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July 23, 2021
Father Christmas (Santa Claus) | Pencil Drawing by Joshua-Laming
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Father Christmas (Santa Claus) | Pencil Drawing


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The drawing is "A3" size on Bristol Board paper. Derwent Graphic pencils were used, ranging from 2H to 9B. As well as other equipment like blending stumps, a putty rubber, and mono eraser.

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A lot of practice and hard work.

It still stuns me though that this is pencil and paper tho. I practice every lunch period just drawing hands and I can't even perceive of myself being this good. Did you draw this from your mind? Or did you have a frame of reference?

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I always use references. It's very difficult to make things up, but not impossible. There's just too many details that memory alone will overlook. Unless you have amazing perspective and proportions. I'm in between, I have very good use of perspective and proportions, and can make up things to a point. But for 100% accuracy, I need some form of reference. From a photo, or still life.

Drawing hands for example, if you practice doing observation drawing from your own hand. It's most likely going to need less reference over time. But even so, you should always use a reference, even if you think you don't.

My journey with drawing has grown to a very high level, but I'm always improving from the last drawing. The more you do the better you get. Even I had troubles at the beginning, it's not limited to gifted people. In my opinion there's no such thing as being naturally gifted. As long as it's your passion to draw, then keep going! It's not impossible.

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Love The Way Of The Sketch Of Santa Claus & Well Done:All I Want For Christmas:

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at christmas time i'll come back to this masterpiece again^^

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I might do another Christmas drawing by then.

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when will you start drawing the other version?

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It won't be the same as this, as I always try to draw new things. It'll be something different, but still related to Christmas.

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The shading on this piece is flawless. I like how you captured every detail on santa's face! <3

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Thank you. I wouldn't say it's flawless, I guess it's my perfectionist nature. With this drawing, I was experimenting with different things. No drawing is perfect regardless, as there is always room to improve upon your last drawing. So I'm still incredibly happy with the drawing.

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Congrats on the DD!

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Thank you. I wasn't expecting it, I'm so grateful.

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Awesome work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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Thank you, it means a lot. Just happy people like it. Drawing will forever be my passion.

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It certainly shows that passion is what you put into it! :) Keep it up!

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Was this based on an actor?

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Possibly, I don't know. I stumbled upon a reference photo and used it.

Mamma mia, that's a realistic likeness of Babbo Natale (Father Christmas' Italian name)! So lifelike, I thought it was a photo! Thanks for sharing: this is quality work! (On the other hand, it's making me long for winter...)

Stay well, everyone.

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