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small RAFFLE CLOSED // winners
Wiggly text - Hello 
As I finished most of things from my to do list I decided to make small raffle so you'll have a chance to get free art from me
kaomoji set 54/67 
Drawing you can get from me in this raffle will be completely random so please keep this in mind.
It can be just sketch, chibi, bust or anything else I choose.
If you want enter please read rules and reply to my comment under this journal.
♥ You must watching me.
♥ Reply to my comment and tell me about something you like/enjoy or what's your favourite animal.
♥ Be nice. Don't be angry if you don't win and please be patient if you win.
Thank you and good luck ~! ♥
:iconelissya-chan: :iconxemerani: :iconkathudesu:
Elissya-chan, Xemerani and kathudesu please note me with character reference + face expression and anything i should know before i start drawing your charac
:iconlilanero:lilanero 34 313
Weekly Feature(2)

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!:love:


Stereotype organisms by EvgenShvets
Wishes by NaouriRedouane1998
ADAM Discovery (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena
:iconrenata-s-art:Renata-s-art 19 22
Artisan Craft Week!
Artisan Craft Week
Hello, hello! :wave:
It's time for Artisan Crafts to team up with projecteducate again! And it's time to delve into a whole new side of artisan crafts that you may or may not have known before. This is a special week since we have returning favourites and brand-new contributors. We also have interviews and practical tutorials on top of theories and features. Overall, I think this is going to be a great week. And I hope you will agree with me, too! :w00t: 
Artisan Craft Week
18th Monday
AM: Welcome to Artisan Craft week! (you are here) PM: How to make Basic Cross-Stitch Patterns by pinkythepink 19th Tuesday
AM: A "Whittle" Magic: Carve your own wand (part 1) by @PraeclaruswandsPM: A "Whittle" Magic: Carve your own wand (part 2) by PraeclarusWands 20th Wednesday
AM: Cakes out of this world by @uszatyarbuzPM: Intro
:iconsinistrosephosphate:SinistrosePhosphate 19 7
Theme Feature No.15 - Islands
Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly Themed feature at devfeatures and AllArtandStuff!
:icondevfeatures:             :iconallartandstuff:
The theme for this week is ISLANDS and we're starting out with some artworks from our members at AllArtandStuff. The theme fits automatically with our summer mood and makes us think of sandy beaches, palm trees, salty water and refreshing drinks. But is that all there is to it? Scroll down to find out what other interesting interpretations the talented artists of dA have come up with!
I hope you leave with at least a few new favourites and if you like this feature, fav it or share it to help spread the word and don't hesitate the let the artists know how much you like their work.
:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 10 15
Choose Your Story TG
Waking up, you feel excited for a new day. It's finally Saturday and you aren't sure what you want to do. So you pull out your phone and start searching for nearby events. The website pulls up with a long list of ideas of what to do today. You decide you only have time to go and do one event. So you select the top 10 in the list. Here is what you can do.......
A. Go watch the Motorcycle Parade
B. Go to the mall and go shopping 
C. Go chat with some friends and hangout
D. Go visit the local food show
E. Go on a trip to paris
F. You could go to a local beach and hangout with the girls
G. You could go to your sisters sorority  and hangout with her.
H. You could go buy a
:icontged:TGed 9 0
Fly your flag with DeviantArt as we celebrate the #PluralityOfPride! Join the conversation and check out some of the LGTBQ+ artists we’re featuring for #PrideMonth.
Like the many flags we fly to represent who we are, Pride Month is about celebrating the strength of our plurality, the many identities that complete us and make all of us great, and how they come together to build our common humanity.
Occurring in the same month as the Stonewall Riots (on June 28, 1969) where people were beaten simply for being who they are, Pride Month is meant to be a celebration of coming together in light of this violent beginning. This year, DeviantArt is proud to honor deviants of all identities who, over the years, have helped build us into an ever-more inclusive community where we can just be.
Be who we are, without fear.
Be different, even if we can't always be in real life.
Be ourselves, celebrated
:iconakiestar:akiestar 738 7,088
Cat Feature - Part 13

