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So after a bit of thinking...

I've decided that I won't be deleting my DeviantArt.

But in one condition,

I'll keep this account for memories only. I won't post anything here tho.
I'll still be activate on my Instagram (@joshuabaradas)

I've been talking about this with my girlfriend. So yea.


:iconjoshuacarlbaradas::iconim--not--cute: = <3
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Long time, no see you guys
I haven't been active that much here in this site since last year or last month. And I've been thinking lately...

Now is the time to end this account after all these years.

But it won't be the end.

I'll be highly active on Instagram (@joshuabaradas)
You'll see more of my EDM fan-arts, photos with friends & even some DJ sets I'll be doing soon.

I've been improving my style and interests.
I have until somewhere within the end of this month before I'll deactivate this account.
Thank you for overwhelming support for my art since I've started this when I was 13.

Now I'm 16 years old & still learning and seeking new opportunities.

I've met new friends, artist that gave me inspirations and a girl that had now became my girlfriend...

...when I started using DeviantArt.

Furthermore, I would like to say, once again...

Thank you & see you guys on my Instagram.

- JC
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Recently, 2 new Eddsworld have been released. It's been a long time since I made my re-created fan-art scenes. 

Here is "The End (Part 1)":

& here is "Saloonatics":

Let me know in the comments which scene you want me to re-create from the episodes...

- JC
  • Starting from Jan. 30 to Feb. 14, I'll be online for as long I can be.
  • Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) 2016 has begun, post some artworks on commemorating the holiday.
  • I'll be sometimes busy for my school projects :(
  • I got my Twitter account back! :D @joshuabaradas 
So anyway, Happy Chinese New Year! (or how we say it in Hong Kong: "Kung Hei Fat Choi")

Starting from 18th December 2015, I'll be going back to The Philippines for a holiday vacation until New Year Day.
Here are some things you need to know:
  1. I won't doing any fan-arts because of no Internet connections
  2. I'll only post on my Instagram: @joshuabaradas
  3. Following the holiday will be my First Term Exams. 
  4. Art Requests are open until the 17th December at 10.30 pm 
  5. Any Filipinos living in Metro Manila, feel free to ask me for a meet-up.
(This journal will be deleted on the 2nd of January 2016)

So anyway, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Tagged by :iconcoke-and-cake: 

One song: Jauz - Deeper Love
Two movies: Pixels & Ant-Man
Three shows: Tokyo Ghoul, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo & Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
Four people: :iconcoke-and-cake:, PewDiePie, VanossGaming & Markiplier 
Five foods: Burger, Coke, Cheese Pizza, Yogurt & Cake 
Six people to tag: :iconpaultervoorde:, :iconnanaga:, :iconilymarmieyash:, :iconmsfernandez:, :iconscribblenetty: & :iconalpha-gamer666:
Make a fan-art based from the ALDUB. It can either be about:
- Alden Richards
- Yaya Dub
- Ninadora, Tinadora & Nidora
- The first time Alden & Yaya met
- The kidnap
- (etc.)

Make sure the title of your fan-art should be: "Eat Bulaga: ALDUB"

This message is also for :iconalpha-gamer666:, :iconjane-klair-kz:, :iconbianxiee: & :iconkaptaingurl:
Warning: The following jokes came from an joke book from a Pinoy adult radio show in Manila.

So the following joke may contain sexuality, offensive language and many more.... (And some jokes may be in Tagalog.)


Bitchy Responses: 

1. (Sudden awkward silence during a bad date)
Guy: "What are you thinking?"
Girl: "I'm trying to imagine you with a personality."

2. Stewardess: "Do yo want a drink, sir?" Passenger: 'What are my choices?" Stewardess: "Yes or no."

3. In the express lane at the grocery, which is supposed to be for those with seven items or less, someone lined up carrying more. I pointed to the sign, "7 items or less." She said "I can read." I replied "I know, but can you count?"

4. I was pregnant and rode a carousel with my older kid. Another mom remarked "Bawal ang buntis dito." So I looked at her and replied: "Pero ang pangit pwede?"

Bromance Rules: 

1. The only time when bros touch hands is when they do hi-fives, fist bumps, or handshakes.

2. Kapag naka-angkas sa motorbike, keep at least a five-inch distance between the driver's behind and the rider's crotch.

