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Flareon, a new one for the Pokemon Zoology collection.

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berrypass's avatar
Oh my god... they showed Flareon in the new trailer for Detective Pikachu, and it looks like this :o 

It's like they got inspiration from you.
OwlofCowards's avatar
Or maybe stealed xd
JoshuaDunlop's avatar

It is a possibility, I was meant to work on it lol

Tahya's avatar
So Flareon, and fire types in general, have always been dear to my heart. Seeing this... it actually makes so much sense and it looks PERFECT. I cannot believe the amount of detail in this and how realistic. I am in awe. Plus it's Flareon and I want one even more now! Haha.
Hinata-Wolf77's avatar
This is so beautiful I love the body on the snow.
JoshuaDunlop's avatar
Thank you :) So glad you like it ;)
miragija's avatar
I need this as my pet
Long-lost-sister's avatar
{Ooc; I like it but shouldnt Flareon be somewhere less cold?
JoshuaDunlop's avatar
No, Fire types are strong against Ice and Flareon have thick coats to naturally protect against cold
betterwatchit's avatar
Makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a higher than normal body temperature.
straberryjim's avatar
I love the textures!! I wanna reach out and pet him...
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JoshuaDunlop's avatar
Storm-Song's avatar
love it !!!  I want !
JoshuaDunlop's avatar
Nightstormshadow's avatar
flareon is gonna get cold
JoshuaDunlop's avatar
Its a fire type and has thick fur, its pretty much built for that kind of weather
Geshtro's avatar
I mean, it's a fire type, so it's bound to be more than okay, but why is it in the snow? And why isn't the snow melting?
JoshuaDunlop's avatar
Fire types don't radiate heat, they are however warm-blooded and can easily control their body temperature, more so than other warm-blooded animals.

- if fire types did 'run hot', it would make less sense for them too live in a desert or by a volcano as they would overheat.

- They wouldn't live in places where they could easily set things ablaze, they would simply destroy their habitat. So forests or Savannahs would be out of the question.

- Snow makes excellent camouflage for hunting. Most fire types seem to be carnivores/omnivores, so they would need to live in areas where there is plenty of food, good camouflage but cant burn a forest down.

- If we look at Flareon for an example of a mammalian fire type, it has very thick, bushy fur. If we take out human breeding from the equations, we are left with the idea that they evolved to have thick fur naturally. Thick fur is only grown in cold areas in order to control their insulation if they were anywhere hot they would overheat, especially as most canines cant sweat.
NapkinDictator's avatar
I agree with that explanation, but does that mean that ice types live in hot areas, or would they still live in colder areas? I personally cannot decide, so perhaps both
JoshuaDunlop's avatar
Well, there wouldn't really be many 'wild' Flareon, most would be created in captivity. But just because one fire type has adapted to live in a colder environment doesn't mean they all do. Same for Ice types, most probably live in colder regions as it means their attacks would be more effective (not melt right away) it entirely depends on their anatomy
NapkinDictator's avatar
"Hey Lapras! Use Ice Be-"
Looks at savanna sun
"uh- w- water gun."
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