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Tips and Tricks to a successful Closed Species
Adoptables Week
How to create a closed species
Hello! My name is Shiohh and I am the creator of the closed species Kowaiko and Kinoko!
I'm still new to the adoptable closed species world, but here are my tips and tricks on how to build up a successful species via my own experiences.

Step 1: Creating unique traits. 
What is a trait? A trait is an item or element that all closed species need to be unique, for example; Certain patterns on the body, wings, hooved feet, bubbles in the ears etc.
Choose 3 or more traits that you LOVE to draw, things you won't get sick of and will want to stick with. This is an extremely important step so do your research before committing to your traits, make sure no one else has the exact same idea as you already! Traits should be a unique combination of elements.
Side note: You are absolutely allowed to have a trait someone else has, however make sure you are combining t
:iconshiohh:shiohh 42 7
Painting Gold - Digital Art Tutorial
This month DigArt Challenge theme is "GOLD", so I've decided to create tutorial for painting a shiny golden textures!
analyse the colours
First, we need to find some references for various golden surfaces. They should be both polished and rough. I've used free photos from Unsplash as my references.
Basic tone is orange/yellow. It's quite saturated. Reflected light is usually cool and desaturated. Notice that shadow is never black, and highlight is never white. Keep this in mind while painting.

1. Draw a basic flat shape.
2. Add shadow using soft brush at 20% flow.
3. Add highlight using soft brush at 20% flow..
4. Add reflected light using soft brush at 20% flow.
This unfortunately is not enough to create an object that will look like the one made of gold. The sphere looks plastic and matte, instead of metal and shiny. We need to create a texture.

:iconlenamoart:LenamoArt 50 0
f o c u s : 1 8 1 0 2 0 1 8

Step 2 by PansaSunavee Wall , Shadow and Time by PansaSunavee
Step 2 by PansaSunavee Blue rock by PansaSunavee Step 2 by PansaSunavee
Wall , Shadow and Time by PansaSunavee Step 2 by PansaSunavee Wall , Shadow and Time by PansaSunavee

Diagonally by PansaSunavee Camera man by PansaSunavee Diagonally by PansaSunavee
Camera man by PansaSunavee Starry night by PansaSunavee Camera man by PansaSunavee
Diagonally by PansaSunavee Camera man by PansaSunavee Diagonally by PansaSunavee

Enlightenment 2 by PansaSunavee Reflection of nature by PansaSunavee Enlightenment 2 by PansaSunavee
Reflection of nature by PansaSunavee Message of Buddha image 4 by PansaSunavee Reflection of nature by PansaSunavee
Enlightenment 2 by PansaSunavee Reflection of nature by PansaSunavee Enlightenment 2 by PansaSunavee
:iconkizukitamura:KizukiTamura 15 3
Guide: How To Make Good Undertale AU
You thought to make your own AU but you don't know how to do it? In that case, I hope this guide will help you a little :wink 

How to start?
Start by thinking up story, find the main thread and expand it. Remember, however, do not get too excited too much so you come up with an interesting idea that doesn't fit into the present moment in your history, and which you necessarily want to introduce now, because it can disrupt the whole creation process. Slowly, step by step, develop the story, but if you really have an amazing idea that cannot get out of your head, write it somewhere in the margin, maybe you can enter it at a later stage of creation.
Keep your script clean and organized. Undertale has a lot of characters to deal with, so in your story you should choose who's going to be your main character, so you should focus on them mostly.
:iconnatsunenuko:NatsuneNuko 18 15
10 YEARS!!!
been drawing for you since Oct 18, 2008
posting non stop for 8 years. 
thank you.
:iconphation:phation 10 15

She was so soft and huggable, 22" long. with a scarf to keep her warm. She also has the derpy eyes.
Commissions are open, just note me
Happy Thursday
:iconcinnamon-stitch:CINNAMON-STITCH 7 1
Tell me a story!
I am sick right now and can't do much besides lying on the couch. 🤒That's so boring and - let's be honest - sucks! 😷
... But I do love stories!
Do you have some fun stories you'd like to share with me? Whatever comes to your mind! <3
:iconlighane:Lighane 14 82
NEW - Life size Doctor Who 13th Tardis cutout
Hello fellow Whovian's Mini Tardis and Deviant Art users DeviantArt Flag

Not the first time this kind of item has been produced of the Police Box exterior of the good ship Tardis as Argos here in the UK has had one of the previous 11th to 12th Doctor version in recent years, but now there is this brand new one, just discovered it off
This is priced at £34.99, and it comes free with a smaller version as seen at the bottom of the image for absolutely free apparently. I'll leave links relating to this underneath the image.

