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Drawing Exercises - Day 314 - Learning to Draw



This page consists of four exercises, and is split into four sections appropriately.

This exercise was recommended to me, to practise my pencil control. I figured the same exercise could also help me with my pen shading, so I decided to do it twice - once in pencil, and once in pen. I did this in the first section. For both my pen and pencil attempts, I was disappointed with how quickly the light sections became dark - it doesn't seem very gradual. The boxes seem much lighter in the scanned image than on the page, so it might not be easy to tell from the image above.

I also decided to revive two exercises I did earlier in the year, but haven't done for some time. In the next section, I tried to draw five straight, horizontal lines in a single, fluid movement, without the assistance of a ruler and without rotating the page. I then traced those lines as closely as I could (so not close at all) ten times, five times in each direction.

The next exercise was similar to the last one, except I intentionally made the lines wavy.

The last section is an exercise I came up with, but one I sorely need. I've been working through perspective exercises every Monday, and while doing those I noticed I misjudge what angle to draw a line on when I'm trying to draw the line connecting two points. On the right side of the section, I marked a single point, to which all the other lines would be drawn towards (effectively acting like a vanishing point from my perspective exercises. I then marked a number of evenly-spaced points on a straight vertical line on the left side of the section. From each point on the left, I tried to draw a straight line to the point on the right. The idea here is that I had to estimate the correct angle of the line, and draw a straight line. As you can see above, I failed miserably in both regards.

I took a photo of the page after setting up before starting on the exercises. This page took me 33 minutes to draw (this is excluding the time I used to set up the page). It was drawn on the 18th* of November, 2016, and was the first of three pages drawn that night.

*I actually started this page at around 11:45pm, so some of this page and the following two pages were technically drawn on the 19th; although in my mind, if I haven't gone to sleep yet, they count as part of the day before's activities, so I recorded all three pages as being drawn on the 18th (but I'm leaving this comment here for accuracy's sake).

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.
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