Little eyes by Dahlia-Aubrey The King by TammyPhotography
Loaf Cat by Onistocke
I'm majestic by TammyPhotography Patrol by TammyPhotography
ANGEL by Onistocke
Life is grand on tissue paper! by lucytherescuedcat pfff... that's bullsh*t by sourpepper
Stromae by Arkus83
Burrito by Arkus83 Maugrey Moon by Arkus83
January by ChristinaKingma
ginger by Tiroko
:iconelynenoir:ElyneNoir 6 3
What would you do if you won $100,000,000? :)
Just so you know, I am not handing out money.. but just out of curiosity, what would you do if you won $100,000,000? Im trying hard not to sound like a lottery ad.
So yeah name me three things you would do with your money!
Sparkle EmojiSparkle Emoji  Money n Coins Dog Dance (gif animation) Money n CoinsSparkle Emoji Sparkle Emoji 
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 8 78
CHEAP Commissions: [Updated] OPEN - ONLY Points
* Notify List * 
Diamond - celestial F2U pixel dot Chuu-Neko
Diamond - celestial F2U pixel dot VelviaLines
Diamond - celestial F2U pixel dot Atomic-Crayon
Diamond - celestial F2U pixel dot Shadow4kuma
if u are in the notify list it doesn't mean that I will DO your commission, I've just notified you that my commissions are open.
(just to make it clear)
        ferrugineum fabric border b 3ferrugineum fabric border b 3rose fabric border g 2ferrugineum fabric border b 3  
:icon00ishikawa00:00Ishikawa00 14 31
OC Bio - Princess Dark Matter

Origin: Created by Omega Brony
Homeland: Unknown
Likes: Conquer Equestria
Dislikes: The Mane 6
Princess Dark Matter was created by the evil Omega Brony, who was near death after he was defeated by not only Twilight, but her friends, Delta, and all of the females of the Smash Bros. universe. She was a sinister herald who wants power, and magic. Omega Brony becomes a magical spirit and mentor for Princess Dark Matter as he guides her to destroy Twilight Sparkle and her friends. She disguises herself as Megan Williams when she saw her in Pony Land, in order to achieve her goal, which is to steal the cutie marks from the Mane 6. Everytime she takes a cutie mark, she becomes more stronger.
When she got the cutie marks from Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, only Twilight remains as her cutie mark is untouched. But the princess got help by having Megan Williams join the fray. Princess Dark Matter'
:icondashiemlpfim:DashieMLPFiM 8 3
kaleidoskopik : 18062018
:iconbattle-for-the-sun: :icongothicnarcissus: :iconrici66:

:iconkaleidoscopism: :icondilicious-trips: :icondigital-diptych: :iconphotograph-ism:
:iconkizukitamura:KizukiTamura 9 9
worst parts of tw edd's life
-when he was 5-6 years old, he was sexually abused by his own mother and regularly abused by his alcoholic father
-when he was 7-8 years old, his parents got a divorce
-when he was 10-11 years old, his dad died in a car crash due to drinking in driving
-when he was 12-13 years old, he was picked on due to how he smelt (because he was allergic to water and he could barely ever take showers)
-when he was 14-15 years old, he would lock himself in his room and cut himself and lie to himself all the time
-when he was 16-17 years old, he attempted suicide but tw tom stopped him
-when he was 18-19 years old, he got his adult tooth knocked out by a baseball
-when he was 20-21 years old, he almost died by drowning in water
-and when he was 24-26 years old, he almost choked on water and died (he lived don't worry--)

do you all feel bad for tw edd yet : )
:iconraiiny-skye:RAIINY-SKYE 11 42
Undertale Summer House Party Community Project

1. Only UNDERTALE and UNDERTALE AU characters!
2. You can draw every Undertale character, not only Sans
3. You can get only one spot
4. Do not argue with anyone over spot, please.
5. Canvas on which you're going to draw your character may be from 1600x1200 and higher to 2500x2500 (I'll need to manipulate the size)
6. Spots without any certain pose are free for your imagination
7. The date is 1st of August but you better finish a little sooner ^^
8. If someone won't respond to me or won't make their character in time, spot is free and still able to take
9. You need to watch me and share this journal
:iconnatsunenuko:NatsuneNuko 35 126
[CONTEST] Draw my Ocs !! 150$ prize
Hello !!!

It's time for me to open - I believe - my first contest ever !! wooooooo// !

Contest ends :
1st October
[the time I move to my new home and get internet back]
Here's some rule before starting :

- If you're uncomfortable drawing my ocs do not participate ! No one's forcing you.
- If you don't win, I reserve the right to keep the art made of my ocs.
But if you decide to re-use the art for your ocs or sell YCH I'm fine with it. Just note that I'll have the art on the ocs TH so it won't be "exclusive" ~
- Do not complain if you don't win. :c
- Every comment starting drama will lead you being blocked from me.
- Only digital art allowed for this contest sorry !
- No base allowed
- you may do more than one entry
- No NSFW art please...
- I can
:iconurschin:Urschin 7 3
|Misc.| THE Best Shot of Clair in the Anime
It makes my day a lot more...

