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Qilong Free MYO Event
update: osdhfjs i just got home from work TY for the response and love?! i will probably be capping it at ~40 ,, ty for participating! 
Hi! To celebrate the launch of my new CS I decided to open a free MYO event for them! It is like a thanksgiving gift from me to all of you for your support and love .:Bunny chuu:. .:Bunny chuu:. 
Species info (traits + lore)
Event ends 29 November 2018 (GMT +8).Reserve a slot by commenting under the featured commentYou can start designing after I've given the Go Ahead (ie. replied to your comment directly)!Your design need not be polished (unless you feel like it..!) ! Just a clean sketch + colours will do, you can clean it up after approval.Traditional art is OK too! But it must be scanned OR a high quality photo
:icondounai:douNAI 23 67
Top 5 lists of SpongeBob Season 11
So with the release of Squirrel Jelly & Pull the String it seems that every single episode of SpongeBob season 11 has been released, and it's... certainly been an interesting one. We've had Patrick becoming both a horse and an old man. We've had a group of hippies free load in Mr. Krabs' soup. We've had SpongeBob hallucinate a giant invisible hamster, and a lot more, certainly making this an interesting season to say the least.
I thought that it'd be fun to make my top 5 and my bottom 5, because I don't really remember every single episode back to back and I'm not really tempted to marathon view the entire season through right away. But because this season has been a special brand of... weird, I thought that I'd also point out the top 5 weirdest episodes of season 11, for people who want to get the season 11 experience without watching through every single episode.
Let's start with the Top 5 weirdest episodes of season 11
Number 5: Pat the Horse
In th
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 41 27
Old Photos From DA
These are a few Turkish photographers who left dA but did not delete their amazing photos. 
Hope you like them


oyku celik IV... by basharbbr skirt by etrehadluysalumk
dream by ERAYDIN misery is a butterfly by chocolatablanca
096 by harmonist
vs26 by selimyavuz
Oyle bir gecer zaman ki by soneryaman One Quiet day-3 by soneryaman
040 by harmonist
to_find_each_other by fal-name
:iconcanankk:Canankk 21 20
Danganronpa: Atomic Wedgie Havoc (Idea)
I've been kind of absent from here, but I've come back with an idea: editing the sprites of every girl from Danganronpa, starting with the first game, to be recieving some kind of wedgie (probably atomics most of the time). I'll eventually get to wedgie the girls from 2 and 3, but I'm still playing the second game so that may have to wait a bit. As a side note, I'll use their canon underwear for the wedgies, because since we know what kind of panties each of them wear, why not taking advantage of it?
Iwant to ask you guys to tell me if you like the idea, and most of all I want to show you the first girl to get a wedgie (I'll be doing them in no particular order): Sayaka Maizono. I appreciate whatever feedback you can give since this is not the final version, I have the .psd file and so I can still edit it if I want to, and that's why I want you guys to tell me what works and doesn't work in this pic, so when I begin the series properly I can improve on my edits. Keep in mind that I hav
:iconmasterwedgier:MasterWedgier 28 17
An Honest Talk About DeviantART Eclipse
Hi there. My name is GrungeWerX
I've been a member of DeviantART for over 15 years. I've seen this website evolve dramatically since the early days. I've never complained. I've always remained optimistic and hopeful, because DeviantART has always striven to be the best it can be, while maintaining its individuality from other sites. After all, we are Deviants here, are we not? But as a beta tester of the new DeviantART Eclipse, I've felt compelled to share my honest thoughts to my friends and fans and hopefully the DeviantART community at large. I want to reach others who are genuinely concerned, perhaps even a little afraid, at the new changes, and hopefully share some thoughts and feelings they may be incapable of expressing for fear of being lumped into the category of whiners and complainers.
In an effort to keep this journal short, I'm going to omit quite a bit of personal thoughts and try to focus on the ones I think are the most relevant at the mom
:icongrungewerxblack:GrungeWerXblack 12 6
MLP:FiM Favourite/Least Favourite Episodes (S7)
Hello everyone! :wave:
I finished watching Season 7 of Friendship is Magic, and so, here’s my Top 5 Favourite/Least Favourite episodes from Season 7, and a repost of my status update reviews I wrote for them. :aww:
When it came to my overall thoughts on Season 7, it’s tied with Season 6 as my second favourite season in the show so far. While it does have more episodes I didn’t like/felt meh about, it balanced it out by having a lot MORE episodes I can add to my favourite episodes list, and it actually has my absolute favourite episode in the whole series now. :love:
Top 5 Favourite
1.A Royal Problem (My new favourite episode in the whole show :love: )
Character development? Check. Some really good worldbuilding? Check. Good heart? Check. An episode focusing on the two princess sisters that gives Celestia as much love as her sister and gives Celestia the love she deserves? Check. A more sympathetic appearance of Starlight Glimmer? Check. And
:iconduckyworth:Duckyworth 5 8
~100K Reader Insert Contest~
~100K Reader Insert Contest~
Hello everyone!
This is my very first writing contest, being held to celebrate hitting 100,000 pageviews! I hope you have fun taking part~!
Special thanks to the lovely Dinosauruses for helping me plan this and giving me inspiration, along with judging/contributing fics, and to JustABrokenSpirit for providing prizes as well.
Please read ahead for the details...
Rainbow book and pencil 
THEME: Hues 
DEADLINE: 5th of December, 2018
~ How to Enter~
Please read all the rules!
Make sure you submit an xReader fic
Choose a character to write about from the list of fandoms below
Choose one or more prompts from the themed list
Please include the prompt you chose in the description of your piece and incorporate it into the fic somehow (but you don't need to put it in the title)
Please ta
:iconvanillametal:VanillaMetal 8 11
+ Active Watcher + Week #2 +

