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Bulbasaur 2


I sat on the wooden moss speckled deck overlooking a small lake, surrounded by a thick redwood forest.

I had been invited by Fuchsia’s resident Gym leader Erika to review a new sanctuary she had started on an island off the coast of Route 14. Though the restricted areas in the Safari Zone had served as a haven to many species, the population growth was beginning to put a strain on the ecosystem of the park. So, she decided to create the sanctuary.

I soon heard someone walking down the path to my cabin and a friendly face appeared. It was Erika and in her arms was a young Bulbasaur.

She explained that this was one of the first Bulbasaur hatchlings brought to the island and that many more were being flown in over the next few days. They wanted to try and introduce them to the wild Venusaur that had already settled into the area in the hopes of forming a natural herd. It was only 2 months old, but it was important to start introducing them to their new environment as soon as possible.

She placed the Bulbasaur on the ground and it quickly ran over to the thick ferns surrounding the cabin. It was excited, sniffing everything in sight and letting out high pitched yelps of excitement. It found a small rotting log and began to scrape into it with its front claws, looking for grubs. This natural behaviour was exciting to see so quickly.

She eventually scooped up the hatchling (who was now chewing on a large root) and walked me to her jeep.

She wanted to give me a tour of the island and show off some of the Pokemon that had already settled in.

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After doing Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle, I realized I hadn't done my starter Pokemon remakes in the wild! So, to be consistent, I decided to whip them up! It's nice to finally give these guys proper stories too!

As always, thank you to everyone for your support, you are all truly amazing!

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are you sure this is not someone in a costume??

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Someone in costume?...

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I want it to be real so bad T_T

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Well done! I used to enjoy watching Pokémon when I was a child!

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holy moly this is the best realistic bulbasaur i've ever seen

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Beautifully realistic

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Your welcome 🙏

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Hey bullbasaur's are #Reagankathryn favorite #Pokemon
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You're welcome. :)

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I really like all your interpretations of the Kanto starters, they look cute and believable at the same time, I especially enjoy the mixture between friendliness and wildness in Charmander's expression.

Honestly I have to say that I still prefer Bulbasaur's interpretation in Detective Pikachu because of the adorable amphibian features. But with the other two starters, I would definitely go with your versions. :)

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Thanks 😁 I’m personally not a big fan of the DP Bulba, I personally see it as a Syapsid rather than a frog due to it’s ears, but that’s just me 😉
empyrean-dreamer's avatar

I always saw the Bulba line as amphibian fantasy creatures, but they can be interpreted in many different ways, that's what makes many Pokémon fun to think about. :D

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