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3K Watchers Raffle! [OPEN]
OH MY GOODNESS! I honestly didn't think I'd make it to 3K this year haha
thank you guys for sticking around and liking my art
I enjoy reading all your comments and talking to you guys it's just surreal ~ 
We family yo
BT21 - KOYA emoticon cute - bt21 koala heart 
NOW IT'S RAFFLE TIME ONCE AGAIN~ You guys know the drill already :3c
Fullbody Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)    
1000 Points
2nd PRIZE WINNER -Unlocked at 100 Participants
Halfbody Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)500 Points
3rd PRIZE WINNER -Unlocked at 180 Participants
Chibi200 Points
How To Enter:
Must Be a Watcher (New Watchers are welcome but if you Unfollow afterwards you'll be banned from future raffles)Favorite this JournalShare this journal via poll/journal
Tag up to 4 people +1 per personRecent anime that caught your attention? +1
:iconkuromokonachan:KuroMokonaChan 61 91
The Unseen Stock - July '18


Blanket Flowers by Esmeralda-stock Fireworks 2018 IMG 1302 by WDWParksGal-Stock Overhang by The-Darkwolf
Fog in Moisakula 14 by MASYON
Clouds in the sky by A1Z2E3R Ouassous Shrimps pond by A1Z2E3R 36 by JewelsStock
Cloud Stock 7895 by Phenix59
Landscapes in summer 2 by MASYON Canopy and Cilaos town and Cilaos Ramparts by A1Z2E3R Stock 266 Der Weg by Einheit00
Cilaos Cirque to Reunion Island by A1Z2E3R
40 by JewelsStock
:iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 19 8
KabalMystic's Mario Pack (SFM ONLY): 7/15/18
It's my birthday,and I transform into a quarter now.....back to the subject.
It feels so good not to work on any Sonic models. It is refreshing as FUCK………..Anyway there were a lot of characters that were cut for this pack, but I think it’s for the better. I don’t want overwork myself. Plus, I did say that I won’t make giants packs anymore if yall remember that. I recommend download "Doc's Color Script Ver.Theta!!!: PhySide Edition!!!" in workshop. There is a trick I figure out that allows you color certain mask of a character any palette you want. There are more Mario characters to to be made, but I’ll save them for another time. With that being said, here are the contents.
    ·         Mario
    ·         Luigi
:iconkabalmystic:KabalMystic 9 24
Sunday Feature #59

Bringing you all the best of this week's submissions from our group's gallery. Please enjoy and give your love to them.:blowkiss:

Look Closely by Shirokibo
psalm 91 by CharllieeArts
Burial at Sea by Nikulina-Helena
Sweet wishes my love by Eithen
Behind The Scenes ( part 2 ) by BeboDesign1
Blood Goddess by Corvinerium
Power over the dragon by Amedeya
Mysterious Castle by charmedy
Torniquet by EvanescentAngel666
:iconsummerdreams-art:SummerDreams-Art 17 0
Tickle Tool Ideas
1. Tickle Belt
This is a device you lock onto the tummy of your victim. It is remote controlled and you can choose between 12 intensity levels.
2. Feather Gloves
These gloves will make tickling with fingers a lot more effective. They’re covered in fluffy feathers so your victim will feel like a million feathers are stroking over their body.
3. Plastic Forks
These are best used on the feet. They are easy to drag around as is, but a nice, healthy dose of baby oil never hurt anyone.
4. Feather Roller
These would be attached to the foot stocks. They can be controlled remotely and there are 10 speeds to choose from.
5. Portable Feather Drills
These handheld horrors can fit most feathers in the rotating end. They have a slow, medium and fast setting and are great for getting the most out of your feathers.
6. Vibrating Hair Brushes
The vibrating feature is supposed to massage the users head as they brush their hair, but is also great for tickling. You simply switch the massage feature o
:iconsimonfan1:Simonfan1 8 10
(TW) VERY sick beardie (MINE, spread please)
EDIT 4 (sorry for all the edits: once I reach goal #1 I have a wishlist on of supplies that can be bought there or at if anybody would like to DIRECTLY buy the supplies and ship it to me so you know where exactly your money is going, let me know. I will do this in exchange for characters too. (Ex. You buy a character and then order the item once you're transferred the character(s) )
EDIT 3: 2nd goal added for when first is met, this one will be for buying proper cage carpet, new/40 gal cage, UVB bulb, and anything else he needs !
EDIT 2: Goal raised to $200 for vet costs, Any needed medication, and "rehoming fee"
EDIT: GoFundMe made ! -
So while browsing craigslist to find reptile supplies I found the single most heart breaking image. On an ad selling a bearded dragon, this was the only attached image below.

