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Hair Tutorial for Painter

** Sorry for the reupload... But for some reason it wasn't showing up in my gallery... O_O Is DevArt being wonky?

A much-procrastinated-but-finally-done hair tutorial for Painter! : ) Zoom in on the thumbnail to see it in full (it's quite large though... about 1.4 MB.)

I apologize for this not being a continuation of the Chi picture in A Digital Coloring Tutoral: Part I. Heck, it's not even in the same media. Somewhere along the way, I got a new laptop and the files from the Freya tutorial never got transferred over. So.... this is a new subject from scratch for the express purpose of this tutorial. : )

Anyway, free free to leave comments, ask questions, and I'll try to address them here!

The final result of this picture is a wallpaper version with colors Very Heavily Edited...
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thx for sharing xD
Dibujantte's avatar
Thanks so much for sharing. Nice work.
Dice-chan's avatar
I love, love, looooove this! The hair is absolutely beautiful and is the perfect balance of fantasy-like and realistic. Thanks for sharing!
marik-devil's avatar
awesome :D
thnx alot
Akatsuki-Gal's avatar
this is really helpfull!! the first tutorial on painter about hair that i can understand! thank u soo much!
hiddenaudacity's avatar
I love you for this!! Thankyou!!
Solesse's avatar
Thank you so much! This is a really comprehensive tutorial and helped me out a lot.
ladyglass's avatar
Awesome tutorial! So many steps :wow:

Thanks for posting
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This is a really good tutorial, but I'm confused on the brush you're using. I recently bought painter X, and so far I'm kind of disappointed. For one thing, is there just a regular, nothing to it, general round brush? I see how you modified your brush, but when I put the same settings (or nearly, considering we have different versions) whenever I would draw with it, it looked like it was jittered just a small bit and it was really ugly, but the jitter was set to a minimum level. What am I doing wrong?
mystiquedragoness's avatar
Great tutorial - thanks so much for posting it! =)
shademelonely's avatar
Thank you so much for the upload. It's helped me in Corel bunches. That program is hard to get used to. At least it was for me.

But yes! I very much like your technique and again, thank you very much for making this tutorial. =D
MissBraces's avatar
thaaaaaaaaanks for sharing
MissBraces's avatar
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanls for sharing
Dintykins's avatar
Arrgh! Thanks so much for this. It's by far the best hair tutorial I've come across! It helped me so much...just finished this [link] using your tut and I think the hair really makes it. Thanks again :)
Shassumaru's avatar
Thanks alot!!!!^_^
Very nice tutorial. I'm gonna have to try this next time! heh
CaseyCorrupted's avatar
The odd colors were very complementing! The tut was near perfect, no complaints from me!

Thank You very VERY much!
Silvercresent11's avatar
Thankyou soooooooooo much for this tutorial! It's very helpful. :D
Cheylene's avatar
I really love the way the hair flows,
And would you be kind enough to link me to where I can trial 7.0 I only have essentials 3 T__T
Dao-Chan's avatar
0.0 Wow. That' is SOOO AMAZING! This is a great tutorial, too. I can totally use this for Oekaki too... thank you so much T___T My hair will be so much better now!!
Psychogunfighter's avatar
00 the end result is amazing!!!!
Thank you!! I'll use this tutorials help next time I work on something
mitsukichan101's avatar
exactly what kind of brush are you using??
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