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Art Raffle! (Open)
I'm holding a quick raffle!
I was suppose to do one a while ago to say thank you
for 1000 watchers, but I forgot to do it ; v ;
So I'm doing it now! > v <

Winner(s) gets a halfbody like this!

(can be girl or boy, boys will look very girlish in my style though!)
Under 50 people entering there will be just one winner! 
If over 50 people enter, there will be two!
I will be using to pick a number.
This raffle ends on July 1st!
How to enter?
All you have to do is comment saying you're entering and favourite this journal!
I will reply to you with a number according to the order you joined!
The only rule is you have to be a watcher!
Old or new watchers are both welcome!
If you want extra entries
Share this journal in a poll or journal! (+1)
Tag a friend! (up to 3, +1 each one)
Tell me why you watch me? (+1)
Do you like cats? (+1)
Thank you! <3
:iconxox-o:xox-o 28 32
How to draw Female body
I want to start this lesson by answering one of the most asked questions - how to draw women's Breasts. (that's not a thought that really going to do a lesson on this topic.... ^_^). One of the most important things here is to make the subject look natural; you can draw an attractive girl and without turning her into a silicone doll, as did one of my friend ^_^
The two main problems that people face when drawing Breasts are their shape and correct location. Many artists (both pros and beginners) make them look like balloons pressed into the chest; this is very naturalistic. If you look at the various books on drawing, you will see that the Breasts are more like halves of spheres, or inverted cups than balloons. So, now the location. Imagine a line that runs along the center of the body, from top to bottom. The Breasts are located at an angle of 45 degrees to this line, and about half of the chest (shown in red diagonal lines). Make sure that they are not too close or too far apart, or
:iconsofiakotik:SofiaKotik 13 3
Roy Reimagines... Earth-27?
There is an expression, "hindsight is 20/20". It is human nature to look back at what they've done and think "if I only knew what I know now..."
Well, that's the crux of today's journal. If I knew Earth-27 was going to go on beyond the original scope I had in mind, would there be changes I'd have made in the beginning? Most definitely. I get this question a lot and I have given it some thought over the past three years so let's explore that idea, shall we? Please note that this journal will be small for the time being, I'm planning to continually add to it as time goes on. So if you think of an aspect of Earth-27 you'd be interested in seeing what I'd revisit if given the chance, comment below and maybe it'll become the next installment in this living journal.
The Biggest Retcon
So while I think starting off by building a base of characters in Gotham was beneficial to Earth-27, I think what I would have done instead was start off by creating the Watchmen. Y
:iconroysovitch:Roysovitch 12 33
From the Gallery's of LNA June 2018


Frozen Strawberry Drink Starting To Melt ( re up ) by smault23
Happy Birthday Belgarion by DDimitri16
Osteospermum White Daisy by Mizunek
Morning Light by Shi-rai17
I Like to Rock by LoloAlien
Model31 by ekota21         Black Roses Rendered by musoller
A0981 - The messenger of the sun. by Lothringen
Walk Among the Stars by andycwhite
Old Street 3 by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
:iconmockingbirdontree:mockingbirdontree 9 11
A 'Whittle' Magic: Carve Your Own Wand (Part 1)
Artisan Crafts Week
Part 1A: Introduction to Whittling

Greetings, I’m PraeclarusWands and today we will learn how to carve our very own Harry Potter-style wands from wood! This two-part workshop is intended for first-time woodworkers, but experienced woodworkers are sure to benefit as well. Start here in Part 1 to learn the basic techniques of whittling. We'll then use those techniques to whittle the overall shape of your wand. In Part 2, we will carve the details of your design, then sand, stain, and apply a protective finish coat to the wood, enhancing your work and creating a final product you’ll be proud to show off.
Because we will be working with sharp knives in close proximity to fingers, this workshop is recommended for those 15 years of age and older.
Tools and Materials
See Figure 1. We will need: 
:iconpraeclaruswands:PraeclarusWands 43 3
OC Bio - Princess Dark Matter

