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How To Give/Take Constructive Criticism
Heyo everyone!
I wanted to make a quick journal about this since it's kind of a vital part of being an artist, professional or amateur. We all need to know how to take criticism and how to give it, and I believe I know a bit about it, so why not share what I've learned, right?
Bottom line, don't be a Sith lord. Don't deal in absolutes. A comment on a piece of artwork saying "I hate this" or "this is awful" is not constructive, or any piece of real criticism. The same can be said for comments like "I love this!" or "this is awesome!" While that's lovely to hear, it does not contribute much to actual growth (but can be helpful for self esteem, haha).
If one wants to give real criticism or constructive advice, my advice is to take a moment and think about what you like or don't like about a piece. Compare it in your mind to another piece that may have done something better.
For example, if I were giving a quick critique of one of my own pieces, say, this one:
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 69 12
Old Photos From DA
These are a few Turkish photographers who left dA but did not delete their amazing photos. 
Hope you like them


oyku celik IV... by basharbbr skirt by etrehadluysalumk
dream by ERAYDIN misery is a butterfly by chocolatablanca
096 by harmonist
vs26 by selimyavuz
Oyle bir gecer zaman ki by soneryaman One Quiet day-3 by soneryaman
040 by harmonist
to_find_each_other by fal-name
:iconcanankk:Canankk 27 46
Just One More Question...v6

Dear all,
In February I introduced the first issue of this new journal series I am very excited about. I had this idea where I wanted to do a series that showcases the immense diversity of people we have as members here on DeviantArt. And I wanted to try something a little bit different with regards to interviews. Instead of interviewing multiple artists by asking them a series of in depth questions, I decided I would come up with just one question, and ask it to a large number of deviants from different artistic mediums, different backgrounds, different countries, etc. This way, you, the reader, get to discover the insights, opinions and experiences of a huge variety of fellow members all at once. I really hope you guys will enjoy this, last issue got a lot of amazing responses, please let me know if there are specific questions you'd like me to ask in future issues!

"What has been your best memory here on DeviantArt?"
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 25 19
My Grinch 2018 Recast Meme

hello to all and welcome to a recasting meme on The Grinch 2018 now let's all go Whoville and meet our players for this new take on the Seuss Christmas classic :aww:  
The Grinch-Black Hat (Villainous) 
Cindy Lou Who-Cassandra Lang (Ant-Man)
Fred the Reindeer-Eduardo (Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends) 
Donna Who-Phoebe Buffay (Friends) 
Bricklebaum-Rod Williams (Get Out) 
well that's about it hope you guys enjoy and feel free to comment and fave and all that good stuff thank you :aww: 
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 12 11
Free art request! [On-Hold]
Will be opening again after i finish the current que, thanks for understanding :)
How to join:
All you have to do is share and favorite this journal, and watch me on Deviant art.
Then just comment down below what you want me to draw for you.
After that I'll send you a note to clarify your request.
Will do: Humans, Anthro/Furry.
Will not do: Mecha, Armored, Ponies/FourLegs, Dragons, NSFW, and character sheets.
Maximum of two characters, with simple backgrounds.
Categories: Icon, Headshot, Bust-up, Half-Body, Full-Body
Art samples:

Full Body

2 characters Landscaped

Remember to ask for my permission, if you're gonna post the art somewhere.
:iconsinofademon:SinofaDemon 10 31
Remembering Stan Lee
Stan Lee is one of my comic book idols. I always felt a connection with him, partly because we share a last name. Though we aren't related by blood, I always liked to think we shared a love for comic books. Growing up as a comic book fan, his characters always resonated with me. I fell in love with She-Hulk, she was the reason I love muscular girls. I feel a deep sadness that he has passed, yet I can rest easier knowing that his characters and stories live on forever. Here are some of my favorite She-Hulk commissions from the last few years. Thank you, Stan, and Excelsior!

:iconelee0228:elee0228 10 10
Ask OC Thingy: Action Doll
I was tagged by Nobody, I choose Action Doll.
1.) What is your name?
Sarah Powers, though the kids call me mom, I've been called a Soccer MILF but my superhero name is "Action Doll".
2.) Do you know why you were named that?
Yes, it is linked to my family and how I got my powers.
3.) Are you single or taken?
I'm married to a wonderful loving man who has been turned into an obsessive/compulsive magic woman who is rarely home. 
4.) Any Abilities or powers?
I can reduce my size down to about three inches or up to about twelve feet, I can also reduce or increase my weight from a few ounces to nearly a ton. My mind is magically shielded and my libido is three sizes too big.
6.) What is your eye color?
Blue sometimes, but usually hazel brown.
:iconthomvinson:thomvinson 4 11
Friendship Collab
I really want to pass this drama beside us and want to bring back the good ol' times.
So, I want invite these people for a special collab
Make your OC in Any thing you want it wear. But it has to be an OC sticker or just a grey background.
:iconbellyqueensupreme:BellyQueenSupreme 11 41
Talks with Tolkien artists: FrerinHagsolb
The interviews got a bit less frequent lately, as I ran out of those prepared in advance, but don't worry about them stopping! (I just hope the new site design doesn't mess up the journals too much...). So here is the next in the series, a talk with a young German artist :iconfrerinhagsolb: - FrerinHagsolb. You can see a few examples of her art here, but check also her full J.R.R.Tolkien gallery!

