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The First Horcrux



Tom Riddle, again. ^^

While I was in the middle of coloring my last Tom Riddle sketch [link] I got an urge to do a black/white picture picture of him. I think Tom lends himself quite nicely to being black and white. Anyway, this was sketched and finished in about 2-3 hours last night. I have a fascination with portraying Tom the way he's described by Rowling--contemptuous, cold, and handsome. XD

If you don't know what a horcrux is, don't ask. Read Book 6.

*resumes finishing coloring other things now*
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Tom Ribble was certainly a handsome young man but when he turned into Voldemort he just lost it all for absolute power. The sacrifices one makes to become all power. Great drawing btw I love the choice black and red for the blood and Riddle's eyes.