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The Gentle Giants- pokemon evo

Blastoise are one of the strongest water pokemon when it comes to physical strength.
Mentally mind there not the smartest creatures.

The toise family have a strange way of breeding.
The wartortle will breed and lay the eggs, leaving the squirtle to fend for themselves, but the ones that do make it to the ocean will swim for miles following an instinctual path to a group of islands where the Blastoise live.
The blastoise become surrogate mothers and fathers to the squirtle, looking after them and careing for them until they are strong enough to go off on their own.
Blastoise rarly breed because of this fact, though they can breed if needs be.

Blastoise have an amazing feature in their shell.
Their water bladders are kept in their shell anyway and when they grow into Blatoises they grow large tubes made of a substance like ivory within their shell, these tubes lead to their water bladders creating an alternative place for the water to shoot from, rather than their mouths.
Blastoise (as they are bigger and stronger) can store gallons of water in their bladder and can build up quite a considerable amount of pressure.
When the Blastoise is about to fire, a latched piece of its shell controlled by muscles etc will lift up and the tubes will extend out of it in the same way they can extract and detract their arms, legs and head.
It then can fire a huge water blast out of its now named 'Canons'.

For many years Blastoise were said to be myth as they are rarley seen and knowone knows where they travel to after visiting these islands.
A new team of marine biologists are starting a new programme next week to attach trackers onto two Blastoise shells and track them to see where they go.

Blastoise are very dangerous, especially Males as they will defend their beaches with the utmost force.
Occantionally males will fight for terrotory and clash their chests together until one submits. some have come out of it with cracked or damaged shells.

Females are extreamly caring of squirtles and with viciously protect them. One blastoise can be looking after up to 100 squirtle at a time and sometime they get stressed and swim out to sea for a bit, but never going too far away from the beach.

Blastoise will teach the Squirtles to hunt and use their attacks to prepare them for the open sea, it is quite a sight to see one enormous blastoise shell swim past the boat surrounded with nearly 100 Squirtles, many of which are sitting on the blastoise.

These islands are protected as many people see them as easy catches but what they dont realise is that the squirtles are babys and dont yet know the means to be able to survive in battles etc.

Hope you like it :)
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This is so beautiful and cute, like a mommy whale "hugging" here calf. This is just..... This warms me like a fireplace made of snuggies :,//)
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Whoa. Blastoise is really big, awsome. I like it. Squirtle and Blastoise are my favorite Water Pokémon.
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glad you like it ;)
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Your welcome.
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Awwww.... so cute! Reminds me of my Blastoise named Walter. His nature is gentle.
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this is so cute i love it
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how cute! you have these for the other two starters? it sounds so cool how its as if theyre real animals
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I am crying.
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this momy is one of the best :D
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awwww thats soo adorable!!!!
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Aw, how sweet this is ^^
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is one was really neat
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no problem you deserve it
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This is really cute! i never saw then like this.
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