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Calendar colour pack

By JoshyCarter
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very nice ,,, thx 
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gd work bro..thanks... :D
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Awesome thingg, mate. Thank you mucch. :3
But I'm using Windows 7, any idea how to work it? ._.
awesome man, cool, maybe more color?..haha
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Gonna make some more soon. :)
im using windows vista home premium 32 bit, plz help i really want the calendars
I can´t use this gadgets, i did the same process at least 10 times, i copied the folder to C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets, but when i click on add gadgets (on the sidebar) the calendars don´t appear, what can i do??
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What version of windows are you using?
it doesn't work on my win7????
yeap, really work
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forget it. I was putting it on the wrong place. many thanks!
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I can't put the files on the folder..
I have the Administrator privileges but even so it don't let me do it.

Can you help me?
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I followed carefully all steps (though, it's not so complicated :-) but nothing happened (maybe, it IS complicated).
can you help me please?
I like all colorful things.
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Do you have windows vista?

Do you have a C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets folder

This will give me more information to go on, thanks.
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thank you for you reply.
I put the folders on C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets. I use Vista Home Premium.
nothing happens. is there something more I have to do? forget to do?

thank you for your help.
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They should then appear when you try to add a gadget from Windows Sidebar.

I've just quickly done a small pic guide to where things should be:


I doubt your problem is this simple. Sorry I can't help more right now.
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thank you for your help. I'm gonna try to fix the problem myself.
take care
in which folder i had to put it in???
It doesnt work!!!
Help me???
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omg thnx, i always wanted a more colourful clock
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