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Disney Fighter - Cinderella

So things have been a bit quiet lately due to a number of things, actual paying jobs have been taking precedent and all the concepts and designs I've worked on for this site haven't been turning out the way I'd hoped. So after taking a break for a little bit and recharging the batteries I started looking for new ideas, and my answer came with playing ridiculous amounts of Street Fighter 4 on my iPod (which is an awesome game app I might add!). The idea came to me to try the idea of combining mediums, and having been reading a lot of books on Disney animation and principles lately something in my mind went 'What would you get if you cross Street Fighter with Disney?'. The answer is a new series I'm starting called 'Disney Fighter', in which I'm gonna Street Fighter-ise a bunch of characters from the house of mouse.

First up, Cinderella. This was a lot of fun to do coz it gave me an excuse to redo her backstory to turn her into a ninja warrior. I looked at all the promo artwork for Street Fighter 4 and tried to emulate the style of the illustrations whilst also trying to keep the look of the Disney character. I've never really tried doing Manga style artwork before so this was a bit challenging at first but I think it's not too bad for a first effort. Done in Painter and Photoshop in about 6-7 hours. If anyone has any particular Disney characters they'd like to see Street Fighter-ise put your suggestions in the comments.
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I was thinking of doing a story after looking at your artwork.

Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, and the rest of the princesses received an invitation to a contest. No one knows who is hosting it. They believe it was Mickey Mouse, but it's not him. So they entered in the contest regardless. Little did they know that it was a distraction. Jafar, Ursula, Ratcliff, and various villains banded together to get their revenge by kidnapping Aladdin, Eric, John Smith, and the others. Threatening to rule the Disney Universe, they claimed the castle for their very own. Mickey Mouse pleaded the princesses to drop their rivalries and form an alliance with each other to save their loved ones and the universe before it's too late.

What do you think?
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Feel free to do one!  Please post it to me when it's done so I can read it. :)
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Your drawings inspired me to make a series of fanfics based around them.
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Interesting re design
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I can't even explain how much i love this
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another awesome piece! she kinda reminds me of gabrielle from xena! :D
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Very nice, I can only dream of getting this good one day...
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very creative! love the little details, like the blades on her thighs and the hilt patterns.
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You should do Kida and Ezmerelda.
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stuck between disturbed and amazed o.O but it is a very good drawing
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I wish Disney princesses were like this to begin with.
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You've been featured in my personal journal: [link]
We all have to grow up!

Thank you for your beautiful work!
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Good job... i like how you chose that style of fighter for her ;D
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I don't like to use emoticons to express myself.... but you make me go like this:


love the concept.
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seriously...i might borrow this idea ! :D would that be ok?
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Faved All 10. Great designs. Had to comment at least once. Awesome work.
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Did you know there is actually a book called "Cinderella, Ninja Warrior"? :lol: [link]

Great painting anyway:aww:
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I was unaware of that, thanks for letting me know!
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It just showes its a great idea:)

The seriers also feature "Sleeping Beauty- Vampire Slayer" btw:lol:
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