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Old Republic Intro
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lord Vindican
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TinkerTanker44432|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's Isaac Clark's Sith Lord Fashion Twin :D
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Awesome style and details!
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really like the armour he wears and the way he draws his lightsaber 
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Wecthil|Hobbyist Writer
I really like Lord Vindican's Armor... although he could have forseen that Malgus would betray him after he's been wounded.
But this was the best part of all SWTOR-trailers; The battle Kao Cen Darach VS Lord Vindican & Malgus.

The way you designed this is awesome. The armor, the posture... Everything about this says "I should be afraid? No, YOU should be afraid. SPOILER ALERT: We fight, I win, you die, end of story. Shall we?"
If we consider how this ended, this is a typical Sith-problem: Arrogance.
But what I also like, is that you gave him a one-handed sword. I always saw Vindican more as Sorcerer than Assassin... You would think he could have predicted Darach's move with Satele's saber if he wields a double-bleded saber himself... oh well.
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Styles127|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow really nice work looks just the sith in the game trailer
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Yhea and his suit remind me the Revan suit...
Sith are just awsome Jedi are boring characters !
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I love the outfit!
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ChojinRyu750|Hobbyist Writer
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thebingbang|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my...Been wanting to see someone do a piece of this guy! This is great! Love that intro! And all the CG trailers done for the game. They should make a full length! This is great, btw!
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lucapocalypse|Hobbyist Digital Artist
His name's Vindican. He's beast.

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killersquirrelz|Professional Artist
Don't know why I'm just now seeing this.  I was wondering if you worked on the trailer.  Great stuff, man!
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Love the outfit.
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Very nice work man.
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Very cool stuff
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Ragnarok6664|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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SkiraReed|Hobbyist General Artist
Perfect :)
Nothing less...
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GThade|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey man, I was just wondering do you do commission's?
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DanielAraya|Professional Digital Artist
Damn dude. Teach me how to art things
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