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EverQuest 20: A Living Legend Exhibit
When talking about the history of online gaming, it’s impossible to ignore EverQuest. The popular high-fantasy free-to-play game, which launched on March 16, 1999, popularized the MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) genre, and has left a lasting impact on it. For fans of the game, losing hours upon hours to adventures in the world of Norrath was a staple, whether you hung out with elves, erudites, barbarians, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, ogres or trolls. The influence and impact EverQuest has had on MMORPGs in its wake is easy to see.To celebrate EverQuest’s 20th birthday, the EverQuest 20: A Living Legend exhibit is being held at the future home of the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego this weekend, and as part of the festivities, DeviantArt has curated a video featuring some favorite EverQuest fan art from our community, which will display at the exhibit, to be seen by attendees, game developers, and museum staff alike.We’re excited to collaborate with the Comic-Con Museum and EverQuest, and showcase our artists and their creations!Do you have any favorite pieces of EverQuest art? Do you have any fun memories or stories of the game? Please share in the comments below!
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Premade Dainty- free FTO raffle! [CLOSED]

TOS Adopt Editing Dainty Guide

Hi Ya'll!! So i have a Dainty i haven't been using and me and the mods thought it would be nice to raffle them off to an FTO!! please PLEASE read through the whole journal before entering, I hope they get a loving home!!
CONGRATULATIONS TO LEM0NB0Y with number #103!!!
The Dainty up for raffle!

Toyhouse with extra artwork
NOTE: this Dainty has NSFW extra art, if the winner is underage the artwork will be removed from the profile before transfer
What is an FTO?
FTO stands for "first-time-owner"! we
:icondarling-dainties:Darling-Dainties 20 259
Interview with DarkVenusPersephonae

This month I interviewed DarkVenusPersephonae  ! Nadja is one of my absolute favorite photographers on DeviantArt, and if you look at her work I don't think you'll be surprised  that I love it so much! :love: She has a style that's immediately recognizable whether she's photographing vintage-style outfits, soft and romantic ballgowns, or sporty looks with sneakers. I was absolutely thrilled that I got the chance to interview her for this series :heart:

What made you decide to photograph people? And were portraits the type of photography you first started out creating?

DarkVenusPersephonae     :  I specialize in fashion and beauty photography, but I don't limit myself to portr
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Twilight Sparkle (WIP)

This is fan art for My Little Pony.
kaomoji set 2 14/67  Is this too loud? kaomoji set 2 14/67  
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LitRecognition: In the Weekly Spotlight
This Wednesday, LitRecognition will be featuring two weeks worth of Daily Deviations. These next two weeks, we shall be playing catch up, just to make sure ALL the literature Daily Deviations get their fair share of time in the spotlight. 
They are wonderful pieces, and deserve that little extra boost of attention so READ THEM ALL!! Take a look-see, and give these wonderful people the Literature Community Love, if you haven't already! :hooray:





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Rifle River UKC Conformation and Hunting Show
Rainbow-trout This is an all-breed conformation & hunting event hosted by Royal Oak Kennel!
Entries will be accepted until 6/8/19 at midnight EST
Judge: RoyalOats
CACIBs will be awarded by --
CACITS will be awarded by --
UKC-style judging, created breeds are welcome.
Mixed breeds are welcome in hunting classes.
big tree [not hot]  Location big tree [not hot] 
Rifle River State Recreation Area, Ogemaw County, Michigan

^ Conformation held at Grousehaven Lake Campground
Standard white, collapsible show fencing will be used

^ Hunting, Pointing, and Flushing held along Pintail Pond
*Please note that while this is a real location, I am no way claiming they
:iconroyaloats:RoyalOats 17 2
Steven Universe LyfeRealm AU Roll Call
Another Character List? Oh, Goodie! This idea is fresh from the oven. AbbyTheGamer and I were discussing who should be the cast for the AU. This is what we have,and what roles are open:
Jahir as Steven (THERandomBallArt)
Abby as Garnet. [Adil as Ruby, Adilea as Sapphire] (AbbyTheGamer)
Darkfairy as Amethyst (darkfairy1999)
Chris as Lapis Lazuli (UltimateChris
GreenMemeDreamer as Peridot
Macey as Greg (MaceyWitchHunter)
Rainbow Kitty as Rose Quartz (M1ssRa1nB0w
Miss Pastel as Connie (M1ssPastel)
Sour Cream
VaultBoy as Ronaldo (xXvaultboyartistXx)
Holly Blue Agate
Yellow's Zircon
Blue's Zircon
Precious Topaz as Rhodonite (Skylor1819)
Rutile Twins
Johnny as Yellow Diamond (Loganthekids)
Brooke as Blue Diamond (PrincessArtseyRandom)
Pink Diamond
Vitessa as White Diamond
Mortessa as Black Diamond
Yellow Pearl
Tony as Blue Pearl (PrincessArtseyRandom)
Pink Pearl/White Pe
:iconsollicitus1400:Sollicitus1400 5 9
New Members Dark-Artistry
Welcome to all who have joined Dark-Artistry! Featuring art by our newest members!

