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explanation about my glicthtale au
why are amber and Lloyd brothers? :
information of mercy wizard :
sister of kindness.
long ago, the mercy wizard told koko that he choosed her son to be the next soul of mercy, and amber would be his sister after she did.

koko accepted and Mercy gave her power to Lloyd .
after Mercy explained to Determination and Bravery they told Amber about Lloyd and she welcomed Lloyd like her brother.

when Lloyd was 3 he started to be more time with Amber he felt safe with her,Determination,Bravery and Mercy.

Lloyd like his sister couldnt use his powers, Mercy told him that sometimes his powers would activate someday or sometime. 
sometimes Lloyd could move things with his power or when he had an accident he could heal himself.
one day he told this situation to Amber, she told Mercy about it. 
:iconprincessacaramelo:princessacaramelo 0 0
Adopt Purge
Lmao I have a bunch of old adopts and I want them gone.
They're all ota (ignore whatever price they originally have and offer what you think is fair).
Points, art, paypal, and characters are all fine.
If you do pay close to the original price, I'll draw you a bust of the character as a bonus.
Comment on this journal or the original idc.
:icononyxmonarchy:OnyxMonarchy 1 1
[Open] Chibi comissions for 30 points!
Hello! ^^ I have some free time I'd like to use to practice :3 So I'll be taking 8 slots of chibi comissions in this style:

Since this is practice, I'm willing to draw: 
-NSFW (I can try lol)
-Furries, anthros, humanoids.
-Not so complicated robots >.>
I might have some troubles drawing boys, too. I don't draw:
-Fetish art
-Extreme gore
-Anything too extreme, really haha
Please fill out some questions if you're interested ^^:
Character reference:
What kind of pose would you like?:
Any other info:

1-benjto -Pending-
4-OC-Goddess -Pending-
5-OC-Goddess -Pending-
6-OC-Goddess -Pending-
7-OC-Goddess -Pending-
8-OC-Goddess -Pending-
:iconroni-maruto:Roni-Maruto 2 10
Undiscovered Feature No.5
Hello, lovely people! Welcome to the new weekly joint feature at
:icondevfeatures: and :iconallartworld:
where we will showcase talented artists who deserve more recognition and support for their outstanding work.
You can submit here any features focused on undiscovered art.
Send me suggestions of undiscovered art for next week here or in the comments below. I leave it up to you to decide what you deem "undiscovered" so there is no limit to the number of favs or comments as long as you feel it fits the category.


:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 2 0
free ych (nm)
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URGENT! Traditional Commissions!!!
Due to crazy life stuff that has been going on, I need to raise $400 by the end of this month in order to make my rent and not get evicted from my apartment!!! My digital drawing tablet has also broken, so the commissions are limited to traditional pieces only, sorry! I do offer various different forms of traditional artworks though, so any bit is going to help!
Kraft Paper Portraits
These are on 5x7" thick craft paper and are colored with ink and colored pencils. Clear sleeves available to contain them in shipping.
$12 Greyscale (3 for $30! You save $6)
$15 Colored (3 for $40! You save $5)

Character Badges

Drawn on 5x7" Cardstock with ink and cut around to have a border. Clear sleeves available to contain them in shipping.
$20 for Full Color and Washi Tape accents
(3 for $50! You save $10)
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commissions pt 2
so i think i should change my commissions a little bit hhh
so yE
shading is 5 points extra for all of these
fullbody: 30 points + shading is 35 points
(lineless or lined) halfbody: 20 points + shading is 25 points
headshot: 10 points + shading is 15 points
sorry i dont have an example of this ;w;
customs: 5 points with moodboard would be 10 points!
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Im sorry i have to say this but Drawing Requests are now turned into Sprite Requests but the ones who asked still get it in sprite form
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Doki Doki Furry Club (2 parts left)
Sooo I was thinking of making a ddlc parody thing called ‘Doki doki furry Club’! The only problem is i have three empty slots! Sooo If you are interested in being part of it just comment on this jounal!! When its full i will probs delete this Or just edit it OwO
Monika- Amy (me) :iconhyena-lover64:
Natsuki- Violet :iconCupcakeblue22:
:iconhyena-lover64:hyena-lover64 1 4
My online store
I finally opened up an online store! 
If you've always wanted to purchase a bookmark from me, now's your chance! They will be not be reprinted afterwards.
I will add bigger prints like my 12" x 18" posters once I figure out the shipping method.  Thanks for the patience!
I will also be selling them at Otakuthon in Montreal, Canada. :iconotakuthon: if you live around that region.
Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions!
And as always: :star: Commissions are still open :star:
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Update on The Overweight Angel
Comics: I'm not going to make more new pages until I make all the outdated pages remastered. New page 1 coming soon.
Minecraft: the texture pack for chapter 1 is done, but the map is going to be a challenge to make. While I can still do it, I just gotta be careful of crashes.
Roblox: So far I've been learning how to make stuff on roblox (world wise). So, I might be making a map there too.
The model: the model is finished by Marco. I'm just waiting for him to respond to my question of if I can have the model.
:iconbellyqueensupreme:BellyQueenSupreme 3 2
1 whatever commission
I need pts if u want this one slot just say it can be anything
:iconjay-kayy:Jay-Kayy 0 2
Taking 1 Fullbody commission cause I really need points rn! Can't buy them myself cause I need money for the materials for the Clay Kay figure ;'^)
Without Shading: 500pts.
With Shading: 530pts.
Examples are in my profile aaa.
I can do Gore and Nudity but not fetishes and other stuff
:iconjay-kayy:Jay-Kayy 0 0
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 06-22-2018