:iconuniversalkun:UniversalKun 5 2
I think I know why I don't do reviews anymore
I don't really have the drive or motivation to keep doing reviews anymore. This is very depressing for me. I've also noticed there have been less and less reviews from my friends overtime. So I have to assum they're also losing the will to review which makes me feel even worse.
I'm at a point in life where I DREAD the future! Beyond world events I'm in a conflict where I want to improve my life, but I am also terrified of failure. My anxitieies prevent me from even learning how to drive.
I WANT to go back to doing reviews, I REALLY DO! But for some reason I just can't seem to care anymore. Oddly I think I can pinpoint a lot of this feedback to MrEnter, I'm not blaming him for this of course, but I think a lot of my reasons for doing this tie back to him.
MrEnter was the one who got this reveiwer community started via his own reviews. But as time went on the work people took from him often reflects his own creator status. The longer MrEnter takes with content the longer the
:iconregulas314:Regulas314 5 10
Randomness: Paper Friend
Hello everypony! Nod 
You know, that's just brilliant! o.ô I seriously want to see this happen xD
:iconestories:EStories 7 3
a PSA regarding rpg member protection
I've been encountering a disturbing thing lately across several forum RPG sites that I like to frequent and stalk, and as an older roleplayer (I'm 30 now) and site owner over the years, I really think this needs to be addressed.
As a site owner, no matter your age, you are responsible for the members on your site in terms of safeguarding and protecting them from the potential (and many) ills of the internet age. It may not seem like you should be responsible, but if you read that fine print on your hosting agreement, no matter where you host, you'll find that more than likely you are. Naturally we can't control anything and everything that happens, but the most important thing to remember is that you will have minors/underage people writing on your site (unless you explicitly dictate all members must be 18+). These minors, at all costs and measures, must be protected. 
No, you aren't their parent and can't teach them the rights and wrongs and dangers of the internet. But as a site
:iconmagtox:magtox 9 20
I remember Michael Jordan saying a word.
Life is a series of failures.
My life hasn't been 100 % done as wanted.
I reflect on my conduct deeply and I'll continue to paint as long as my body permits.
Thank you Michael.
:iconsumin6301:sumin6301 5 2
10,000 pageviews Raffle - 800+ points + art (Open)
How to enter and get tickets - you must comment to enter the raffle; Make sure you say what you have done.
Comment on this journal saying you're entering (+1)
Fave this journal (+1)
Share this journal in a poll/status/journal (+1)
Tag up to 10 people (+1 per person tagged) 
Donate points for the raffle - Maximum of 100 (+1 per point)
Donate prizes for the raffle (Head shot/bust = +2 -5; Half body = 4-8; Fullbody = 7-15 ~ this depends on the quality, make sure you throw in an example)
Raffle ends: 30/07/2018 (May be extended) 
Number of points so far: 836 (This is growing and the prizes may change as more is collected)
First place:
- 500:points:
- a digital full body from Proximasaur 
- a traditional full body from Proximasaur 
- 2 traditional full bodies from KateTrap 
- 1 digital full body from zeldaxfanatic 
- 2 full bodies from AuraLuv
- 1 pixel page doll from AuraLuv 
:iconproximasaur:Proximasaur 8 19
How to Make Basic Cross-Stitch Patterns
Artisan Crafts
Making cross-stitching patterns is something everyone can do! It can be as simplistic as taking some graph paper, drawing out what you want, and then stitching it on your fabric grid. Or, cross-stitching can be done digitally, which is what I'm going to be showing you here today.
It's worth noting that the stylization I am going to show you is of the "full cross stitches only" kind. This is different from my personal style of patterning, which is miles of backstitching and partial stitches and tiny beaded details.
Why would you want to make a cross-stitch pattern? Perhaps you want your photo converted, and you don't want to pay someone else to do it, or maybe you need to do edits yourself to get the image you want. Whatever your reasons, know you have the ability to do it already.
Digital Options

There are many, many, many choices online for pattern conversion both paid and free. If you hop on over to your favorite search engine an
:iconpinkythepink:pinkythepink 7 4
Art Trade / Requests
Because I need to force myself to draw to try to get rid of my art block, I will do Art Trades and Requests.
HOWEVER, IF YOU POST A COMMENT WITHOUT READING, I WILL BLOCK YOU, NO EXCEPTIONS. I am tired of people requesting and being like, "Oh! Requests, gimme." and not even reading it.
You NEED to be a Watcher. If you want to request me, it means you like my art.If you request MLP art, it will be posted in @/Cor-Cristalli.All Requests will be sketches unless I feel like otherwise.NO request is GUARANTEED, if I don't like your character or you did something that make me not feel like drawing for you, respect it.Please FILL THE FORM.
OC Name:
OC Refence: (If traditional, please make a pallet, otherwise I can't color - and if I do, you have NO RIGHT to complain.)
What you like about my Art?:
Art Trades
You will do your part first. I had some people trying to scam me, and I don't do my part first unless it's a friend.I will do the same y
:iconlunnaria-shirayuri:Lunnaria-Shirayuri 7 16