The Doctor Who Site
:icondoctorwhoone:DoctorWhoOne 4 7
Mid Monthly Marvels!!
From :iconall-fractal-art:
Welcome to our mid monthly feature journal where we highlight just some of the wonderful fractals and resources we have had in the group over the last month.
Enjoy the feature, take your time to look - there is LOTS to look at!! :D We hope you find lots of new favourites and friends!! :D
Don't forget our theme this month is 'Leaves' (as in trees and leaves :D )- check the group for how long you have left to submit :)
  18-10 Flower Black by Gerda1946 
:iconbgai:BGai 22 42
[CC] 200+ Watchers Contest || Christmas Contest
Howdy guys! 
Welcome to my official 200 watchers contest. I just want to say thank you for getting me here! I could've never done it without you guys uwu. I appreciate each and every comment and favorite I get on my profile, and I really love all of your art. 
As of the contest, I don't unfortunately want to do point prizes, seeing as I am still doing an adopting spree :V
It's Christmas (soon, like 2 months away.)
And I wanna do a contest where you've gotta CHRISTMAS UP my adopts.
Basically just give em outfits or something :V
It's...a dress up competition lamo.
But basically draw them in festive costumes or doing something festive.
If anybody does a 'someone spiked the eggnog' thing im personally adding a bonus point for your entry.
Anyways, prizes before adopts: 
Prizes will be this!

Basically digital art + animated thingies!
They'll help spoice up ya stuff uwu
:iconbuddyboisteve:BuddyBoiSteve 8 28
The results are in and are surprising or are they?
So first off thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my last status post and share their thoughts, and to vote in the poll.
Before I discuss the results two things that came up in responses
1) There were no "right" or "wrong" answers. This wasn't a "my way is better" kind of thing. It was a genuine question, maybe looking to see if my own preferences met with any validation or I was totally out of touch with what the Peril community is all about these days, 
2) We say we are a community right? Can we please start acting like one? Folks need to stop viewing people whose kinks or fetishes don't line up with their own as "weird" or "creepy" or "boring" or any other adjective that makes them the "other" (with the one obvious and btw illegal exception of Underage stuff...)
If someone likes tickling and you don' what? If someone likes their oc's being tied up with their clothes on and you like full on what? They are free to set their own limits, and do their ow
:icondevduck01:devduck01 5 42
CCCat Trick-or-Treat Event - COLLECTION PHASE

It’s October, and everyone knows what that means. Time to get as much candy as possible. Same goes for the CCCat group as well! Everyone is in the spirit.

But wait! Before you can start your hunt for sweets an orange CCCat calls you over - it’s Carter, a little sugar-obsessed gremlin. Looks like he’s running that candy cart of his again.

“I’ll trade you your candy for prizes,” he says, wiggling his fingers to attempt to be enticing. He gestures at his cart, showcasing all his wares, and somehow you feel like he’s got something good this year.

CCCat Trick-or-Treat Event

Goal: collect as much candy as possible to give to Carter in exchange for raffle tickets.
How do you get candy?
There are six
:iconhydrateeth:HydraTeeth 17 10
OC Fanart Requests and Art Trades (OPEN)
Hello everyone!
Today, I will be reopening art requests and art trades about your OCs in a revamped journal. Also, I revamped the journal to make sure the comments are nice and clean once again. For each OC drawing requested, they will be sent to the OC Fanart folder. But, like the limited time art trades and requests, this one will be restricted to trusted and/or new watchers only.
Anyways, if you want to request non-OC character fanarts instead, then go to 
If you want to start an art trade with me or request me, don't hesitate to comment on the featured comment below. And when I accept it, your request will begin. Also, if you start an art trade with me, I will decide for your part in our ar
:iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 7 35
Feature-Fest Vol. 156: Waterscapes

The light show. by LordLJCornellPhotos
Keep the dream alive by kriskeleris
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 5 3
Pyromaniac's Birthday coming soon!
That's right peeps! My Undertale AU Pyromaniac will be 1 year old on the 22nd October 2018!
I uploaded the first official art of Pyromaniac and wrote the announcement journal on the 22nd of October 2017! Time flies by!