Fantastic Fan Art Friday
Hello and welcome back to another feature coming straight to you from the Fan Art Category! This week we're taking a look at fanart with BIG BEAUTIFUL COLOR!

And the future has passed ... by WindSwirl

Daily Deviation Round Up
Here are the Daily Deviations that I featured this week.  As always, have a great weekend!
Syndra Lannister by InnocentPrime
Valeera by Leirixart
Skeletor by EdgarGomezArt
My Hero Academia by edwinhuang
:icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 8 9
Nyap Raffle!!
Don't forget to join!
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Fantastic feature friday #22

A place in the stars by Ellysiumn Zonogard by SaifRygo
Hilo Rojo-Red Thread by Renata-s-art My Thoughts are Swimming by RedLadyMercenary Study by helen95
:iconfantasy-fanatics:Fantasy-Fanatics 3 4
Sorry for the quick vent
I want to stab someone. No one in particular, just anyone
i feel like im losing my mind. please help me
I mean, I've always liked horror and extreme gore but still
how do i tell my therapist that i constantly just want to take over this pathetic excuse for a world
This isn't a vent.
This is a cry for help
There's something wrong with me
I don't want to hurt my friends
Everyday I have the urge to stop myself from stabbing my mom
:iconrixthetatertoot:Rixthetatertoot 1 14
!!! AUCTION !!!
GO to my gallery
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Looking To Do Commissions~
As read from the title, I’m looking to do commissions.
    Whether it’s of you, an OC, or anything. I try to not to NSFW pieces, but depending on the request, I may. Some of the pieces below I have not posted art of, but they’re are good. Art trades are fine though I'm looking for people who are willing pay because I need $4,200 for a trip with my school.
Head shot $7.50
Full body $15.00
Scenery $10.00
Pixel $10.00
Gif $5.00
YCH $7.50
Thank you! 
Have a good day ^^
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For the best
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Photomanipulation Treasures - 17



 Dear Lord ... by NaouriRedouane1998
Exploration by FantasyArt0102
STARS FROM OUR EYES by Nikkayla Special dedication to Nina by DDimitri16
Summer by annewipf
Musical Dreams by Secretadmires The Fountain by perzarus
Origins by jose86tf
Cocoa store by LINGDUMSTUDOG Moon catcher by VitaShuba
Planet's Birth by eerilyfair
:star: Recent Photomanip Daily Deviations :star:
:iconemerald-depths:Emerald-Depths 2 6
How Doodle Met The Koopalings 6 (HDMTK)
Doodle: "I told my parents everything that had happened at school. I was a little scared on how they might react. That night I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about Sketch and what he had done. To be honest, I was scared to go to school the next day...
Around 1AM, I got a text. I looked at my phone. "Hey, are you awake?" Ludwig texted. I replied to him. "I don't know if I'll ever get to sleep after what happened today." "Me neither. Do you want to meet up?" He asked. I didn't expect to go for a walk so early in the morning but I kind of wanted to talk with Ludwig, so I accepted. We met up by this park which surprisingly wasn't too far from my house. I was still paranoid over what happened today so I was very cautious as I approached the entrance to the park. I could see Ludwig standing there. "Hey..." I said quietly as I walked up to him. "Hey, is everything okay now?" He asked. "Not really. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow and I'm scared to go to school..." I said. "My fat
:icondoodledrawer1988:DoodleDrawer1988 1 5