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Hands - Day 314 - Learning to Draw



Once again, I did timed hand drawings from this site. The top section was drawn from images shown for 30 seconds each. The second section was drawn from images shown for 1 minute each, and the final section was drawn from images shown for 2 minutes each. If would only start on the second hand if I still had some time after finishing the first one.

I'm very happy with how the 2-minute hands turned out. I started drawing them the same way as the 1-minute hands, and then I used the extra minute to go over with harder lines to better define the shape.

For a lot of images I drew one hand where there were two in the original image. For the 30-second hands this wasn't by choice, I simply didn't have the time. For the longer times, I figured it'd be worth spending the extra time on a single hand than effectively splitting the exercise into two, shorter exercises.

One thing I've noticed I'm doing is that I'll start to draw part of a hand or finger, and then notice another part of the hand or another finger is overlapping part of it. I also noticed that sometimes I would draw two fingers with a gap between them, and I'd only notice they were overlapping afterwards. I need to make a conscious decision to draw the overlapping parts closest to the viewer first.

This page took me 10 minutes to draw. It was drawn on the 18th of November, 2016, and was the third and final page drawn than night, making for a total of 52 minutes of drawing that night.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.
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