He looks almos
:iconsistercities:sistercities 12 44


If You Forget Me by LUCILALEYLA
20180701dsc00299 1 by ltiana355
The unexpected by wiwionart
Blueberry by vanillapearl
:iconcanankk:Canankk 10 18
David Cage sucks, but why?
now I must say I'm quite intrigued:thinking: 
I'm kinda curious about David Cage and all those who think so negatively of him.
I in fact don't have a point of view of the guy, I'm just a fan of Detroit become human, I don't think I was ever into anything else he made or wrote;
even other fans of Detroit Become Human, still like the game but hate themselves for that cause they hate David Cage.
well to be honest, the writing in this game does feel very stupid at times, but is that the reason? does he always right stupid shit in his works?
so if anyone else knows about him I wish to be filled in with such info, considering I've been hearing nothing but negativity around the guy.
:iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 11 22
Tumblr Exclusive: Supergirl's Greatest Dilema
Hey guys!

Commission done for :iconSonofccn: who ask for Supergirl and Lois Lane comparing something they can only discuss lol. I like how it turned out and funny to see how Supergirl with all those superpowers she feels powerless here lol.
Hope you guys enjoy!


1 Character full colored 31 US dollars(USD+fees) Examples:

Adding extra stuff like minor characters or additional stuff 37 to 47 USD+fee depending on the situation, examples:
Drew Saturday: Butt Carving for Halloween by grimphantom
:icongrimphantom:grimphantom 6 4
Best of the Week 165
Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Dans les bois... by Eymele Untitled by jettrose
A good morning by kevron2001 Summertime Sadness by LanaTustich
Sparkles - Version 2 by JassysART after a storm by AlexanderKorolev
Pope's House by mmmprod PERDIDA EN EL BOSQUE by MarMorena
Sininho2 by DeniseWorisch Leaving ! by NaouriRedouane1998
:iconannewipf:annewipf 7 21
[OPEN] Pagedoll requests
Well like I said I think I'm gonna open non-animated pagedoll commissons but I'm not sure about the prices ;w;
so I need hmm 2 ocs (maybe more) to make some examples for my commission. Here are the few rules you need to know:
- This is for my watchers ONLY, if you want to join, you have to watch me but please I won't accept someone watch me just for this.
This IS NOT first come first serve! I'm going to choose which character that I feel like drawing.
- I WILL NOT accept ocs that have too many details
- You can send me many ocs that you want me to draw. But I'll only draw one character of yours, not two.
- I won't reply to your comment but I'll feature it instead.
- Please don't be sad or rude if I didn't choose you, this is just random choose.
How to enter?
1. It would be great if you could share this journal so people around will see this ;w;
2. I will say this once again..This is only for my watchers, new watchers always welcome! but
:iconitzannadraws03:ItzAnnaDraws03 22 40
Video Tribute: Hulk Villains
I wanted to make a video that shows off the various villains the Hulk has faced over the years (my binge-reading endpoint was Incredible Hulks: Heart of the Monster, which was a satisfying conclusion and happy ending for the big guy in my opinion). This video shows off some of the most infamous enemies that the Hulk has fought, as well as a truckload of obscure ones. I hope you guys enjoy it. ^_^
:iconsuperkaijuking: :iconbenuterf2: :iconjpfan101: :iconltdtaylor1970: :icondaizua123: :icondinossword: :iconteamdinosauria21: :iconeh1994: :iconethan2509: :icongojimon452: :iconthetyranno11: :iconkaijudialga: :iconchangerofways42: :icon161894: :iconchrisbennettsonic: :iconTybo226:
:iconspider-jameson:Spider-Jameson 7 9
What have I been working on?
FNaF 4 Minigame Fredbear design by: :iconFreddleFrooby: go give this man some love, he's awesome and underrated 
EXTRA THICC Mangle design by Jaynator5 
ScrapFrog Design by HatMaster 
Golden Call Reimagined/Remastered 
SB Chica
:iconspiderjunior10:Spiderjunior10 7 15
Rebuild of Godzilla
I am going to explain the basic plotlines of the Endgame reboot without giving away much spoilers.
The Endgame
-60 years after the 1954 attack, Godzilla has returned once again, and new GDF recruit Masato Ishimaru is tasked with figuring out why.
The Uprising
-Ten years after the epic battle with King Ghidorah, Masato and a new group of heroes face a new generation of Kaiju, as well as a new threat.
The Awakening
-Masato's son, Shinji, joins an unlikely band of heroes to protect the world from undead Kaiju, created by an ancient evil.
The Severing
-Shinji is trying to get the GDF back together as a new Kaiju threat looms, and recruits help from a zoologist, his daughter, and a racer.
The Avatars
-Multiple Kaiju awaken in response to a great evil long foretold: the Avatars of Evil.
The Hunting
-After Alan has a terrifying vision of him and his friends dying in a huge Kaiju battle, he prevents the accident, only to have an ancient Kaiju God of Death hunt them down, one by one, human and
:icondaizua123:Daizua123 8 22
+ Pokemon Cocktail - Rainbow + Original on Sale +
Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Divider - Cloud cotton candy pink Divider - Cloud cotton candy pink Divider - Cloud cotton candy pink Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right 