Little glitter rainbow ALL INFOS : Little glitter rainbow 

Rainbow-orb rainbow flag wavingrainbow flag waving✿ WEEK #2 | 19 to 25 Nov. ✿ rainbow flag wavingrainbow flag wavingRainbow-orb

I'll stop to count comments 'cause I got too much and it's a big time consuming to count them & verify favourites ^^;
I'll replace this by a little give away on some of my deviations during the week Bunny Emoji-72 (Heart Wink) [V2] 
Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Fav this Deviation to try to win 
:iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 22 29
Tini Heart 
i don’t like drawing my own characters lol 
these are SFW requests only, if you want NSFW then go to my other journal
i’m in the christmas spirit and i’m also extremely bored so i’m open requests until the 26th December because i’m going to be in Thailand after that and will not be online


 black heart bullet  please watch me if you request art! don’t unfollow me right after either  because that’s extremely scummy 
  black heart bullet i’m looking to draw humanoid / kenomonomimi ocs but i can do anthros too
 black heart bullet i’m better at drawing males just fyi
 black heart bullet requests o
:iconjjeongup:jjeongup 18 34
Mortal Kombat vs. Capcom Universe (My Ideas)
Although I have no plans for this crossover, I haven't ruled out the possibility of it happening. In fact, this idea is inspired by :icongenius-spirit: version. Anyways, here are the rivalries.
Scorpion vs. Bishamon
Sub-Zero vs. Mega Man X
Liu Kang vs. Ryu
Raiden vs. Asura
Kano vs. Mack the Knife
Johnny Cage vs. Frank West
Sonya Blade vs. Regina
Goro vs. Mike Haggar
Shang Tsung vs. Albert Wesker
Jax vs. Nathan Spencer
Kung Lao vs. Ken Masters
Kitana vs. Vanessa Z. Schneider
Mileena vs. Juri Han
Baraka vs. Date Masamune
Reptile vs. SonSon
Kintaro vs. Sagat
Stryker vs. Chris Redfield
Kabal vs. El Fuerte
Cyrax vs. Edward Falcon
Sektor vs. Sigma
Ermac vs. Anakaris
Smoke vs. Dante
Rain vs. Rikuo
Nightwolf vs. T. Hawk
Sindel vs. Ruby Heart
Sheeva vs. Magna Centipede
Jade vs. Felicia
Noob Saibot vs. Hsien-Ko
Motaro vs. Monster Hunter
Chameleon vs. Seth
Khameleon vs. Kasuga
Quan Chi vs. Jedah Dohma
Shinnok vs. Nobunaga Oda
Sareena vs. Trish
Fujin vs. Gene
Kai vs. Dee Jay
Jarek vs. Cody
Tanya v
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 5 22
Ask OC Thingy: Action Doll
I was tagged by Nobody, I choose Action Doll.
1.) What is your name?
Sarah Powers, though the kids call me mom, I've been called a Soccer MILF but my superhero name is "Action Doll".
2.) Do you know why you were named that?
Yes, it is linked to my family and how I got my powers.
3.) Are you single or taken?
I'm married to a wonderful loving man who has been turned into an obsessive/compulsive magic woman who is rarely home. 
4.) Any Abilities or powers?
I can reduce my size down to about three inches or up to about twelve feet, I can also reduce or increase my weight from a few ounces to nearly a ton. My mind is magically shielded and my libido is three sizes too big.
6.) What is your eye color?
Blue sometimes, but usually hazel brown.
:iconthomvinson:thomvinson 4 7
Free art request! [On-Hold]
Will be opening again after i finish the current que, thanks for understanding :)
How to join:
All you have to do is share and favorite this journal, and watch me on Deviant art.
Then just comment down below what you want me to draw for you.
After that I'll send you a note to clarify your request.
Will do: Humans, Anthro/Furry.
Will not do: Mecha, Armored, Ponies/FourLegs, Dragons, NSFW, and character sheets.
Maximum of two characters, with simple backgrounds.
Categories: Icon, Headshot, Bust-up, Half-Body, Full-Body
Art samples:

