16: Lavender
+15: Plum
+14: Purple
+13: Indigo
+12: Blue
+11: Sappire Blue
+10: Cerulean Blue
+9: Sky Blue
+8: Azure
+7: Terquoise
+6: Cyan
+5: Aqua Green
+4: Alien Green
+3: Green
+2: Lime Green
+1: Honeydew Green
0 White
-1: Dark White
-2: Darker White
-3: Beige
-4: Blonde
-5: Cream
-6: Custard
-7: Yellow
-8: Mustard
-9: Goldenrod
-10: Mango
-11: Amber
-12: Orange
-13: Red Orange
-14: Scarlet
-15: Red
-16: Crimson
-17: Turkey Red
-18: Maroon
-19: Burgundy
-20: Blood Red
-21: Chocolate
-22: Brown
-23: Mahogany
-24: Timberwolf
-25: Metal
-26: Spoon Gray
-27: Gray
-28: Battleship Gray
-29: Bomb Gray
-30: Onyx
-31: Licorice
-32: Black
-33: RED ALERT!!!
-34: Grayscale
-35: G-Major (Invertable)
-36!!!!!!!: HELL!!!!!!!
:iconphoebeartfulgirl992:Phoebeartfulgirl992 0 0
15 under 15 feature 105
Lately I've been trying to become reacquainted with the community at large instead of just photography.  I know the fashion community like the back of my hand, but I used to know so many artists from all different mediums.  In the past few years, I've stayed in the comfort zone of my message center and the fashion photography gallery mostly just following a few new people that I've found from features and also a few that I've found through the DDs.  Last week I looked at the front page most popular and realized I didn't recognize most of the artists there, that was weird and definitely made me realize that I needed to get out of my message center more D: There were so many amazing artists I was missing out on!! So I took it as a sign when JenFruzz started her new #daily5 comment project that I needed to go find some new artists.  I started out in my message center because I wanted to give those artists comment love as well, but soon realized that I needed to expand
:iconqueen-kitty:Queen-Kitty 2 3
Midnights last light
An eternal sadness, an endless night, a fight of desperation forcing the bigger picture to grow around ones dreams to conform and comfort the loss of one's self. Gone unnoticed and now being smothered by these walls of desolation, I lay here gazing upon the void giving the false sense of space. waiting for a sparked flame to warm my cold tears, Ah, sadness you have returned to fight the lingering joy. I reside.
:iconloganestrada20:loganestrada20 0 0
Pony Commission 33
:iconcommissions-for-fun:Commissions-for-fun 0 0