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Through My Dream by Josiah23Art Through My Dream :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 49 7 Happy Birthday, my friend! by Josiah23Art Happy Birthday, my friend! :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 107 18 Q style by Josiah23Art Q style :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 57 15 Mya-nee!!! by Josiah23Art Mya-nee!!! :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 67 25 Goodbye, Megu-nee by Josiah23Art Goodbye, Megu-nee :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 107 32 Hello, There! by Josiah23Art Hello, There! :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 80 17 The Emotionlessness by Josiah23Art The Emotionlessness :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 181 32 Ai Hayasaka by Josiah23Art Ai Hayasaka :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 89 7 Good Morning!!! by Josiah23Art Good Morning!!! :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 86 21 Naiveness by Josiah23Art Naiveness :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 162 30 A Bridegroom by Josiah23Art A Bridegroom :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 66 25 Crazy Yuri by Josiah23Art Crazy Yuri :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 91 11 To Protect You, I Fight by Josiah23Art To Protect You, I Fight :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 139 16 Protect Raphtalia!!! by Josiah23Art Protect Raphtalia!!! :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 179 29 I'm waiting... by Josiah23Art I'm waiting... :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 73 14 With You by Josiah23Art With You :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 94 25
I am that of pro artist so I need your comments to improve my drawing desperately, Thanks!




Through My Dream
The concepts of the drawing is based on a girl going though her dreams that are drawn as black dots in the the background, contemplating about her future, choosing her dreams whether those from the past and present. It portrayed my thoughts too, I am now thinking about my future, unlike me in the past...
Real-time: 1 hour 30 minutes
My account stops growing for a while already since this year so I wonder if I should buy a core for myself or not. However, I saw lots of artist with no core but still get recognition and views. :) (Smile) 
Is gaining core a next step for artists in DA or it is just an insurance?Waaaah! 
Is getting core a way to gain more views and attention from others in DA?
I am just wondering......CURSE YOU! 
Happy Birthday, my friend!
My first time presenting my friend, named Kevie using my drawing with his favourite character, Kurumi from Date a Live. Wish u happy birthday. And bad news, I realised that I don't have that much time for request so I only draw those which I am interested in, I m sorry....
Hope u all like Kurumi and please keep supporting me even in the future! Please leave comments for more improvement from me!!!
Real time: 6 hours
Criticisms are allowed as long as it is not haters
Q style
I am learning how to draw anime characters in Q style right now and it seems to be easy but it's actually challenging, Hope you will continue supporting me in the future and please leave comments for more improvement from me!
It's a quick fan art of Hinata to appreciate her cuteness. Hope you all like it and please leave comments for more improvement from me!
Real-time:1 hours 35 minutes
Last year, I surprisingly gain 1400+ watchers:o (Eek) , but this year it stops at around 1500+ after 4 months:| (Blank Stare) . Is logarithm of Deviantart changing? Waaaah! 
My art views from last year is around 350+ per drawing but now some don't even exceed 200 viewsI think I've fainted. . I usually submit 1 drawing per week.
I usually create anime oc and fanart. Those who are interested in my drawings, please view my profile because I don't have core and can't show it here.......Oops!
Thanks for 1500+ watchers!!!!!😭😭😊😊
As I realize, I have not shown appreciation to my watchers who are still supporting, giving me criticisms and comments to improve. 😢
Unwittingly, the number of my watchers already exceeds 1500+ and it kinda stops there, lol.
I am truly indebted and appreciate all of you!😁😀
Hopefully you can keep supporting me. You guys are my motivation to keep posting artwork.
If you find my artwork weird, just tell me and show right criticisms.
I will keep drawing and improving for you all in the future so please......view my artwork!😂
Goodbye, Megu-nee
It is actually drawing from last week but I only manage to finish it today cause it truly took a lot of time. I personally love this anime and I don't wanna spoil it so please watch it on ur own. Hope u all enjoy it and leave comments for more improvement. Also please keep supporting me!!!Love :D (Big Grin) 
Sailor Saturn[2] 
Anime: Gakkou Gurashi
For those who have requests I have a lot right here so please be patient!!! If I forget about ur request please remind me!Waaaah! Wink/Razz  
Real time:14 hours
Hello, There!
It's been a long time since I drew traditionally but today I need to stay back for school project so I draw it there.
It's concepts are based on greeting and fashions that are prevalent in the school.
Real-time: 3 hours 30minutes
The Emotionlessness
Finally finish my exam, everyone!!! Remember her?Now with a complete drawing for Ai. Hope u all like! For those who have request, I'll do it now and it may take some time so be patient. 
Hope you all keep supporting in the future as you are my motivation to keep drawing!!!
Real time(total): 14 hours
Ai Hayasaka
Although it is still exam time.... I wanna keep drawing! Have u all seen kaguya-sama, an anime with great humors. I am laughing every time I watch it
If some of u are stressful and pessimistic, go and watch it will not disappoint  u!:) (Smile) Wink/Razz 
This is Ai Hayasaka, one of those characters in the anime. I like her because she is mysterious and it kinda attracts me and she is beautiful!!!!!Hug Heart 
Real time:6 hours
Good Morning!!!
I am back, although I still have exam for next week but nothing can keep me from drawing!! The concept of this drawing is from the moment u wake up in the morning and see a girl greeting you in ur room. Hope u all love it and please leave comments for more improvement from me!!
Crazy Yuri
It's another ddlc fanart. This time is Yuri. Should I draw all 5 characters in DDLC, please let me know. Anyways, hope u all like it and please leave comments for more improvement from me, thanks!!!
Real time: 6 hours
After this, I will stop drawing for a while because of the exam. Anyways, this drawing is completed with all my heart and soul!!! Hope u all like it and Please leave comments for more improvement from me!
Real time( total): 10 hours
And .... I love Raphtalia!Don't lewd her!!!
A Bridegroom
It's just another oc drawing but this time with a bridegroom costume!! Hope you all enjoy it! Please leave comments for more improvement from me!
To Protect You, I Fight
As you all know, I love to create story and she is one of the oc i my first story whose name is Alice. Reference from Tokyo Ghoul is taken. Unfortunately, I didn't draw a manga or novel for this story so it is just the storyline and ideas from my mind
This drawing is from a scene where she is forced to fight for her son who I'll draw in the future.
Hope u all like it and leave comments for more improvement from me, thanks
Real Time : 5 hours
Protect Raphtalia!!!
This loli must be protected!!!(although she become an adult). She is Raphtalia, an anime racoon from The Rise Of Shield hero which I recommend it to you all. And I have a question for all of you, do you all prefer to draw background or not. I also decide to create two folder and submit drawings with only characters and no background while another folder with the complete drawings, what do u think. Please leave comments for me for more improvement, Thanks!!!!
Real time: 4 hours
I'm waiting...
It's a quick sketch without shading at school. Hope you all like it and please leave comments for more improvement from me!
With You
Ok, I took Monika as a model for this drawing. It's actually Monika but with different clothes and without ribbon, sitting next to the sea, reading poems and looking up to us, the player.
Real time: 7 hours
School Life
Happy New Year, everyone!!! This artwork represent my school life, which is quite both fun and grueling. Hope u all have a good year and keep supporting me, thanks!!!!
Real time: 6 hours


No journal entries yet.


Josiah23Art's Profile Picture
Josiah Wong Kee Yi
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I am a 17-year-old students who really like drawing manga so I hope to receive comments to improve my artwork. I usually create original content and characters on my artwork as well as fan art in my own styles.
Hope you all enjoy my artwork and keep supporting me.
If you want to criticise and give me advice for my artwork, it will be greatly appreciated!!


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