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kittydog open hybrid sheet
this sheet is important for information if you want to make a kittydog oc!
anyone can make one if you want to  for free
also if youd like to join my kittydog hybrid group, heres a link!

this is the normal type of kittydog. it has 2 pointy cat ears and 2 floppy dog ears

they can have different types of cat ears and dog ears to make them different from  the normal type of kd
you can have different  shapes if youd like  its not just limited to these

this is just extra info about this shaped dog ear, some people think they are wings and they are not wings

these are just some things you can add to your kd oc if you want to
you can add many different things if youd like  its not just limited to these

this is info about remover type kitt
:iconkittydogcrystal:kittydogcrystal 242 71
CR Update - The Summer Edition
Hello! There's been a lot going on and I wanted to share a few updates from the Community Relations Team :)
First off, The communityrelations group has been on hiatus and recently, under construction but will be relaunching very soon! So look forward to getting all your updates from our team there! We're very excited to get the group up and running again and reconnecting with our members :heart:
I also want to take this time to thank some of our former team members who terms have recently ended. Please join me in sending lots of love and admiration to kingmancheng. TimberClipse, Oughter, cinyu, and inprotest.  Thank you for being part of this wild ride with us :heart:
There will be new members of the team selected as I'm currently going through the vast amount of applications. We also recently updated the application to volunteer, which you can find
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 15 22
Future Art of Always and Today(XII)
Hello everyone!Hi!

I want to pay tribute to the great artists, and their works both past and present,
all are wonderful and impressive, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.Heart

Dreamy by S-Lana
Land of UFO by Renata-s-art
Little fox and the flower by ElenaDudina
The elf and the owl by MelieMelusine
Universe by Ennya7
Secret Places by EnchantedWhispersArt
Firefly by KCsummerz
Pinkie by TinyTruc
Entomology - The dying light by JoeDiamondD
Arrival of the Beast T. Hayden by StarsColdNight
The Beauty Butterfly by annemaria48
The offering by ElenaDudina
Dreamy tree by Ellysiumn
Sea Princess by GjschoolArt
:iconcarmensarts:CarmensArts 33 24
A Rising Darkness and the Smell of Blood
With the addition of Emily Briggs increasing the numbers of vampire characters in Earth-27, I thought it would be fun to discuss my take on vampires so that everyone who cared to read this journal would be in the know. 
It is difficult to state when vampires first came into being. There are many different tales, some more reliable than others. The modern day term "vampire" most likely derived from Slavic origins. The Serbian word "vampir" was incorporated into the German language, then to the French as "vampyre" and finally into the English "vampire." These undead horrors have various abilities and powers depending on folklore and place of origin; literature and cinema have also had a lot of influence on the vampire image. According to Eastern European folklore, the dead become vampires because demons or evil spirits enter the bodies. Vampires are also said to be dead werewolves, witches, criminals, suicides, and heretics: persons whose be
:iconroysovitch:Roysovitch 11 7
[Story] Slendytubbies: A Twisted Discovery
This is my continuation of the "Good Ending" from Slendytubbies 3, and the official events that happens with the Twisted Teletubbies.
If you see this " ---------------- " It means that it's a pointview change.
                                                     Scroll down slowly the page to continue reading

--------------------------------------------------------------- Prologue -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
After have destroyed the mastermind behind the madness and its bodyguard, The Guardian, among the Military, fought the Reborn Army, at different places and during many days, and finally won. The Guardian learned with the Military that there was plants in a remote Lake that can be used for a cure. They reached this lake and found out a lot of plants in the area
:iconxamp6:Xamp6 8 6
Mid Monthly Marvels!!
From :iconAll-Fractal-Art:
Welcome to the 3rd Mid Monthly Marvels feature!! A little but after mid month this time around, sorry :)
Don't forget the group theme this month, to get in the feature journal early next month -
'Creatures - Real, Alien or Completely Imaginary' (Yeh, I know, some would argue Alien IS completely imaginary......I'm not so sure :laughing: )
Please enjoy the feature of just some of the great images submitted to the group over the last month or so and go and show the artists your support!!

A special mention for Mark here to say we are all thinking of you at this time my friend :doublehug: revamp 

