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The Great Gathering

By JoshuaDunlop
This info is ripped off 'Autumn Family'. Here the venusaur have gathered for a Pollunation of the plants. they do this just before they mate so the seed will be ready in time for the baby bulbasaurs. female in forground and male in background ;) I made them look a lil more like their orginal anime selves, even tho i love the EVA pic, she just wasnt like the original enough to warrent putting in the book.

Venusaur mothers are very protective of their young and will protect them for up to five years after their born. After the five years they seperate that bond allowing the calf to start their own life.

Venasaurs will live in a large group of up to 16 feamles and one bull male. They protect their young ferociously and will even protect others calfs if needed.
They live in a matriorical society, meaning they are run by an alpha female or matriarch, in this case Eva is the Matriarch as she is the eldest female.

At a certain age the males will leave to find their own groups and sometimes will wonder all their life looking for a family. females will have a bull male for up to 12 years and then they will decide to have a new one and push them out. this stops inbreeding.

When the females are pregnant and are about to give birth they will travel off on their own and lay up to three large eggs.
The gestation period for the eggs are only a few days while their mother watches over them and when they hatch their mother will implant a seed from her flower into their backs.
She will then take them back to the herd once the bulb has begun to grow.

Their species has evolved to live along side the plant and if this process is not done they die in a matter of days as their amune systems are not strong enough on their own.

Hope you like it :)
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While the description for this picture is thorough and beautiful, we feel that the picture speaks well for itself. Venusaur, like modern leviathans, gather about a dusty savannah, their flowers potent with a fertile aroma that not only attracts mates but the fine taste of a flock of Butterfree. Pieces like this show a beautiful depiction of the world of Pokemon as it should be, as real as our own, uncensored, and very much alive. While the Venusaur themselves are lovingly detailed and take up the bulk of the picture, we can't help but also give praise to the dainty Butterfree figures far above, their luminescent wings moving the viewer's eye around the entire picture.
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Again wonderful, Thankyou very very much :)
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No problem at all for such a talented artist. :D It helps us out too by helping us build a good rep, so for that, we thank you as well. We will usually only critique three works by the same artist on our own, but you can let us know if there are any other monster-related pieces you want us to critique for you. ;)
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well day of reckoning would be a nice one, and the legendary birds, you can write beautifully and i enjoy reading them ;)
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We will definitely write you up reviews for those when we add the monsters they feature into our database ;) Nice work on "Day of Reckoning" btw.
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Thanks :) wait until you see the new battle scene :)
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Why are none of these marvelous old drawings visible in your Gallery? :(
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They are visible on here, but I just wanted it to be only Pokemon Zoology pictures on my other social media. I might do a 'then and now' segment at some point :)
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Also a GREAT reason why females only give birth to their own kind, no matter the father. A mother would be a lot more able to give her offspring the optimal chance of survival if its her species. She'd have the proper instincts and be able to provide the baby with everything it needs, while a mother of a different species wouldn't beagle to do it as well.
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I LOVE THIS! ITS INCREDIBLE! ITS ALL IV WANTED TO DO BUT BETTER! When is your book on the shelves? Has Nintendo allowed it?
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Its still in the process, I probably wont hear anything til later this year
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this is so awesome!!!!
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Great artwork.
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this is amaaazzzinnnggg!!!
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This picture is amazing, Venusaur is one of my fav pokemon. I WANNA RIDE ONE!
Kind of reminds me of an elephant herd, or a portion of one... very neat depiction and description. :)
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I want to go on a ride on one of this xDD
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