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im taking art requests!
Comment if u would like to request something!
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Art Feature - Waterfalls I
Hello everybody
It's time for a new feature!
From now on I'll be trying to keep short features,
but with an higher frequency.
Hope you'll like this new format!
Since you suggested me a lot of beautiful artworks,
I'll split this journal into two parts.
Distant City by JillLenaDCalculating Probabilities by DonatoArts3711 A.D. Discoverer by RHADSARCHON: The Road To The Temple by skrawwFalls of Profanity by majesticOtterRiME by Ry-Spirit
Next feature: Waterfall II
:icontheunconfidentartist:TheUnconfidentArtist 1 0
Digital and Traditional Art - 201
+fav Artist Spotlight +fav 



 Axolotl by nicsadika
Fantasy Fennecs and Happy Fox by nicsadika
+fav Deviation Spotlight +fav 
Alice Ash, Alice: Asylum Pre Production by OmriKoresh
:iconelynenoir:ElyneNoir 2 1
The Wishing Jar 18.3.3
Featuring badges, contests and events, groups, points.
Take a look at the new wishes!
Wishing for cake, llama or llama accessory badges
:heart: riezeo wishes to complete his cake badge. :heart:

Contests and events
Wishing for prizes or participants for contests and events
:star: TrashRaccoon wishes to have participants in their character design contest. :star:

Wishing for a super group status or more members
:star: Felizias wishes for help in InternationalFAQ effort to make DA more enjoyable for non-English-speaking deviants. :star:
:iconthewellwriter:TheWellWriter 0 0
Point Commissions { OPEN 24/7 }
Howdy, howdy! Point Commissions are now being re-opened! & they'll remain open for as long as necessary.
Headshots: 50 pts
Busts: 100 pts
Waist-up: 150 pts
Fullbodies: 200 pts
**All icons are $5/400 pts to meet the equivalent sums that dA has assigned. Icons are more detailed and stylized than most full-bodies or busts.
NSFW: +25% (Ex: NSFW Fullbody: 250 pts)
+1 chara: Price x2 (Ex: 2 busts: 200 pts)