3. Never text a bro: "Why aren't you returning my calls?"

4. When helping a bro fix his tie, do not fix it while he's wearing it.

Questions to Ask During the Q&A Portion of a Filipino Gay Beauty Pageant: 

1. Host: "Can you describe your male reproductive organ?"
Contestant: "It's like a dinosaur, it's already extinct." 

2. Host: "What is your favorite planet?"
Contestant: "Mercury."
Host: "Why?"
Contestant: "Um...because in Mercury...nakakasigurong gamot ay laging bago!"

Signs That You're a Pinoy Celebrity: 

1. Kapag lalaki ka, tapos tumaba ka na, you'll be cast as kontrabida. 
'Pag babae ka naman na tumaba na, you'll be cast as the nanay ng bida.

2. If a gay director takes you under his wing and you appear in every single movie or TV shows he directs, no matter how small the role. 

3. Pinoy celebs ka kung mas sikat pa sa iyo 'yung talent manager mo. (See: Boy Abunda, Annabelle Rama, Lolit Solis, etc.)

Lost in Translation:

1. HOMICIDE: Pinatay sa bahay

2. PIGHATI: Half baboy

3. CD ROM: Tingnan mo ang kwarto

4. PENISLAND: Isla ng Panulat

Lousiest Lies You've Ever Told

1. Teacher: "Nasaan ang homework mo?"
Student: "Na holdap po ako."
Teacher: "Ha?!! Anong nakuha sa 'yo?
Student: "Sabi po nung mga holdaper, 'Ibigay niyo mga homework niyo!"

2. (Me, in fifth grade) Me: "Teacher, si Karl nagmumura!"
Karl: "#@$% sinungaling ka!"

Superhero Problems: 

1. Green Arrow: Natanggap sa Ateneo

2. Spider-man: 'Pag pinalitan 'yung pabango niya ng Baygon.

3. Mystique: Napagkakamalang si Smurfette.
The Hulk: Napagkakamalang si Shrek.
Thor: Napagkakamalang tomboy.

4. The Thing: Laging matigas ang ulo.
Human Torch: Laging mainit ng ulo.

Drunk Quotes: 

1. My tipsy friend was asked by his crush "Sige nga, kung hinid ka pa lasing, 1+1?" My friend sheepishly replied: "143."

2. Our friend kept denying that she was drunk: "I'm not drunk! You'll know if I'm drunk when I start speaking English!" 

3. My friend went home and was banging on the front door: "Hoy! Buksan ninyo and pinto! Kanina pa 'ko nandito!!!" Finally his neighbor shouted from next door: "Kuya, ikaw lang mag-isa and nakatira diyan!" 

Drunk Tweetes: 

1. "I am not drunk. You are merely witnessing sobriety that hasn't returned yet."

2. Me: "Dude, where's my car? Please call my driver, I want to go home!" Friend: "Wala kang driver, at lalong wala kang car!" 

Signs You've Been Faked:

1. Todo spray siya ng Victoria's Secret perfume niya, pero amoy lamay ng patay naman.

2. At a bazaar, signage reads: "Havaianas fro sale - CORRECT SPELLING!"

3. Kapag 'yung binenta sa 'yong iPhone 5, may antenna.

4. Your friend says she just came from a vacation in Italy and she gives you pasalubong, a bag that says: "Gucci And Gabanna." 

Genius Maid Quotes: 

1. Kid: "Yaya, nasaan si mama?" Yaya: "She's somewhere between 238 degrees NE latitude and 73 degrees SW longitude. In layman's terms: Just by the table." 

2. "Sir, is this achromic, adhesive liquid that I discovered on your tightie-whities what I think it is?" 

Jokes to Bring to a Bar:

1. Pedro: "What's you password?"
Juan: "mickeymouseminniemousedonaldduckdaisyduckgoofypluto."
Pedro: "Why is it so long?"
Juan: "Duh! It says it should have six characters!"

:iconalpha-gamer666: & :iconjane-klair-kz: are both DJ (EDM) fans.

What if :iconjoshuacarlbaradas:, :iconalpha-gamer666: & :iconjane-klair-kz: form a DJ group = It might be a next Krewella 
  • Watching: Eddsworld
The new Eddsworld episode "Mirror Mirror" is now released!!