Full Body

2 characters Landscaped

Remember to ask for my permission, if you're gonna post the art somewhere.
:iconsinofademon:SinofaDemon 9 29
Serious Trace Theft - Help Needed
Let me start off this journal by saying that:
I normally DONT do these kind of things. This is also NOT a journal to ask people to do a 'witch-hunt' on this person, and if i see people commenting/being rude/anything else to mentioned person, i will personally ask you to STOP. This is just because i NEED help with finding back important original artworks.
This is also a very serious/special case as this has been going for nearly 5 years ( !! ).
IMPORTANT: Im mostly posting this because i need help finding back the original of a few more artworks she still has up, and refuses to take down because, as she claims it, 'she drew them herself'. This is false however, as she is not able to draw like that on her own.
Im also posting this to this account, due to having a bigger following here, and a possible bigger chance of finding the originals. 
Who: KniightSkye/Skye Courtemanche/WarriorKnightSkye
Where: Deviantart, Instagram, Facebook, Furaffini
:iconshadow-bases:Shadow-Bases 19 45
Date with Yourself!
If you were to go on a date with yourself - what would your plans look like? :)
If I invited myself to a "super date" it would probably be us wearing cozy warm clothes against the first snow while we're taking a long walk. Then we'd prepare a healthy and romantic dinner with some fresh and warm cookies to eat afterwards! We'd watch a movie of our current mood while snuggling warm and cozy on the couch - oh of course with some café lattes. Simple and yet so rewarding! <3
:iconlighane:Lighane 19 37
kaleidoskopik : 19112018

:iconkaleidoscopism: :icondilicious-trips: :icondigital-diptych: :iconphotograph-ism:
:iconkizukitamura:KizukiTamura 10 12
birthday/Christmas whishlist??
so um my birthday is coming up on December 6
and um idk,,
i love everyone art it really inspired me so i really want it from
Faffifu (aa <33)
i have only one ref and it my fursona h-

it fine you don't have to do it !! ;;o;;
i got tired of shea because he not the best anymore : (
i'm ready to get yeet and hit by my own watchers hecc
:iconpastelliet:pastelliet 11 12
Yang's injection(breast expansion)
This story is for 18+ individuals ONLY, no exceptions. Contains muscle growth, breast expansion, nudity and more.
Yang had just been walking alone in the streets in Vale when all suddenly went black.
When Ruby awoke she found herself unable to move and in what looks like a scientist's lab. Upon further inspection she found that her hands and feet were bound and she was hung up about 6 ft in the air. Suddenly a door opened to find a man wearing a scientist labcoat, navy blue jeans and shiny black boots. He had spiky brown hair with a bit of stubble underneath his chin.
"Well Ms. Xiao-Long, It appears you're awake." The man said in a deep, coarse voice. She tried to respond but her mouth was gagged so she couldn't talk.
"I, am Dr. Placeabou, and you are my experiment. But first I'll explain something to you. My semblance is reality and mind manipulation. This is quite fortunate for me because the change you shall receive shall definitely be noticeable if not for my semblance, enabling me
:icondemensus:demensus 5 1
Friends 4 life second part

