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Gesture Attempts - Day 314 - Learning to Draw



I attempted some gesture drawing for the first time today.

The only times I have ever attempted to draw a full person were these three times from very early on in my drawing:
Prior to doing this exercise, I watched/read the following tutorials:
This site provides an image of a person for a specified time, and you have to attempt to draw them in that time. At the top of the page (above the black line) are five people I drew based on five images shown for 30 seconds each. Under the black line are six people drawn from six images shown for 1 minute each.

I draw the pelvis too high for the person in the bottom left. I started to rub it out (I think that may be the first time this year where I've actually rubbed anything out, since I usually just use pen), but ran out of time.

This page took me 9 minutes (rounded up from 8.5) to draw. It was drawn on the 18th of November, 2016, and was the second of three pages drawn that night.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.
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