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Membership Info


:bulletblue: You have to be a journal/gallery skin maker/dA-related CSS Tutorial provider in order to become a member.

:bulletblue: To become a contributor you have to have at least five journal skins in your gallery. These skins should show some variety and are not just variations of one design. If these skins lack in quality you still may be declined. PLUS you need to check at least once (preferably twice) a week and vote on incoming submissions. If you do not want that, please stay a member.



:bulletgreen: All templates should have a proper preview image; please include a live preview to see/test all the features.

:bulletgreen: Do not use any copyright proctected material! Fanart is only allowed if you do have either the permission (needs to be attached) for the included images or do hold the copyright for the images.

:bulletgreen: No generated skins; all skins should be hand-coded.

:bulletgreen: Please do not submit more than two copies of a design. Pick the ones you like best and submit them.

:bulletgreen: Submissions which lacks in usability may be declined.

:bulletgreen: Submit art to the right folder:
  • Featured - contains the DDs! No submission allowed, will be copied by admins
  • Journal SKins & CSS - fully coded Journal templates inclusive Premium Journals
  • Gallery CSS - fully coded Gallery templates inclusive Premium Galleries
  • Design - Journal & Gallery Designs, uncoded
  • Commissions - Journal & Gallery Commissions, not available to all dA members
  • CSS Code Snippets - fully coded snippets focusing on specific parts
  • Tutorials - CSS tutorials related to dA-Journal/Gallery parts as well as CSS in general
  • Challenge/Contest - entries for the current running challenge/contest
  • Challenge Winner - past and present challenge winners; submissions will be copied here by Admins only






journalcss affiliates with either pure CSS groups and groups who do have separate CSS folders


CSS Changes

Thu Aug 10, 2017, 2:54 PM by poserfan:iconposerfan:


Deviantart is switching the whole side to HTTPS, starting today. Therefore it may affect your journal skins, gallery skins and most probably custom widgets whose images are not saved on a secure site. 

This means that there will be skins who won't work correctly anymore. Only exception: Skins submitted as Easy.Install skins.

We, journalcss  and CSS-Babes, can't do anything about it. You need to change the location of your images and then edit your skins in order to make them work again. :typer: revamp

Read the annoucement below




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Looking for former article issues? Check the archive!


Have a suggestion? Want to run a contest/challenge? Feel free to contact poserfan and /or gillianivyart with any issues, suggestions or ideas you have related to dA's CSS community.

 © CSS JMTH/poserfan
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SquidCannonArmed Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2019  Student General Artist
is there a way to get around lack of support for css filters, when creating skins?
also background-image:linear-gradient(-sumdegs,sumclr,color2); etc is working,
but on occasionally...
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Cherri-Crimzon Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
I'm having trouble finding a certain CSS code, it's the one where the background of a journal doesn't really move but instead in a fixed position, almost like it's floating in place

I used to see a ton of journals like this but I'm having trouble finding them now but this is kinda what I mean


Thanks in advance!
Hidden by Owner
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Torotiel Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hi I'm looking for some help with a journal skin that cuts off on mobile devices, is there a way to fix it so it will automatically fit in on mobile devices or could someone maybe help me fix my code so it won't cut off?
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