Frog Pond by Shirley-Agnew-Art
Gratitude by awesome43
Last years birthday present by kayak-bun
Dolce Candy by seresere
Books by anacraftsandarts
Pink Hydrangea by Gryffgirl
Casper by adampanak
Candles by Bonaparte1700
Fire Salamander! by GayMetal
Hive's Explanation by daywalker-designs
Siroptimist 2 by Applemac12
The Lion. North Italy by jennystokes
Eve by Trippy4U
Mothership by GBLXVIII
Elias Howe by davincipoppalag
Belgian dessert with hot Chocolate 5 by AnnaZLove
Rare Snow In Izmir 3. by bigzoso
Jason Boogies by BradStine13
Sheep 01 by Scheron
Butterfly Model by Purplemoonbeam
Brandon The Dark Angel A Gift by 109Renae
Witches Party by vanndra
Obstacle Assessment by CapscesDigitalInk
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 11 20
The time we had to use the men's room
(Warning: This story contains scat) This story takes place about 3 years ago in 2015 when we were in 10th grade. Me (who was dressed up as Deathrock Revival at the time) and my neighbor from the last story (the one who is a BBW and dressed up as Nu Goth which was a new style at the time) named Alice or as we call her Ali were sitting beside each other in class with the rest of the goths. I think we were in our last class which was "Graphic Design." So all of us were just talking about different bands and about our lives when me and Ali had to use the bathroom. I had to pee while she on the other hand had to take a massive dump (she always has to take huge dumps). So we raised our hand and Ms. Smith told us we can go since I said it was an emergency. We both walked straight to the nearest bathrooms which were located beside the library. The janitor stopped us as soon as we were about to walk in the Ladies Room and said "I'm sorry ladies but you'll have to use the Men's Room. S
:icontoiletgirl212:ToiletGirl212 6 2
To the people who have been watched by lkogames777
As you don't know about lkogames777 he said something fucked up at the innocent girl named Fangirllolipop 
he said "no don't if you do i will delete your arts" and also said "go kill your self then" to her
So I suggest you should report and block him for good

:iconalexandratoons: :iconalondra118: :iconamazing-girl-forever: :iconashleyroseheart12: :iconbagel0bites: :iconblustreakgirl: :iconbosho-terrella: :iconcotton-draws: :iconcyanity101: :icondokzitoartz: :icondrawinginbeta: :iconduskifox-39: :iconfemale-boris12345: :iconfox-k-ing: :icongrimmixx: :iconhot-pink-nightmare: :iconjaegh123: :iconjedisammy0120: :iconkatiamel: :iconkylerawksocs210: :iconliakittycat: :iconluckygirlol: :iconlunabandid: :iconlunaticplushtrap: :iconlylaj27: :iconmaylovesakidah: :iconmeluments: :iconmr-ms-faded
:iconbaronvonaaron783:BaronVonAaron783 7 16
Mid-Monthly-Featuring from LNA November 2018

     :iconflyingheartsplz:We sincerely thank all our great artists for their continued support of our galleries.:iconflyingheartsplz:                                                                 

:iconmockingbirdontree:mockingbirdontree 11 15
A Ghostly Idea - Update
I've been developing the stories I mentioned in my previous journal entry about the ghost engine on the Skarloey Railway.  It's kind of expanded a bit, to the point where I'm actually planning to do it as a mini-series between Tinkerbell and Season 3 of STMY.  There's one episode in particular that will be played for thriller-type horror.  No jumpscares, I consider those to be cheap.  But it will be one of my darkest storylines yet.
:iconwildnorwester:wildnorwester 9 4