Link to the video:

Watch the video & ask me what scene you want me to re-create!
  • Watching: Eddsworld
- Expecting to do Eddsworld "Mirror Mirror" Re-Created scenes
- I'll be less active on weekdays
- Moving to a new school (again), so still less active in the meantime
- Most of the art will be anime 
- More artworks for Instagram will be also uploaded here and on Facebook
1. Eddsworld OC: JC (Future Version)
2. More fan-arts about EDM DJs
3. Assassins Creed Unity & Syndicate Fan-Art/s
4. Photos of my vacation 
5. More gifts
6. Some artowrks for :iconcoke-and-cake: 
7. Upcoming collaborations 
8. Upcoming Art Requests & Art Trades (Comment what art request or trade you want me to draw)
9. Landscape Photos
10. More artworks that eventually go in Instagram ( Instagram: @joshuabaradas )

For DeviantArt's 15th birthday, I'll answer the DeviantArtist Questionaire as a way I say to DeviantArt "Thank you for the support you all gave me when doing art, especially the friends I meet, support and care about."

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?  - For a year (Joined since July 9, 2014)

  • What does your username mean?  - It's just my real name: Joshua Carl Baradas

  • Describe yourself in three words.

  • Are you left or right handed?    - Right handed

  • What was your first deviation?    - An Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Enfan-art:  Assassins Creed Revelations Ezio By Joshuacarlbara by joshuacarlbaradas

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?   - Digital Art & Photography 

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?   - It would be anime or Eddsworld art style or anyone's art style

  • What was your first favourite?    - Eddsworld's Vertical Banner:  Vertical Banner by eddsworld

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?   - Digital art

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?    - I would suggest :iconcoke-and-cake:, :iconilymarmieyash:, :iconhenrykhaung:, :iconlootennant:, :iconkristian08-captain:, :iconkaptaingurl:, :iconannyarchy:, :iconjesuraidy:, :iconpolisbil:, :iconscribblenetty:, :iconsfinje:, :iconjane-klair-kz: and many more

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?   - :iconcoke-and-cake:  I Love You Emote 

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?    - They all helped me to gain confidence & support in doing art

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?   - For doing digital art: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop with a Wacom tablet

    - For doing traditional art: An outlining pen & a pencil

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?    - It would at: Hong Kong & The Philippines (But I wish I can go to UK, Germany, France, Italy, & Sweden)

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?   - Meeting up with all the inspiring artists and fellow friends for the past year.


I'll be on my summer vacation in The Philippines for a few weeks. So no internet, but I'll post some Instagram photos of my vacation. 

Instagram: @joshuabaradas 

- No digital or traditional artworks
- No connection 'til I get back to Hong Kong

See you on September! =)
Eastern Philosophers (Sun Tzu, Confucius & Laozi) VS. Western Philosophers (Nietzsche, Socrates & Voltaire) ft. MC Jin, Timothy DeLaGhetto, KRNFX & Zach Sherwin

Terminator VS. Robocop

1. The Philippines is a country that is composed of 7, 107 islands. It was found by a Spanish explorer "Ferdinand Magellan" in 1521, but was killed by island tribe settlers a few days in Cebu, Mactan. The name "Philippines" is based from a Spanish king "King Philip II of Spain". It is also composed of 18 regions and it's the only Asian country that it's main religion is Catholic.

2. The Philippines is known for:
  - The world's 10th largest mall called "SM Mall of Asia". 
  - The country hit by Typhoon "Yolanda", the largest typhoon in the world than Hurricane Katrina.
  - Filipino celebrities: Jessica Sanchez, (from The Black Eyed Peas), Dave Bautista (who played as Drax from Marvel's Guradians of the Galaxy), Vanessa Hudgens, Rob Schneider, Darren Criss (who played as Blaine Anderson from Glee) and Bruno Mars (His mother is Filipina)
  - Manny Pacquiao 
  - Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera's wedding (The Filipino Royal Wedding)
  - Tourist attractions 

3. The University of Santo Tomas (UST) [which is located in Manila, Philippines] was established in 1611, that makes the university over 400 years old.

4. A city that is found in the Ilocos Region (Northern Philippines) called "Vigan City" is a city that shows architecture of both Spanish and Asian design.

5. The Philippines has over 32 festivals such as:
  - Sinulog Festival (dancing festival in Cebu)
  - Coconut Festival 
  - Panagbenga Festival (flower festival that can be found in a city in the mountains called "Baguio City")
  - Moriones Festivals (Catholic festival where they wear big masks representing the soldiers during Jesus' crucifixion) 
  - Pahiyas Festival (colored leaves festivals in showing good harvest as a tradition)
Peñafrancia Festival (Catholic festival that can be found in the city of Naga, Bicol)
6. They are known for their cuisines such as:
  - Arroz caldo (Filipino rice porridge)
  - Bibingka (Filipino rice cake)
  - Pandesal (Filipino small bread rolls) [Can be used for breakfast]
  - Champorado (Filipino chocolate rice porridge) [Can be used for breakfast]
  - Leche flan (Filipino milk flan)
  - Lechon (Filipino fried pig) [Can be used for feasts and festivals]
  - Pinakbet (Filipino fried vegetable with shrimp paste)
  - Crispy pata (Filipino deep-fried crispy pork)
  - Kare Kare (Filipino fried ox tail stew)
  - Adobo (Filipino pork/chicken stew with vinegar and soy sauce)
  - Bistek Tagalog (Filipino beef steak)
  - Gulaman (Filipino gelatin)
  - Halo-halo (Filipino desert mixed with shaved ice, milk and various fruits)