The Masquerade by hoanglap
The Black Rabbit of Inle by suviridian
Cybernetic Dream by Damjan-Gjorgievski
Dark guardian by Enamorte Seymour Krelborn by LeviticusRott
Call of Loch'ktun by Reboksa
my soul is like a bird by veravik
Sphynx by Painfulbuttexplosion All Defer to the Rat Queen! by Morvnil
Ghost by ivanaanemon
The Witch's Garden by LadyxBoleyn
:iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 4 3
Been getting threats lately, help me out.
This guy has been harassing me for my models for weeks now, first threatening to leak cyns fredbear, we were thinking about releasing it anyway so we did. Now hes threatening me and my familys saftey. Please help me do something about this because deviantart isnt doing shit about it. This is the 2nd account theyve made to do this, its honesty just sad that someone would go to such lengths to get fucking digital models.
:iconeggboi-sfm:Eggboi-SFM 8 25
Robo, Hulk, And Emo Llamas - Art Feature
See :iconrainbowllamaclub: for more art of these llamas.
You Wanna Touch the Llama? by KT-JadeBlaze Robot Llama by Snowshi Dr. Specz + Robotllama by AidanAsha Cyber-Llama by AnnieSqueedle Robot Llama Attack by The-Real-Seamus EPIC Robot Llama ATTACK by Herisheft Terminator Llama by Smartstocks Steampunk Llama Brooch by ClaireSteampunk Robot 3: cyberllama Anny by Sedeptra the REAL d-con llama by creepygoth666
Hulk Llama
ALPAGIRI- Set 5 by MaeMaeTwin Custom DA llama project by chasz-manequin Hulk-llama by SoVeryUnofficial LLAMA HULK o un pepinillo quiensabe... by MutanerdA The Incredible Hullama by Kaci-Star HULK LLAMA by Keiatra
Emo Llama
Llama by mirhiel Llama by TetraModal Emo llama by Luc98 emo llama by sweets8 Emo llama by Panda-Eyed Emo llama by lenden Emo Llama by RecklessJester Super Emo Albino Llama by FearDragoness Llamas by DragonSkiesRush Drama Llama - Unnecessary Selfish Angst! by TheArtfulMegalodon Emo Llama by gueyshart The Gang by PineMelons Emo Llama by Indi-Bones Emo Llama by Lauraannecaudron Emo Alpaca/Llama! by Mileenazel Emo Llama by Pastel-Meows Emo Llama by KeroroLovesTamama Emo Llama by KatTheWriter Emo Llama by Namtraheiram Emo Llama FTW by DaSheepsta Emo Llama by DiedHart Ima goin to Hogwarts by divastar1234 Llama remake plus custom by chasz-manequin Llama adopt by J-Dove Kiriban: Emo Llama by skipperofotters05 ELM custom I by emollamaplz Llama design by J-Dove EMO LLAMA by melony-mutou :thumb
:iconllama-list:llama-list 7 4
Watch... 24042019
Higher by KizukiTamura
Catch Me If You Can by Thinking-Silence
:iconsiucar:SIUCAR 7 12
Hype for Detective Pikachu
Whether you're a Pokemon fan or not; as well as finding some of the designs uncanny or not; you gotta give the animators credit for all the detail they put in the Pokemon.
They know how to make the cute ones cute (I still can't contain myself from squealing with joy), the cool ones cool, and the scary ones actually be scary.
What Pokemon do you expect to see at least make background cameos in the movie?
I want to see:
The other Starters, with possible cameos of the Gen 8/Galar Starters
The other Eeeve-lutions outside of Flareon
Raichu (both forms)
Vulpix (also in both forms)
The other "Pikachu Clones"
Swirlix & Slurpuff
Mew (especially)
:iconkessielou:KessieLou 4 4
Kiriban :^)
So I decided to do another one, after ages of not having one. :^D
The magic number is  69,420 
 Watchers only, new watchers welcome to join. Why'd you want my art if you don't like it enough to watch me, right? :^P
 Send me the screenshot via Note, comment entries will be ignored
 Only the first person to send the screenshot gets the prize
 Screenshot must have a timestamp and show your username/icon
 If I suspect cheating, the event will be cancelled
What you'll win depends on how much I like your OC/character of choice [one character only] - it can be anything from a 50x50 icon to a fully animated chibi doll with a background. It's free art, so no complaining ;^) All I can guarantee is that
:iconerediell:Erediell 8 4
Spongebob Season 5 Review
Season 5 took a hit in quality compared to the other seasons of the show up to this point. I'm not really sure when this season was renewed, there's no info on when that happened, but to assume, I believe Spongebob was renewed for Season 5 in late-2005, probably after Selling Out/Funny Pants was released. September 2005. I say this because usually, these episodes take a year or so to complete and with this assumption, the first episode released that was produced for Season 5, Best Day Ever (151-507) was released on November 10, 2006 for a marathon special. Using assumptions of math, the first episode of Season 5 that was produced (Friend Or Foe, a special that surrounded around the origins of Plankton and Mr. Krabs) was probably completed by September 2006, or in post-production by then. Production of Season 5 probably concluded by early-2007 (particularly in March or April) probably to make way for Season 6's...long line of episodes that started to drop
:icondth-incorproductions:DTH-Incorproductions 4 8
motivation for yourself
There's no point of hating yourself.
There's no point of feeling regret and sorrow.
You can love yourself and be a blessing to millions of people.
You're not supposed to be alone and starts hating yourself, mate.
You're supposed to see things about yourself in change it, my dude.
Iike in order to reach steps of happiness you have to love yourself. Take some time with your self.
It's not the end of the world, bro.
You have a chance to be a blessing to alot of people. ❤
You can be a friend to alot of people.
You can spread positivity and love to alot of people.
You can change the lives of millions of people.
Fuck negativity, mate. Love yourself, be positive. Look at your in the mirror everyday and say this: "negativity is a stupid crutch and it's bad for my soul, everything will be okay for me because l can just love myself and be positive, l can be a blessing in life"
Cuz again it's not the end of the world, bro.
It's your life, you have to live it❤
:iconartistdominic:ArtistDominic 7 5
Art by New Members VisualWonders
We welcome these incredible artists as members :heart:










Mystical house by Develv
[Comm] Kyhmall, the Elven King by Isminne
Peace Guardian Angelfish by Vilenchik
Koi by JiDu276
Whispers in the Dark by Enamorte
Falling Islands by Reboksa
Queen by lHaNaNe
Mermaid. Dark side. by veravik
Sleeping Tree by yanadhyana
Asian vampire by LionHeart992
Walking around by gedomenas
:icontiinaporthan:TiinaPorthan 7 3
Important Warning (Eggylord/ChimneyRat)
    I honestly can’t believe I’ve had to come to this but it must be done.
Eggylord, I just want you to stop heavily referencing my characters and stories because you can’t even do it right and it’s so evident that your clearly ripping off not only my art, but characters and bits of stories. I let you slide with this once but I’m honestly fed up with it.
    So when all of this started, two friends of mine (Takeofftime and Glithy) noticed a video from Eggy on their youtube channel that was a character of theirs that was ripped off Otis, even colorpicked from him as well. Glithy commented on this, noticing it right off the bat. Take in mind this video and art was made a few days after making art of Otis and this video is still up but labeled as "Unlisted".

Video Link:
:iconhelenabomber:HelenaBomber 6 4
Eclipse Change Log: April 24, 2019
In this week’s change log, we've implemented a number of bug fixes and improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Change LogDeviations can now be stacked from the main Watch page, rather than having to click "see all" to view stacks.Fixed issue where clicking the "add to groups" button would not open the add to groups modal.The spotlight section of profiles would display the error message “Deviation is Unavailable” when trying to feature a deviation where sharing was disabled.Stored deviations would give a 404 error when the deviation owner views it.Fixed issue where some Status Updates would not be clickable in some rare cases, such as if they only contained a deviation.Deleting a comment now shows a confirmation modal rather than the standard browser prompt.Fixed various minor issues when viewing your own Points donation pool before it is published.Increased font size of journal body text.Polls would not be displayed on the posts page of the profile when a deviation within a poll was deleted.On dark mode, the text color of quotes in the custom section quote was too faint, making it hard to read.The star icon that indicates if you’ve faved a deviation no longer shows in your favorites, since every deviation in this view is favorited.Keep Sharing Your Feedback!In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Follow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseHover over your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formHaven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!
:icondanlev:danlev 16 35
Godzilla 2 Posters
The Chinese Poster of Godzilla 2.
Then the American one. EPIC. :D
And finally the Japanese one. :D :D The most beautiful one as well! :D 
:iconsuper-flamin-angel:Super-Flamin-Angel 4 0
My Top 10 favorite movies- redux!
Title says it. A long time back, I made a list of my 10 favorite movies & I wanted to revisit it with a slight change in ze list. ;3 So, let's get to it. ^w^/
1- Jurassic Park (1993)
2- The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
3- Godzilla & Mothra: The Battle of Earth  (1992)
4- King Kong vs Godzilla  (1962)
5- The Lion King (1994)
6- Tremors  (1989)
7- Tremors 2: Aftershocks  (1996)
8- Titanic  (1997)
9- Volcano  (1997)
10- Anaconda  (1997)
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Before Lesbian Visibility Day - Flag Discourse
Lesbian Visibility Day is coming up on April 26th, and while I usually only post journals on the days themselves, I wanted to bring this one up in advance because of the 'flag discourse' that's been going on for a while now. I wanted to make this an official blog post so that people joining the group have a reference point for their flag choices and also so that there will, hopefully, be no need for people to submit their own posts on the subject that may lead to conflict.
The original creator of the lesbian flag, the version using seven stripes (with pink on the top, white in the middle and a reddish-pink at the bottom), was revealed somewhat recently as being racist, biphobic, and butchphobic (butch being a lesbian identity), along with having made negative comments about eating disorders. This was always public information, being on blog posts and social media accounts, but had not been collected and presented to the community as a whole until late 2018.
Because of this, there has b
:iconlgbtda:LGBTdA 5 16
kleines Kaleidoskop 25.4.2019
:iconscheinbar:scheinbar 4 2