Hello! For the beginning, could you tell us something about yourself?
My name is Floris (or also Frerin online), and I'm an 19-year-ol
:iconmirachravaia:MirachRavaia 8 3
World mourns loss of Doctor Who X-Mas Special
Mini Tardis crying fella (Reactions) Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Yeah . . no kidding (sob)Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

Doctor Who Poop YouTube Channel

- - - - - - :icondoctorwhoone: - - - - - -
- - - DOCTOR WHO ONE - - -
- One OBSESSED Whovian -
:icondoctorwhoone:DoctorWhoOne 4 8
Digimon Omegaverse
A few details I get to reveal about my Digimon Omegaverse. I recently got a few good suggestions from Subject-Theta. I am not going to spoil all of the suggestions that I will be adapting in this universe, but I can tell a few things about this Digimon universe.
-The Digimon 01, 02, Savers, and Tamers squad are active more or less at the same time. While they each have their own fair share of enemies to fight, they on occassion meet to deal with common threats.
-The 02 Digimon don't need to DNA digivolve to achieve their Ultimate and Mega forms and Digivolve all in their own unique Ultimate and Mega forms.
-Gatomon's Mega form is Ophanimon, not Magnadramon.
-Lalamon from Savers has Lotosmon as a Megaform since Rosemon will be Palmon's Mega Form.
-The Frontier, Fusion and Appli Monsters don't get adapted in this universe, but some of the characters, or at least different incarnations of some more iconic Digimon from those series, will appaer in different roles.
-The Seven Demon Lords (D
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 5 6
Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
S P A C X E Y ' S  1 K  A R T  R A F F L E  ! !

At last we have made it to 1000 watchers !! I want to thank you all for watching and everyone of you mean something special to me. It's been quite a while, but I am very happy to finally achieve 1000 watchers. Thanks to you all. It really means a lot to me and I want to give out as much as I can !! Since most of you ask for a raffle, here we go !! <3
- - -
Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)
H O W  T O  E N T E R

1. You have to be watching me (New watchers are welcomed)
2. Tag 3 people
3. Comment something nice !!Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] 
H O W  T O  E A R N  M O R E  T I C K E T S

1. Share this journal in another journal and comment the link (+1)
2. Share this journal in a status post (+1)
3. Tag more people, max is 9 (+1 per 3 people )
4. Of
:iconspacxey:spacxey 18 93
The reasons why i block Ikogames777 and more
lkogames777 also know mikah2008 the first he was joined DA and stole my artworks as his profile I already reported and gone he stole my pic. 
The reasons why i block him because
1.He was stole my artworks for the first his accout DA mikah2008 i already put on his profile to tell delete my artworks but he didn't noticed what i said and not anything. So i reported about issues and it's gone.
2. He make new account DA slushie2004 which is he keep spamming on my profile DA and i already TOLD! him to stop spamming me. I was very angry and i can't calm myself he won't listen to me i blocked it! 
3. I thought everything is done i blocked him but he make another account DA mikahwahobin66 which is he asked me to draw his OC but no! I don't make free request art unless if he asked Art Trade or Point Commissions that's better. He asked me want friend with but i refuse because his grammar i don't understand and i am afraid he will do agai
:iconsitinuramjah:Sitinuramjah 8 26
the world without colours
The world without colours

                   Clematis by jhps    
Wheat of the Field by Sybaristail       Tears by Mocris
Inner Yard HDR by MK-NI
  Elevator by karlomat   
:iconingelore:Ingelore 6 9
Mid-Monthly-Featuring from LNA November 2018

     :iconflyingheartsplz:We sincerely thank all our great artists for their continued support of our galleries.:iconflyingheartsplz:                                                                 

