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cloud strife wallpaper

That was definitely the most boring title you could come up with... O__O I am open to suggestions.

Anyway, this is the final picture from the lines tutorial [link] which I'm so happy that a lot of people found useful--thanks for all your comments and favs! ^^ I will definitely try to write more about what to do with linework in the nearing months... also it seemed a lot of people found the "tips and tricks" of photoshop helpful, like layers, and how to adjust colors, etc, so that is something for me to muse over as well.

So yeah. Cloud, Advent Children style but a smaller boy. I wanted to play around with textures for this wallpaper. Brushes used from
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Going on my list of wall papers ^^
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Hello! Are you okay?
I have a fanpage on anime. I have a session wallpapers and found its super cool! Can I put your wallpaper on my fanpage link to your deviantART?
Congratulations on the job! It was great! / nobreakanime
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My Sister used this as her Google Chrome Theme, she loves it! And I think it's awesome.
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oops wrong deviant picture 0x0
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and if ur tired of seeing anime just do ur best to avoid it .....
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This is really awesome! This is the best wallpaper ever!

Cloud *_*
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That's really cute! I like the background very much!
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Awww that's so cute :hug:
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Ahhhh! IT'S SO CUTE!
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Very nicely done! It looks so cute! :heart:
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waaaa this is cute >w<
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Cloud is awesome too! :heart:
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Lovely work !
Faved it for my "Cloud Strife museum" !
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It would be an honour for you to join my club :)
would you like to? :iconcloudstrifefanclub:
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Cloud looks sooo cute! :heart:
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Hey! This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm using it for my desktop. =)
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this is great! really!!
Ok, I just started getting into FF VII recently. I've never played the games but I just saw Advent Children recently, and I loved it... all I can say is I took one look at this picture and screamed "Oh, my gosh, it's chibi Cloud! He's adorable!" So, so cute! Great job!
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OMG!! you got the eyes perfect!!

Some people think it's Blue, some people think it's green, and hazel...

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nice..! i :heart: Cloud

Cloud+Tifa forevahhh!!! :D
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