pink heart Hello guys pink heart  
You can find here all my original drawings that I put on sale Pink Squee 
Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Divider - Cloud cotton candy pink    
:iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 5 0
Digitalportraitist Feature - Magic
Hello, dear members! Here is a small theme feature from us of some gorgeous digital portraits made by both members and non-members. We are really happy to have your art in our gallery and encourage you to join or watch us if you aren't already.


Woodland Summoner by kimsokol
Green Magic Shield by krewi
Failing by stevie-rae-drawn The Inquisitor by Gabriella-Bujdoso
The Third Kind of Magic by kelleybean86 Hoarfrost by 6Nereida6
Ritual by Nord-SolMtG Unwind by depingowitch by cat-tatkat
:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 5 3

Commission Info 2018
More about prices
Commissions will only last until every slot is taken. There are 5 slots. If all slots are taken please be patient and wait when I finish all these drawings. Ohm... Ohm... But you can notify me that you are going to ask for a commission and I will put your name in my waiting list.
Bullet; Yellow SLOTS:TotalFantasy - 1 halfbody - colouring in process
Mindsebbandflow - 2 halfbodies - sketch in processDeidarakitty - 3 halfbodiesDB898 - 2 fullbodies
Anny-Utau - 2 halfbodies
Bullet; Yellow WAITING LIST:
Elathria - 2 fullbodies + 2 extra characters
free slotfree slotfree slotfree slot
I accept&
:iconvenera-taro:Venera-Taro 3 0
RAFFLE TIME! 2800 Points and Prizes
Last minute change of this contest, I am now turning it into a raffle, I saw low activity on it being a contest and decided to just turn it into a raffle but with all the prizes intact! I just want to apreciate all my watchers and newcomers for you support and love!Love (If you already made a entry for the drawing contest then its fine and you get an extra something as a thank you)
You have to be a watcher (Just don't unwatch after this is over or if you don't win, that's rude)Favorite this journal to enter the raffle!Comment that you have favorited!Thats it! GOOD LUCK! :D