7. There is a president of The Philippines that have the longest years in office. That president would be President Ferdinand Marcos for 21 years in office (1965 to 1986) because of his decleration of the 'Martial Law' during in his time.

8. Just like the US is known for "McDonalds", The Philippines is known for their fast food restaurant "Jollibee".

9. Marikina City is known as "The Shoe Capital of The Philippines" because most of the shoe production came from that city.

10. There's a barangay 
(a small village or town) called "La Loma" in Quezon City that every shop serves lechon, that it they call the barangay: "The Lechon Capital of The Philippines". 
As of staying in DeviantArt for almost a year now, here are some Top 10 Facts about myself:

1. I'm almost half-blind. When I went to a check up at school and they tested my eye vision. It appears that my right is somewhere in 25/20 or 30/20. But my left eye is just fine. 

2. I've started gaming at an early age. I've started playing with my PS2, PSP, Wii, iPhone, PC, X-Box 360 (That belonged to my cousin), PS3 (That belonged to a friend of mine), Gameboy (That belonged to my cousin), Mac and a PS4. So this means I'm more of a early gamer since 3 or 5 years old.

3. I was born 2 days before my parent's wedding anniversary. 

4. I'm pure Filipino, but quarter Chinese from my mother side of the family.

5. I only know how to play the drums and the ukulele. But my brother knows how to play piano, lyre and violin.

6. The first YouTube video I've ever watched was the Potter Puppet Pals - The Mysterious Ticking Noise

7. How I got my artistic talents are from my parents. The reason is that my mom studied Fine Arts and my dad studied Architecture in the same college. The college is University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila, Philippines.

8. How I discovered:
  - DeviantArt = Because of Eddsworld.
  - Skrillex = His "First Of The Year (Equinox)" music video appeared in MTV.
  - Avicii = His "LE7LES", "Wake Me Up" and "I Could Be The One (ft. Nicky Romero)" music video appeared in MTV and in YouTube.
  - Zedd = His famous single "Clarity (ft. Foxes)" appeared on the radio.
  - Martin Garrix = A friend of mine told me
  - Eddsworld = I was watching zombie attack animation videos on YouTube until I found "Eddsworld Zombeh Attack".
  - Grand Theft Auto = I heard from my dad there's was an awesome games in the PSP called GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: Liberty City Stories.
  - PewDiePie = When I was watching Tobuscus Happy Wheels, I found a video of a Happy Wheel Gameplay from a guy name "PewDiePie".
  - Smosh = I was watching some YouTube videos until I found a series called "If ____ Were Real" and "Food Battle"
  - Five Nights At Freddy's = Watching Markiplier's videos
  - Vine = Watched Vine videos on Facebook and Smosh's "22 Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist)"
  - Knife Party = I was listening to Spotify until I found a song called "Internet Friends"
  - Deorro = Through Vine
  - Spinnin Records = Through Martin Garrix
  - deadmau5 = His single "Ghost N' Stuff ft. Rob Swire" was released in YouTube
  - Steve Aoki = Through PewDiePie and Vine with the song "Boneless"
  - Gorillaz = Their music video "Feel Good Inc." appeared in MTV
  - Tiësto - Through his single with Martin Garrix's "The Only Way Is Up" and his single with KSHMR & Vassy "Secrets"
  - Ultra Music Festival = Through Skrillex's "Jack Ü" 2013 performance 

9. Started to Digital Art since 12 years old.

10. Whenever my class starts to do a presentation that involves a play, I was assign to do the props and background, and we mostly get the highest score in the presentation.

So I would like to say is: Thank you for supporting me through a year in staying in DeviantArt. Hope to have another year of art and support.


- ONLY doing art collabs until May 25
- Continuing the song artworks before May 25 (On Instagram & DeviantArt)
- Doing some Instagram requests: @joshuabaradas 
- May 25 will be a day-off for :iconjoshuacarlbaradas:
- Might continue Vine star artworks