Above is my first ever art I created of Pyromaniac. Created in windows paint with a mouse. Pyro has changed a lot since this illustration <3
I'm of course doing something special for the day, so stay tuned for that ^ ^
:iconsonicfangirl666:sonicfangirl666 8 6
Halloween Scavenger Hunt!
Welcome to the UszatyArbuz's Annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Let's celebrate the Halloween together this year again!
I'm SO excited, this is my favorite day of the year! And it's 5th birthday of this even, too! This time the questions are around myths and urban legends Frankenstein :la:  For this part of the event you don't have to be the first with the answers to win (I tried to make pretty easy questions )
You can find all details below~
The Quest

There are ten Halloween pumpkins hidden on my deviantArt page. Each pumpkin is a hidden link to file, which is hiding a trivia question, asking to provide an answer. You will get the points for finding pumpkins and answering the questions. The winners will be those who will gather the most game points. You don't have to be the fastest to win! Once you gathered all the checkpoints and found the answers of the trivia questions, send me a
:iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 21 48
66 Days to Form a Habit - Question!
That habit being, of course, writing. For at least one hour, every day.
So. This morning- the day after a five-page stint- I woke up Trashed. Seems typical of that...
I have my Bullet-proof coffee, of course....
But I ended up falling into a conversation with a fellow artist. And in that conversation, ideas were sparked which shall play out in half of the chapters I am writing / have written the rough of, already.
Now: Does that count towards my habit-forming?
:iconkajm:Kajm 3 1
Spectator Prompt 04: AatR Card Battle Game!
DISCORD - Three Laws of Entry - Intro - Prizes
Foreword - Tournament Guidelines 1 - Tournament Guidelines 2
Roster & Rounds - Forfeitures - Judgment System
Critiques & Spectators - Tournament Resources - Tips And Tricks

:iconsaysplz: U
:iconartists-at-the-ready:Artists-at-the-Ready 6 16
Important and Serious PSA for All Discord Users!
Copied this from Owyn-Ross 
Very important, serious and an urgent matter everyone should deal with ASAP! Discord has implemented a new Arbitration clause, and you've got 30 days to opt out starting right NOW!!
DO NOT PROCRASTINATE DOING THIS. For those who aren't aware, an arbitration clause revokes your right to trial in a court of law, meaning you CANNOT take any legal action against Discord if they were to do something such as leak your data. If you do not opt out, you're waiving your legal rights.
You have 30 days to email to opt out, you absolutely must do this if you care about having rights.
If you're not sure what to say, here's an example email:
(make sure you send the email from the email account your discord account is linked to)
:iconlissygudiya:lissygudiya 4 14
Goodbye Oscar the Grouch
I found out yesterday Sesame Street veteran Caroll Spinney, the voice behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch is retiring after 5 decades on the show. The 84 year old puppeteer deserves it. He and Sonia Manzano were my favorite Sesame Street actors.
:iconantonioalexishuerta:AntonioAlexisHuerta 5 3
friends feature 3

Violins-Hegeduk by ladyjudina
Spider Princess 2-Pokhercegno 2 by ladyjudina
Mermaid and a broken heart by ladyjudina
Mountains and the road-Hegyek, es az ut 2 by ladyjudina
Eagles -Sasok 2 by ladyjudina
Lili fairy by ladyjudina
Forest Fairies by ladyjudina
Forever and ever by ladyjudina
Northern_lights V by ladyjudina
Sweet dream by ladyjudina
Clouds and water _ animation by ladyjudina
Manip 79 by ladyjudina
Old Beach by ladyjudina
Day Of Reckoning by ralfw666
Birthday Flower by Mom-EsPeace
Cheeky... by Mom-EsPeace
A slow wink of the eye by fearless-frog
British Camp by fearless-frog
Victory by fearless-frog
Whirling Duck by fearless-frog
A toadstool colonised by fearless-frog
Camellia Japonica tree by fearless-frog
1957 Chevy BelAir by fearless-frog
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 7 7
Detroit: Become Human Contest with money prizes

Detroit: Become Human Contest // Flowers of Eden 
:iconberylunee:Berylunee 30 12