:iconbgai:BGai 8 13
Interview with a Quilter
Artisan Craft Week
Nothing beats teamwork! So today we are teamed up with two wonderful quilters for an interview. It's a great way to get some insight into one amazing quilter that we are lucky to have on DA! :w00t:
Can you first tell something about yourself as a quilter?
I'm a fourth generation quilter and grew up around fabric, color, prints, and design.The influence shows up in all my work, including my paintings and jewelry, and even in my wardrobe. My biggest love are bold colors, intense and unusual prints, using hint-of-a-print instead of solids, and invoking feelings when seeing the finished work. I love creating visual textures as well as texture you can feel with your hands.
How did you get into quilting and who taught you?
Until 2015 I was focused on jewelry and painting, but pain from an old injury (turned out to be a ligament tear in my wrist, had surgery in 2016 to repair it) was making it virtually impossible to make jewelry anymore. I gre
:iconsinistrosephosphate:SinistrosePhosphate 5 10
The Battle vs Article 13 IS NOT OVER! WE CAN WIN!
On the 20th of June 15 MEP's (European Deputies) voted to destroy and censor the internet within the EU. Fortunately there are no less than 751 MEP's in total. As specified in the petition link, we still have until the 4-5 of July to sign the petition and make our voices heard. Some sources imply only 25 MEP's were supposed to vote for the adoption of article13, but it can still be revoked by other MEP's, the battle rages on!
Inform everyone within the EU. Seeing the current odds, we can easily win this! Let's
:iconder-himmelstern:Der-Himmelstern 5 6
Inspiration for Our Upcoming Contest
Greetings from Branka
:icondA-Morgue: welcomes our new members and watchers!
I would also love to welcome our new admin,
You are a huge asset to me and the group.
Thank you so much for the hard work you've already
put into the group in such a short time.
Please, give Tero your warmest welcome, Ghouls

I would like to thank, Tero and all of you who made

an enormous success with your bloody contributions
But, it's not over yet!
There's still one week left before we return to a "normal" group again.

So, join us in the bloodiest month ever and get those bloody
:iconbranka-johnlockian:Branka-Johnlockian 8 13
my response to the 'drama' (read if you can)
I’m making this journal to address everything that happened yesterday with the users @/TordyTot @/t0mee and @/EDDlE, to clarify, what you all said did not hurt or affect me, I am still keeping all my characters, art and i'm proud of my style and art, it's not inconsistent and I work hard on it. if you want to leave dA then by all means leave, just don't pick on fucking kids agaim
This journal is in no way me arguing back/giving proof they’re wrong, if I did that ik how it would end out, I don’t want drama and I never did, I’m simply giving a calm response
To anyone who is not aware of what happened, this most likely does not concern you, I was accused of tracing, art theft and OC theft and got a lot of harassment for it, that’s all you need to know
I’d like to start by saying, I never traced any of their art,,,, ever, I took posing reference and there’s nothing else to it
I’m sorry if I upset @/t0mee with Mort, but I’m not getting r
:iconb33tl3z:B33TL3Z 22 18
15k Stream- Chibi requests
comment down below ur oc for a chance to get it drawn live!!
examples of my past chibi requests:
:icontheicecolo:theIcecolo 14 204
Meet Your Neighbor III
Her name is Jocelyne and she's an artist from Canada who loves being in nature with wildlife and her camera.

I ask that you not only talk the talk but also walk the walk and show some love for your neighbor's art.
:icontrippy4u:Trippy4U 8 19
The Muses Love Alternatives, CCIX

Thanks for stopping by.
:iconhummbuzz:hummbuzz 5 9
Something that bothers me about the TLH fandom.
Hello there, MrAnimatedToon here and... I want to talk about something for a bit.
Like you may have already guessed, I'm a fan of ''The Loud House''. That's pretty much common knowledge by now. But that doesn't mean I don't have my problems with the show itself. But that's not a bad thing, after all, no cartoon show is perfect. But I've noticed a certain attitude in part of the show's fanbase that really irkes me. About how the characters in the show act.
There seems to be a portion of the fanbase that treats Lincoln as if he was some kind of saint. That none of the sisters should treat him badly, because then it's a demonstration of child abuse and parental favoritism. This portion of the fanbase is known by some as "Lincoln Worshippers", and this particular attitude is denominated "St. Lincoln". I for one, don't agree with this notion at all... but not for the reasons you might think. Don't get me wrong on this, I love Lincoln. He's a great protagonist and he's very relatable. But he
:iconmranimatedtoon:MrAnimatedToon 6 0
Growing Around Indiegogo
And... it's time.
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 25 31
[MMD] PMX Locking is BAAAAAAAD (Chapter #4)


I tried. I swear it, really, I tried to ignore this. The good thing of having blocked by a user is that one can live in serenity, ignoring and not seeing or reading anymore such of things. But, damn, today I've reset my browser settings at work, and had a tour on DA groups without having logged in. Having not logged in, this way I saw for the first time a "meme" about PMX Locker, and how BAAAAAAAD is to unlock "locked" PMX files.
I won't go on, repeating one more time my position about a kind of "lock" that absolutely doesn't lock anything. You can find what I've written here, if you're interested in this matter:
1. "How to FIX pmx files corrupted by PMX locker" (my first study about PMX locker works and how to restore invalidated files)
[MMD] How to FIX pmx files c
:iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 7 6
Gone Batty Goes Non-Disney Movie Contest!!!
Since I finally finished all the prizes for the previous contest, I finally am able to allow myself to start a new one. :) You all remember the Disney contest, right? Well this time, the theme is Draw the "Gone Batty" characters re-enacting a Non-Disney animated movie scenario.
So what does that mean? It means you can choose ANY animated film that ISN'T Disney.
Examples: You can choose anything from Dreamworks, Don Bluth, Blue Sky, Universal Pictures, etc.
BUT!! You can't use anime. xP That's a whole different category on it's own. Pixar doesn't count either since it belongs to Disney. I will allow anything from Fox animations because it has only been bought by Disney recently and none of the animated films there have been made by Disney. So yeah, you can use 'Anastasia' for your movie pick. :D
Like before, the contest slots will be 15 in total. The last contest had 10 people participating, so I think 15 slots will be acceptable this time around too. I don't think it will fi
:iconnocturnal-starwings:Nocturnal-Starwings 8 38

UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who commissioned me! I'm working on it uwu. The list it closed for now but you can comment below 'Add me uwu' to be added to the waitlist!<3
So due to my upcoming boothing (and also because I wanna buy more stuff) I'm opening like really cheap commissions! If you don't mind, help me share the journal as well uwu
Art Example
Coloured Bust Sketch - $1/100pts
Complicated characters - $1.20/120pts

Step 1
 Send me a note or drop a comment
 What I'll Draw
 Provide me the following information
1-2 Image ReferencesCharacter Name:Series/OC:Other Info:If OC, provide a simple personality/bio write-up for me if poss
:iconmanlyscallop:manlyscallop 9 18
Personalities based from Zombie Classes
Of course I'll never forget about making one for the zombies! Hope you consider these when making OCs or making headcanons for zombie heroes!

Beastly: Big brutes that like to grow big. Ferocious when angered. They can't control their rage most of the time and will go on a frenzy if left unattended. Has a huge soft spot for pets and loves to eat and/or cook.

Hearty: The guys that had endured the storm. Their bodies are built to stand strong and their will is as strong as iron. They are individuals that can take care of themselves. Can also beat you in an argument.

Brainy: Huge nerds. Has read a lot of books, watches tv a lot, and spends hours on the internet just for the sake of gathering information. Very precise in almost everything and could tell you where you left your glasses. Probably owns a huge amount of gadgets.
:iconlester-caramello:Lester-Caramello 5 1
The Captain Underpants Show Trailer Thoughts
So it's finally time, or soon it will be, for the Captain Underpants show. For those who don't know, The Captain Underpants movie is my favorite animated film from 2017, I praised the hell out of it and I can't think of a single thing I dislike about it. Now I've only read 2 of the books (more like half of 2 books) because I'm not one for reading, but I'm still kicking myself that I didn't see this movie in theaters. Anyway, it's been given its own show due to its well-earned popularity and I'm here to give my thoughts on the first trailer.
First of all, 20 points for being narrated by Sean Astin, I love him, but what are my thoughts on what the show is going to be like?
Well, one change that might get distracting is the voice acting. One of the disadvantages of Dreamworks using celebrity voices is that when they adapt the movie into a show, they most likely can't get the original voices back to reprise the roles. For example, only 2 of the original voice actors from the movie (Lu
:iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 8 10
List of Ben 10 ExOS/Retrofitting Designs
Aliens (Canon/In the series)
Heatblast (Teen)Wildmutt (Teen)Diamondhead (Teen)XLR8 (Teen)Grey Matter (Teen)Four Arms (Teen)Stinkfly (Teen)Ripjaws (Teen)Upgrade (Teen)Ghostfreak (Teen) /F*****s**** (Omnitrix Sample, after Zs'skayr re-scan) Cannonbolt (Teen)Wildvine (Teen)Benwolf (Teen)Snare-Oh (Teen)Frankenstrike (Teen)Upchuck (Teen)Ditto (Teen)Eye Guy (Teen)Way Big (Not Applicable, Way Big doesn't change)Eon (Omnitrix Sample) Spitter (Teen)Buzzshock (Teen)Arctiguana (Teen)SwampfireEcho EchoHumungousaurJetrayBig ChillChromastoneBrainstormSpidermonkeyGoopAlien XLodestarRathNanomechWater HazardAmpFibianArmodrilloTerraspinNRG/True FormFasttrackChamAlienEatleClockwork
Jury RiggShocksquatchFeedbackBloxxGravattackCrashhopperBall WeevilWalkatroutPesky DustMole-StacheThe WorstKickin HawkToepickAstrodactylBullfragAtomixGutrotWhampireOverflowGaxDragonfly (Retool of Reboot Stinkfly)Shock Rock
Aliens (Non-Canon/Outside of series)
Inferno (Steven E. Gordon
:iconcartharts:CarthArts 6 7
Journal's not fake. The worst is that it's not fake.'s real. It's f*cking real. A man could be sentenced to death for being gay because judges considered that life imprisonment was not enough because "he might enjoy it". Yes, he's a criminal and deserves jail, but... but what the... What in the world...? 
Me: It's not in Russia, imbecile. It's in South Dakota, USA.
Mood: :o -o: What the fuck 
:iconlady-laryssa:Lady-Laryssa 6 11