Origin: Created by Omega Brony
Homeland: Unknown
Likes: Conquer Equestria
Dislikes: The Mane 6
Princess Dark Matter was created by the evil Omega Brony, who was near death after he was defeated by not only Twilight, but her friends, Delta, and all of the females of the Smash Bros. universe. She was a sinister herald who wants power, and magic. Omega Brony becomes a magical spirit and mentor for Princess Dark Matter as he guides her to destroy Twilight Sparkle and her friends. She disguises herself as Megan Williams when she saw her in Pony Land, in order to achieve her goal, which is to steal the cutie marks from the Mane 6. Everytime she takes a cutie mark, she becomes more stronger.
When she got the cutie marks from Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, only Twilight remains as her cutie mark is untouched. But the princess got help by having Megan Williams join the fray. Princess Dark Matter'
:icondashiemlpfim:DashieMLPFiM 10 4
Welcome to DA-Fashion!
Welcome to DA-Fashion! I'm Queen-Kitty and I'm the current fashion photography CV! 
Many of the fashion groups on DA are no longer active, so I wanted to create a space for fashion photographers and models to get together and share their work, their knowledge, as well as to find inspiration in each other. DA-Fashion is a group for fashion photographers and models of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds.  We like a variety of fashion styles, and if it's fashion, we want to see it! 
My co-founder Mrs-Durden was the fashion photography CV before me, and is currently a general photography CV. I am so excited to have her on the team, since we both have a deep appreciation for fashion photography, as well as different tastes for it.
There are currently 11 Gallery Folders (subject to change), some photos will fit in more than one category, and that's ok!  Pick the category that you feel fits your work best!  And if yo
:iconqueen-kitty:Queen-Kitty 4 5
The Global Jaeger Contest Semi-Finalists
Enter the Pacific Rim Uprising Hometown Jaeger contest and you could win $6,000, a signed movie poster, and more!
ContestSemi-FinalistsView EntriesOfficial Rules
13+ International

Jaegers and their pilots have reported in from all over the world for the Pacific Rim Uprising Global Jaeger Contest and we’ve loved seeing them!
With so many great entries, we had a hard time picking the 25 semi-finalists but the team of DeviantArt staff members and
:icongo:GO 31 31
worst parts of tw edd's life
-when he was 5-6 years old, he was sexually abused by his own mother and regularly abused by his alcoholic father
-when he was 7-8 years old, his parents got a divorce
-when he was 10-11 years old, his dad died in a car crash due to drinking in driving
-when he was 12-13 years old, he was picked on due to how he smelt (because he was allergic to water and he could barely ever take showers)
-when he was 14-15 years old, he would lock himself in his room and cut himself and lie to himself all the time
-when he was 16-17 years old, he attempted suicide but tw tom stopped him
-when he was 18-19 years old, he got his adult tooth knocked out by a baseball
-when he was 20-21 years old, he almost died by drowning in water
-and when he was 24-26 years old, he almost choked on water and died (he lived don't worry--)

do you all feel bad for tw edd yet : )
:iconraiiny-skye:RAIINY-SKYE 16 62
Crimson and Clover (Twin TG/ Suzuha Amane TG)

Moving to Japan wasn’t as hard as one would think. I didn’t lose anything in the move, the plane ride there went well, and I moved into my apartment without any trouble. Something was lost though. Something was lost during the actual move. My mom, without my consent, threw away my TV.
Now, this wasn’t a fancy flatscreen or anything like that, it was an old Sony BVM-20F1U. It’s pretty much the best CRT ever. And it was gone, I was distraught and pretty pissed off too. I bought it in a Goodwill, cleaned it up, replaced the tubes, it was fantastic. So, what to do now?
I decided my best option was to find a second hand shop in Japan and buy a new CRT. So, a week after I arrived, I began my hunt. I looked around for about 3 hours when finally I came upon something... A store that was on the bottom of an apartment building called CRT store. Damn, I must be the luckiest per
:iconcrashandthegirlstf:crashandthegirlsTF 11 1
What would you do if you won $100,000,000? :)
Just so you know, I am not handing out money.. but just out of curiosity, what would you do if you won $100,000,000? Im trying hard not to sound like a lottery ad.
So yeah name me three things you would do with your money!
Sparkle EmojiSparkle Emoji  Money n Coins Dog Dance (gif animation) Money n CoinsSparkle Emoji Sparkle Emoji 
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 8 132
Devious Journal Entry
Thank you so much
Hello My dear friends, I had a fantastic Birthday, and you all have make it more special for Me.
I was overwhelmed and had so many Birthday wishes 

