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Mew Remake - The Jungle Wall


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It was one of the hardest expeditions of my career. The air was thick, humid and the rich odor of wet soil filled in the air. The sun was now high in the sky. Thankfully we had satellite navigation on our side to guide us through the forest, without it, it was easy to see why local tribes called this ‘the jungle of lost souls’ (loosely translated).
Suddenly, one of the guides started calling out from the front of the line. We all rushed forward to come face to face with an enormous wall that was still intact in many places.
We stayed for two days gathering mountains of research. We planned to set off in the morning and at that point, I hadn’t picked anything up on my trail cameras besides a few well-known species.
Early in the morning I checked my phone and found I had a number of alerts coming from one of the cameras. I grabbed my laptop and headed out. There were a number of shots where something small and very fast whipped through the air right past the camera, however, it was moving too quickly for me to tell what it was. I finally came to the end of the reel, it clocked at about 7:20 AM, just after sunrise.
At first, I thought a group of butterflies had triggered it as they danced across the screen. Then it happened. Drifting from the left was a small Pokemon I had never seen before. It was clearly feline with pink fur and a long tail. It swam gently through the air, surrounded by a psychic aura. It played with the butterfly, batting them like a kitten at play. Then, as soon as it appeared, it was gone. I consulted my research but nothing came up, this was clearly an undiscovered species. Then, something caught my eye in a paper about Pokemon myths and legends. A small section depicted a handful of native tribes describing a being of immense power. The description perfectly fits what I had caught on the video… a living, breathing, Mew.

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