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11 Minute Hand - Day 313 - Learning to Draw



This page follows from this page, and is the third and final page of the exercise. The hand on this page was drawn from an image shown for 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

I started own sketching the basic lines of action and then approximating the component shapes in pencil, and then I went over it in pen. I still had some time left, so I added some shadow. 

The fingers look much further apart in my drawing than in the original. I didn't really capture that the hand was on an angle in this picture. In the original image, the outer pair of fingers were rotated towards the wrist compared to the other pair, and the thumb was stretched sharply back. The gap between the fingers was due to the angle of view. In my drawing, it looks more like a Vulcan greeting! I had hoped that adding some of the shadows to the darkest spots would correct this, but I had no such luck.

Actually, looking back at the drawing, the position of the fingernails was me totally confused. I definitely remember that the fingernails were where I draw them, that the thumb is on the left, and that the photo was of the palm of the hand. With the position I just described, the fingernails should be on the opposite side of where I drew them; so either the lady being photographed has very flexible hands or I misinterpreted how the hand was positioned and messed up somewhere. Unfortunately I can't go back to the original image to figure it out.

The exercise (consisting of all three pages) took 32 minutes on the 17th of November, 2016.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.
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