I have take a special photo for you all and give you a bottle with love.
Thank you so Much, I really appreciate all the lovely wishes 

  Thank you so much for the birthday wishes 

:iconvafiehya:vafiehya 21 97
Medium Feature No.15 - Oil Painting
Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly medium feature at :devdevfeatures and AllArtWorld.
:icondevfeatures: :iconallartworld:
For this week I am happy to showcase some gorgeous OIL PAINTING. It's one of the classic media in art that has since lost some of its popularity, even more so here on dA and has developed a notoriety for being a difficult medium. Yet it can be applied a huge variety of looks and genres from hyper-realism to complete abstraction, allows great control and produces strong, bold and solid colors. 
I hope you leave with at least a few new favourites and if you like the feature, fav it or share it to help spread the word and don't hesitate the let the artists know how much you like their work.
:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 4 15
Persona 5: Twisted Trophies
Okay, I gotta admit, this thing is pretty silly.
So, I was replaying Persona 5 on NG+ to get the exclusive trophies I needed to finally Platinum it, and at the same time I was talking with some friends on DA. You can guess what the subject of said conversation was. ;) Somehow, my brain decided to cross the two wires and I started to make a few joke trophies for P5 relating to wedgies and other such humiliations and sharing them with the people I was talking to. Would've stopped there, but, you see, I'm under the delusion that I think I'm funny, and thought that some people on DA might actually find them funny/hot.
However, a dozen or so single line sentences hardly seemed worth even a journal, so, being the obsessive nerd that I am, I decided the logical thing to do was make 49 of them total to match the actual number of trophies for Persona 5 in order to have a decent amount of them. Because that's not the least bit insane. ^^;
Honestly, there isn't really much actual "content" in a w
:iconvixenlover42:Vixenlover42 11 13
Presentation Letter

I think that everyone is aware of how hard the art world can be.
Thousands of people compete in an over-exploited sector, art, and they struggle to highlight and show their vision of the world to other people.
Many people believe that an artist must win the support of other people by "chance". This means that you have to let time pass until your art arrives (through word of mouth) to everyone. But that's to leave your work and effort to pure chance. Many good artists stay in the shade, waiting to be valued someday, others simply continue waiting for an event that throws them professionally.
In my country there are great artists with international fame as Luis Royo. He commented in his interviews that: "I went from door to door showing my art to create an opportunity and be valued"
After a few years, Luis managed to get enough support to start his projects, but his beginning worked it himself (showing his art "from door to door")
With this I t
:iconclamychan:Clamychan 7 6
Mythbusting T rex feathers
Ok, it's time.
Once upon a time, when people knew less about Tyrannosaurids beyond belonging to the practically universally feathery Coelurosaur family, and assumed, with good reason, they had feathers (including me). Then a study came out in 2017 that presented an unavoidable flaw in that theory, and a lot of "experts" seemed to struggle to understand it. After making the mistake of looking at articles about BBC's latest "truth" about T. rex, reading Meig Dickson's article "correcting" the Bell et al (2017) study on Tyrannosauroid integument, and Trey the Explainer's "corrective" video, I feel I can't contain the boiling rage anymore and need to do this.
I'm going to debunk all the fallacies and dumb statements trotted out by people who don't know how to read a scientific article, but act like they're scientific geniuses (the above two included, along with one of the Palaeofail blogs, as they made a vast multitude of glaring errors that are blatantly contradicted by what the findings
:iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 8 2
Tiny Pride Adventures 2018!

I don't want to be a crass opportunist, so try to avoid pimping my products and merchandise too much here on DeviantArt.  But with it being Pride month and all, I thought folks might like to know about the Tiny Toon-themed Pride design on my Red Bubble Account!  It's cute, colorful and cheap as free (at least as cheap as you can get on Red Bubble!)
I've got tee shirts!