:iconsugarqubes:sugarqubes 2 2
Devious Journal Entry
I drew this drawing of lefty and marinotte while i was at a buss to visit my cousin and i drew this since i whould be on the buss for 1 hour
:iconthemagickans:Themagickans 1 3
Commission info!
I will now accept PayPal payment.
You must both pay before I draw the commission AND note me or notify me in some way what you want me to draw.
Other than that if you'd rather pay with points you HAVE to use the commission widget.
You know these on my profile page
I hope you enjoy your commission if you do buy.
:iconlbely:Lbely 0 0
I'm Bored (Requests)
I'm stuck at a conference and have nothing to do so send me some requests. (They'll probably be bad.)
Save me from boredom
:iconlilliantheiceempress:LillianTheIceEmpress 0 2
request are closed
:icontheweirdkiddo:TheWeirdKiddo 0 0
Trading Waterdog!!
looking for other waterdogs (preferably alf made) and with art!
cccats (i can add to my offer, $, other ocs, voucher)
voucher ($70+ since that’s what she was purchased for)
here she is!! ^^ she has more art than shown!
:iconumikora:umikora 0 0
Nina's Personal bio and Boxing Bio
Nina Dasher was born on December 21 1991 in Miami to John and Nickie Dasher both her parents were into Boxing and Kickboxing her Dad was A boxer and her mother was a Kickboxer both are Retired and are in there 50s John being 51 and Nickie being 56 When Nina was born She was born Nearsighted and had to wear glasses Due to this she was frequently bullied at school cause of her large Glasses lucky fellow student And Future husband Shadow Flare Helped her overcome the bullies and She graduated after graduating She decided to try out Boxing and Kickboxing like her parents her parents trained her and Nina went with boxing since she was better at it Going Amateur she Had a winning record of 26 wins and 8 losses She was invited to join the Equestria boxing association winning the world championship belt at the age of only 20 she would hold onto the belt for months until losing it regaining it twice before 6 years passed bye Nina got called up to the big leagues and accepted it during that time
:iconninadasherboxer:Ninadasherboxer 3 6
Split Toning
One of the great things for me about digital photography is that I can explore all those clever tools and techniques found in digital photographic software such as Lightroom, The Gimp, and the Nik suite, including the remarkable Silver Efex Pro. If anyone does not know of these software packages, then simply Google or Bing the names and follow the scores of links that show up. Almost all photographers will have one of more such suite of editing tools that they use to process their raw images and to help post them to sites such as here on DeviantArt. However, editing software can contain tools that are rarely used and that are a bit difficult to understand. One such is the Split Toning tool found in Lightroom and other packages such as Topaz Textures and, as I have discovered,  Nik's Silver Efex Pro. This journal explores the technique of split toning technically and presents some examples for aesthetic comment.
We should really start by looking at basic toning of a photograph. Her
:iconokavanga:Okavanga 3 2
Weekend Commission sale!
For the weekend of Friday March 23rd to Sunday March 25th all commissions of mine will be half off.
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Showcasing awesome features No.5
Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly feature spotlight at devfeatures. Each week you will be able to explore a variety of amazing features compiled by awesome community stars, who aim to promote and give recognition to their fellow deviants.
Please, drop a nice word to these generous people as well as the artworks that you particularly like. I hope you leave with at least a few new favourites and if you enjoy the feature, fav it and share it to help spread the love.
If you would like to promote your own features you can submit them in the respective gallery folder or suggest a friend's feature to our Article Suggestions Favourites folder or send me a link via comment/note.
You have until tomorrow this time to submit your artwork to our Members’ Art gallery folder
:icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 11 6
Is my art good, or awful
Please tell me, does anybody even like my art? Is it good? Or is it sh*tty? I'm not even so sure myself. To me its good, but awful at the same time.
:icontoybonnie2117:ToyBonnie2117 0 0
Blender - Push and pull addon like in Sketchup
:icontheouterlinux:TheOuterLinux 0 0
So I used to do a comic called 'Creepypasta Crew' but I stopped doing it cuz... well idefk XD
Just letting ya know its ... gone :)
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Feature: Art Improvement
If you watch me for a while you might had noticed that for last few years I was really disappointed in my own arts when the time for art summaries came around. This year I'm trying really hard to make my arts better, but sometimes you just need some encouragement. And what is more inspiring and motivating when you're struggling with improvement in art than seeing that it can be done? c;So here are some artists that improved so much over a little time ♥ if you also have some favourite progress compilations, be sure to share them here! ( : or maybe post yours? ♥
also, Kiriban 50k soon!  just about 600 pgvs left

:iconlady-ignea:Lady-Ignea 0 0
LF: AEROLIN TRAITS O: Art, pixels, customs, pixels
Looking for a colour-changing system!
(already have non-feline)
I'm offering art (pixel, digital, traditional) and custom characters as well as pixels. (:
Please comment here or note me if you have either trait and are willing to offer them to me.
:iconleedonghaelove:leedonghaelove 0 9
Draconequus ych
HELLO everyone
Yes i know i have been dead for a lil but that is because of school but today i would like to introduce my Draconequus ych.
What I know it that Draconequus are often called noodles and this gave me the idea.  I also have a wip example of the ych to present.
The price is 250p for the ych and it will be fully coloured and shaded with chosen drac oc
well Draconequus is discord's species  
:icontappi-happi:tappi-happi 0 0
Commission (Open)
I accept points only
I can draw
Plants vs Zombie
Cuphead oc
I can't draw
Hard stuff
Full body cost 40 points
Halfbody cost 50 points
Headshot 40 points
Lineless art cost 40 points
Note I can only draw 1 or 2 characters
:iconstarry-the-glaceon:Starry-The-Glaceon 1 0
Full Body Commissions!
So I would like to practice more on poses with full bodies uwu
1 full body: $5/500
2 full bodies/or couple: $8/800
Examples are in gallery but eyes will be a bit more shinier
If anyone is interested please fill out this form!
How many full bodies:
Character ref:
Any certain expression?
Thank you for looking! ;;^;;
:iconluciel-kun:Luciel-kun 1 0