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Daily Deviation
December 21, 2010
The Joker by ~jossielara
From the suggester:
"It's incredibly realistic, despite the many vivid and no so realistic colors. The teeth make me cringe and the eyes make me shiver. The lighting is quite impressive too, and should not be overlooked."
Featured by rydi1689
Suggested by SweetYuya
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The Joker

My Joker Illustration! :sing:

Finally, after many, many days of sorrows, I finally finished it!
My first complex digital painting!

Later on, I'll publish the tutorial x this, so keep in touch! :w00t!:

Especial thanks to Tom Roney :hug: for all of his advice and suggestions! :aww:

Photo-reference: Hart-Worx! Photo Art!

I think the model here has a UNIQUE face!
You can have the lights right but definitely NOT everybody can perform a grin like that without the aid of makeup!
Super AWESOME expression! that's what inspired this FanArt illustration.

I Hope u enjoy it! :love:

I REALLY want to thank you all for all your comments, receiving the DailyDaviations is AMAZING!!!

Now just to clear out some comments like:
"I love it! MEN", "thanks for sharing! DUDE"... or "Don't know if u r BOY or a GIRL, this is cool!"... Well, here's one question for u:

Why EVERYONE assume that this was done by a GUY???

So, nOp, I'm not a men, and YES, this was done by a GIRL! :o XD

I Hope u enjoy it! :sing:

Many have asked for prints, but this is a copyrighted character, this is just a fanart. However, there's a lot of work on it! So, YOU MAY NOT MODIFY IT TO COPY, REPRODUCE, REPUBLISH, UPLOAD, POST, TRANSMIT, OR DISTRIBUTE, IN ANY MANNER, THE MATERIAL ON MY GALLERY, INCLUDING TEXT OR WORST: TAKING OFF MY SIGNATURE!!!. You may print, download, UPLOAD, POST, TRANSMIT, OR DISTRIBUTE this FANART solely for your own non-commercial use provided that you agree not to change or delete any authors notices from this work.
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