Bag Things! (wooden bag thing holder thing not included)

And pretty much every product under the sun for you to wear or put things in!  Check my page out if you have a free moment, or don't, that's okay too!  I'll be uploading the regular picture version of this image on #FifiFriday, as usual. 
Until then, have a great week and HAP
:iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 5 4
My Ultimate Couple Squad Team Meme

hello everybody and welcome to a meme that i got from this guy  now let's meet our couples and villains for this :aww: 
Couple 1: Rapunzel x Flynn Rider AKA Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)   
Couple 2: Fry x Leela (Futurama) 
Couple 3: Carrie White x Andy Britton (me) (Carrie 1976)
Villains: Edgar The Bug (Men In Black) Xenomorph Queen (The Alien Series) Indominus Rex x Indoraptor (Jurassic World 1 x 2) Gozer The Gozerian (Ghostbusters) x Pennywise (IT 2017) 
well that's about it hope you guys enjoy and feel free to comment and fave and all that good stuff thank you :aww:     
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 5 20
10,000 pageviews Raffle - 800+ points + art (Open)
How to enter and get tickets - you must comment to enter the raffle; Make sure you say what you have done.
Comment on this journal saying you're entering (+1)
Fave this journal (+1)
Share this journal in a poll/status/journal (+1)
Tag up to 10 people (+1 per person tagged) 
Donate points for the raffle - Maximum of 100 (+1 per point)
Donate prizes for the raffle (Head shot/bust = +2 -5; Half body = 4-8; Fullbody = 7-15 ~ this depends on the quality, make sure you throw in an example)
Raffle ends: 30/07/2018 (May be extended) 
Number of points so far: 841 (This is growing and the prizes may change as more is collected)
First place:
- 500:points:
- a digital full body from Proximasaur 
- a traditional full body from Proximasaur 
- 2 traditional full bodies from KateTrap 
- 1 digital full body from zeldaxfanatic 
- 2 full bodies from AuraLuv
- 1 pixel page doll from AuraLuv 
:iconproximasaur:Proximasaur 17 31
un coeur d'or. to Chas with all my love

sunset ravine by ChasMandala
Merry Christmas 2015 by ChasMandala
gratitude by ChasMandala
light at the end of the tunnel by ChasMandala
lateralus rising by ChasMandala
night eye by ChasMandala
harry junior by ChasMandala
metal meddle by ChasMandala
outside by ChasMandala
Iambecylum by ChasMandala
all seeing by ChasMandala
brandonesque by ChasMandala
triultimate by ChasMandala
deliverance from tragedy by ChasMandala
ram by ChasMandala
the garden wall by ChasMandala
pour les anges by ChasMandala
spilt purples by ChasMandala
granted by evening by ChasMandala
time flies by ChasMandala
dusk flame by ChasMandala
the nordehatco maneuver by ChasMandala
ruby blue by ChasMandala
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 5 7
notes on using a ballcap as a fursuit base
The ball cap method is something I came up with over a decade ago due to my need of glasses and issues with the usual methods of balaclavas and elastic straps setting off my claustrophobia.
It has come to my attention a newer maker is now using hats inside their fursuit heads, but they are doing it all wrong, when I started up business a decade ago I faced some criticism for using a ball cap, told it was "wrong" because it was not a normal method, so seeing them used poorly by this newer maker and seeing people remark about the use of a hat is really bothering me, the issue is not the idea of using a hat the issue is how a hat is being used, so here are some notes on how to use to a ball cap properly
:iconlilleahwest:LilleahWest 6 1
Waluigi's Smash Ultimate Controversy...
Daisy HATERS! You are not welcomed here!
Hello everyone,
I've been meaning to get this out of my chest for a while and it's time I'm going to talk about it. First, off I'm starting to realize how extremely intoxicating and overrated Waluigi is right now. I don't hate him but I do know he is very irrelevant. His fanbase is just disturbing as hell. I am targeting no one but if you are going to come bash at me with a bunch of childish caps I can easily report and block you big time because I'm fed up with it! It's no punishment to attack me at all.
First of all, I do feel sorry for the "good" Waluigi fans out there that aren't rude and obnoxious. So I'm not trying to disrespect all Waluigi fans.
But these toxic fans of Waluigi are actually this overly obsessed with him and act like a bunch of whiny brat kids that Waluigi should be in Smash only because he is NOT playable and only because just Mario, Luigi, and Wario and say Waluigi makes it incomplete without hi, Like they have bar
:iconkoopshikinggeoshi:KoopshiKingGeoshi 9 32