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Lady with greyhound by JosieCarioca Lady with greyhound by JosieCarioca
Look at this: Im ONLY a week late with this birthday gift! ^^; Eh, better than usual.

Aaaaanyway... This is a birthday gift for the lovely :icone-c-h: :D

When asked what shed like, she simply told me she wanted something with greyhounds. At first I was like "oh, nooes. I cant draw animals! Specially not greyhounds", but then I decided to give it a try, because half the reason I give fellow deviants gifts is to have a chance to try new things and improve my skills. And I think that out of all my friends and watchers, E-C-H is probably the one who has helped me the most with tips to better my technical skills.

So, since I had a lot of possibilities, I decided to go for a picture drawn from a reference, in honor of all the precious help she has given me over the past few months. I hope this first time drawing a greyhound hasnt sucked too much :blush:

Original reference is "Portrait of Madame X" by John Singer Sargent, one of my personal favorites, which I feel :icone-c-h: would like :D [link]

The greyhound was drawn based off several random pictures from google, and hair and dress are a sort of composition based off may fashion plates from the 1880s with a dash of inspiration from the new Anna Karenina movie (which looks gorgeous, but give me the 1967 soviet movie version any day over it. :XD:)
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Gryffgirl Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
So incredibly elegant! I noticed the Sargent "Portrait of Madame X" reference right away before I read your notes, so congratulations! You succeeded! I have seen a lot of improvement in your technical skills. I really like the pose and the draping of the gown. I also love John Singer Sargent's art. When I was in London in the 90's they had an exhibition of his work at the Tate Gallery. I was over the moon! :love:
InkyRose Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really stunning! The black dress is beautiful and contrasts well with her pale skin and hair and the greyhound is a lovely touch :D
kuramaloveryum Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
Very elegant. Especially when you have a limited color palate and yet you keep a label you'd see wrapped around a classy bottle of some wonderful drink, or an ad for something old world and classy. It is a beautiful picture.
pythiadelphi Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the Art Deco stylisation of this.
e-c-h Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconzomgcatplz:First off, let me say that "Madame X" by John Singer Sargent is one of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite painters so I was so delighted when I saw this!!! :icondeepstareplz: Next I must squee over the fact that you not only went out of your comfort zone to draw a lovely greyhound (you really did a great job, especially for not being used to it) :iconpusheenyayplz:, but you also drew a full figure, such pretteh hands, the fabric looks gorgeous, and the piece as a whole impresses me! :iconyaytigerplz::iconyaytigerplz::iconyaytigerplz: It's so beautiful and elegant! Thank you so much! It was obviously worth the belatedness (Not that I even care about such things :heart:) Thank you so much for making this gorgeous piece, I'm honored! I'm also so pleased to have helped you in any way and hope I can continue to do so :hug: :heart: :heart:
Thank you for making my evening awesome!!! :iconfurryhuggleplz:
JosieCarioca Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I had a haunch from your style that youd like Sargent! So fecking pleased with my art-analysis skillz right now *feelz like a boss* :D

I guess I should thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone with your request! :glomp: You have NO idea how much YOU have made MY evening with this comment. Seriously! I love getting feedback from you, and to have such a positive response from one of my favorite DA artists is just OMFG! THE AWESOMENESS HURTS!!!:faint:

Seriously thank you so much for everything: for the patience to answer my questions, for taking the time to read the ramblings on my notes, for taking a look at my characters in spite of all understandable misgivings people have with ocs, and just for being awesome, toughful and kind :love::glomp:

This is me right now: [link]
e-c-h Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
Sargent is so wonderful :) 2 of the museums nearby have some of his work ^__^ He's probably my favorite American painter.

:hug: well I'm glad my request could do that. I often find the same when I get a school assignment that I go "OH nooo, not that, that's too out of my zone", and yet it'll stand out somehow because I need to be more creative, so I think it's not uncommon. When we put forth the same thing again and again, we usually improve with the practice, but then there is inevitably a period of stagnation, so that's why even though I have my favorite subjects *ahem Snape XD I try to work in lots of other concepts in between. I think it helps teach new ideas one wouldn't normally think of while exploring the comfortable subjects, but then when one returns to them, one has new techniques to try out ^_^

AWw, I'm so happy to give feedback! And YAY for long rambling notes, as if I haven't done plenty myself!!!! It's one of my favorite things about talking to you ^_^

:hug: I fully accept Evelyn in an alternate universe as being with Snape, even support from what I know. Perhaps my comfort level with fanfics will gradually change over time, though for now it's still the same. I'm just thankful you can understand that! You know, I just had a thought regarding that..I'll note you about it.
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