:iconmockingbirdontree:mockingbirdontree 16 20
poetry 29 /naked soul/

i don`t care
when you stare so long
in that side of me, 
but that`s not all my reality 
I`m proud of my clear thoughts
and naked soul...
you can`t turn your eyes 
you can`t move your chair 
you stare in my pubic hair 
photomanip by
:iconstephaniesame7:stephaniesame7 5 4
Christmas Card Event - How it works!
I have done this last year already and the process is pretty similar to last time, but I wanted to sum this up again to make sure I won’t leave nobody confused.^^
I will be sending out Christmas Cards to ALL Patrons this year!
Here’s how it works:
1. Become a Patron before Dec 1st. The amount you pledge doesn’t matter, so even 1$ will be enough! (Even though higher pledge are always appreciated of course) –> Link to my Patreon 
2. I will contact you on Patreon and ask which card you would like and of course, your address, so I can actually send it physically t
:iconunu-nunium:Unu-Nunium 10 4
art help needed (boring/rant journal)
* featuring all comments with advices; i'm sorry if i don't reply to every one of you, but i'm reading them all and i wanted to ay thank you for dealing with me.
it's uplifting and warms my chest; you guys are the most supportive beings i've ever met and i'm thankful for the time you're putting into your comments. it means a ton to me.
- - -
In these whole ass 6 months i tried to avoid making vent/rant journals even if i was literally on the verge of killing myself because i preferred to keep things for me - and i will keep things for myself, but not the art-related ones.
This whole period has been kicking me down so much i started to feel down again with the only thing i wasn't hating about myself: art. Art is my only way to express myself, phisically and emotionally. My characters, my pics, are pieces of my everyday life put into pixels and there's nothing that can make me happier than art - i only think about art, art, art: what i could draw, which c
:icononcha:oncha 6 28

Black Sparkle 2 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Black Sparkle 1  
Hello, hello boys and girls! Here's a greeting from the ZomBAB-Laboratory!
It has been a year since the group was founded and we've come a long way since last year - a lot of hardships and challenges were thrown in our way but we still managed to get here! Even if by little - our family is growing!
-F2U- Purple Star Bullet We're very happy to announce that we're officially getting a series!-F2U- Purple Star Bullet
Originally, the ZomBAB CS started as a whim from zombie aesthetics but after the addition of Dr. An and Nem's character, we decided to create a more in-depth story line and verse to immerse into and make the specie meaningful and interactive. Worry not about copyright-related stuff though, the adopts you bought will not be
:iconananaalog:ANANAALOG 10 0
Friends 4 life second part

Frog Pond by Shirley-Agnew-Art
Gratitude by awesome43
Last years birthday present by kayak-bun
Dolce Candy by seresere
Books by anacraftsandarts
Pink Hydrangea by Gryffgirl
Casper by adampanak
Candles by Bonaparte1700
Fire Salamander! by GayMetal
Hive's Explanation by daywalker-designs
Siroptimist 2 by Applemac12
The Lion. North Italy by jennystokes
Eve by Trippy4U
Mothership by GBLXVIII
Elias Howe by davincipoppalag
Belgian dessert with hot Chocolate 5 by AnnaZLove
Rare Snow In Izmir 3. by bigzoso
Jason Boogies by BradStine13
Sheep 01 by Scheron
Butterfly Model by Purplemoonbeam
Brandon The Dark Angel A Gift by 109Renae
Witches Party by vanndra
Obstacle Assessment by CapscesDigitalInk
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 17 30
Feature #46 Bright and colorful
Hey all!
Today is 20th of November and it's time to publish beautiful works that you shared on the dA forum.
Theme for the current week: "Portraits with flowers and plants":
If you want to thank me, I'll be very happy if you
give me a Llama  or 1 point Points  for my donation pool Meow :3 
Have a great day!

Spring maiden by GlauxBryonia
Pelican2 by Rexdoog
The Office by EverydayHeroGSH
Environment Concept Art for Side Quest by Mikomics
Yuuni in Action! by RCSR-art
Sally by PegaNeko
Ayediahs secret place (Contest Entry - 2nd Place) by LacrimareObscura
Running Grey Fox That's not-so-gray by funstorytime127
Neighborhood by jemenik
Utaku Ji-Yun Xp by MarioWibisono
:iconlazy-brush:lazy-brush 9 19
hi I'm bored
Hi, I'm on my phone, so it this looks weird for some reason, that's probably why.
I think its about time that I advertise my tumblr. Cuz I'm going to be using it a lot for the next few days...(I'm grounded lol)
I might answer questions if I'm just super bored, but idk. In the future, I'm probably going to post on both DA and Tumblr, for double the internet use-
Here ya go, no pressure. It's pretty empty atm.
Let me know if the link works, again, I'm on my phone, so I can't check-
:iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 27 15