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Hello! My name is Jostrand! But you can refer to me as Jacob!


My first account was made back in August 9th, 2015. But I decided to "restart" and make another account. Welcome to my DeviantArt page! Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy the content I make.

Birthday : April 9, 2005
Age : 13
Height : 4"10

I usually make Garry's Mod content. But you might see some actual drawings sometimes.

I also have other social medias! (I will only accept your friend request if I know you)

Steam :
Discord : Jostrand#5224

My birthday badge

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Hi guys, it's Jacob. So.. Today's week has been extremely depressing for me.. Some of you have heard of what's been going on.. But if you didn't.. I just wanted to announce that all the GMod Screenshots projects I was making are now going to be delayed until I recover from loss.. yesterday, my amazing, friendlies, and sweetest cat ever named Pete died.. Hearing the news literally broke down and made me lose every single piece of happiness I had inside of me.. I hope you can understand why my ideas/projects are going to be delayed.. Thank you.. Waaaah! 

If you want to hear a short version of the story about my cat Pete. Here it is..

4 years ago, we were driving to the place to pick up our new pet. When I first saw him, he was the smallest and cutest thing I've ever seen. And I couldn't wait to take him home! When he got home, he was extremely scared and nervous of me and my family. So he went to hide behind a couch for almost a month. Later on he knew that we we're his new owners and we're not gonna hurt him. Those 4 years were such amazing years with Pete. And Pete made a extremely huge impact on my life. However, on the 10th of October, 2018.. My family was starting to realize that he wasn't very active.. And he wasn't really using the bathroom that often. So my mother took Pete to the vet to see what the problem was. I learned that Pete got a disease.. ( Assumed to be the Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.. ) He was extremely miserable and was crying in pain.. It was so heartbreaking to see him like this.. On October 16, 2018.. That was a day I will never forget.. When I woke up, Pete was in the hallway on the wall. He couldn't walk or use the bathroom. I started to cry because I felt super duper bad for him. So I went to school and got on with the day. But all I could think about was.. Pete.. When I got back from school.. He was still unable to move.. And he was looking a lot worse.. So my mom went to take him to the vet again.. 1 hour later, she was finally home. I couldn't wait to see my mom and Pete doing well. But when I walked down the stairs.. My mom and dad were in the kitchen. The first thing that came to mind is where Pete was? I walked up to my mom and dad who were in the kitchen. Right away, I noticed my Dad's facial expression was shocked. And my Mom's was extremely upset. I asked my Mom, "Where is Pete?". Then she walked up to me and said, "We had to put him down..". I just felt my entire body shut down after hearing that.. I fell into my Mom's arms, crying so much that my best buddy who was as closest to a brother than I would've got has passed away.. My entire day was ruined and I spent the rest of the day, crying and crying.. Just thinking about him.. The last time I ever saw Pete was about an hour before he died.. He was at home, in front of our front door, crying out to me.. Oh god, I miss him so freaking much.. It was the next day. I skipped school to try and recover from the deep loss I was getting.. I walked downstairs to see if this was all just a horrible nightmare.. And it was so sad to see the bed that he would always sleep in just, completely empty.. I cried again.. I loved Pete so much.. He practically meant the world to me.. I would've given anything to save his life.. But there was nothing our family could do..

October 16, 2018, 4:00PM..

Rest in Piece, Pete..
I will never forget you.. You will always be deep down inside my heart.. Heart Waaaah!

Here are pictures of him if you wanted to see them.

[ This taken the first day we got him, He was sooo smol!!~ ] [ This was me, cuddling my wittle Pete.. Heart ] [ This was the last ever existing image of Pete, this was taken 9 days before he died.. Waaaah! ]  


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United States
Huge credit to :iconyoshistar01: for the DeviantID! Please go watch her. She's amazing.

Hello, my name is Jostrand! But you can call me Jacob.

I am pretty active on DeviantArt. But I usually post content whenever i'm bored or motivated.


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