1st winner: 1200Points or 3 month core + 1 fullbody + halfbody of two characters
2nd winner: 1200Points or 3 month core + a halfbody + chibis of two characters 
3rd winner: 400
:iconsketchcee:Sketchcee 12 12
chance to get a core membership. (mine)
Every Christmas, I have a live stream and stream myself giving memberships to other
users. I did on my old account. I spend around $300 on core memberships every year so this
year, when Christmas time comes around, I will try to spend more. I do this because of the sale. I do this ahead of time so I can add
up how much money so I can get it in time.
!!Want a chance to get a core when that time comes? Just do what it says below!!
Share the journal
Fave the journal
(optional) Subscribe to my channel
Mostly because that's where i'll be streaming.
:iconaerijae:Aerijae 9 16
Mohit Kumar Rao

practice drawing by Mohit kumar rao by mohitkumarrao
Killer croc by mohitkumarrao
power suit drawing by mohit kumar rao artist by mohitkumarrao
Angel drawing by mohitkumarrao
Mohit Kumar rao's sculpture work by mohitkumarrao
Life Study Male by MOHIT KUMAR RAO by mohitkumarrao
wild end mohit kumar rao clay work by mohitkumarrao
mohit kumar rao clay work by mohitkumarrao
wild End sculpture created by mohit kumar rao by mohitkumarrao
Title : Roots getting dry by mohitkumarrao
Title : Roots getting dry by mohitkumarrao
wild End sculpture created by mohit kumar rao by mohitkumarrao
Grow Up by Mohit Kumar Rao by mohitkumarrao
Grow Up by Mohit Kumar Rao by mohitkumarrao
Curing Death (NorthernWhiteRhino) by MohitKumarRao by mohitkumarrao
Rachel McAdams drawing by mohit kumar rao by mohitkumarrao
Ben affleck drawing Made by mohit kumar rao by mohitkumarrao
legolas Drawing by mohit kumar rao artist by mohitkumarrao
Nelson Mandela portrait drawing by Mohit kumar rao by mohitkumarrao
Scarlett Johansson made by MOHIT KUMAR t by mohitkumarrao
Portrait drawing by Mohit kumar rao by mohitkumarrao
Portrait practice by Mohit Kumar Rao Artist by mohitkumarrao
Beautiful Indian drawing by mohit kumar rao artist by mohitkumarrao
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 9 6
Stupid fast requests

so, requests
Letter, number, OC reference (won't do fandom, even don't ask about)
Don't promice to do all, will choose randomly and will delete journal when lose my interest
Ok with any humanoid CS (include tootheyes)
You can leave as many OCes as you want, but >I don't promice to do all
/'cause I will not tag after done this, muahahahaha im lil evil
Taken slots:
A2 Doko Soko
A4 (consider)
B2 Pepper Sunbite
B3 Rizumu Teion
C1 Randall Meramu
C2 Cassy
C3 Onyx
D1 Ama Nanima
D4 Akiko
Free slots:
:iconemopaladin:emoPaladin 5 10
Weekly Feature #14 Bleach
What should i say? Next week theme is How to Train Your Dragon (cause I sometimes need to see things trice to really start appreciate them). Please sen me links to your works :).  So there are your Bleach fanarts:
             Orihime Halloween by StarrySky-Art Happy Halloween 2017 by IchigoShiro Ichiruki | Beauty and the Beast by el-yawm BLEACH Urahara Kisuke _ 666 by Zetsuai89 power to strive by lucifersAngel369 KAZUI KUROSAKI by Rageandlove21 King Of The Road by Marvolo-san Untitled by aso0009 Bleach AU'ed Dassyra by Mind-Like-A-Puzzle Chad - Bleach by digitalninja BLEACH FANON COVER - 61 THE LAST SALVATION by DarkLordLuzifer Ser'noth Teufel -The face of pain- by Amadalia A Dead Sun by SymphonicDeception Hisagi - Bleach by digitalninja
:iconmarvolo-san:Marvolo-san 4 17