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Time for a Decision
Jacky wandered across a rickety bridge towards the MeleMele Island’s ruins, curious to see what it’s actually like inside. However just before he can even make it halfway, something crashes into the cliffside at the end of the bridge. Sparkling in the light, he can just make out the Sparkling Stone that makes up his Z-Ring. He takes a few steps towards it, only to stop and stare into space for a few seconds.
His feet turned and rushed back in the opposite direction of the stone, desperate to stay away from it. However something else fell from the sky, or rather soared down into his path. Staring him dead in the eyes in far too small a gap, was Tapu Koko, emitting a sound that seemed angry. It’s body sparked and surged with electricity, the tension in the air growing immense as it the light from its power grew, until-
Jacky woke up at the sound of his alarm, increasing in volume as it continued on, as if to properly ensure he’s awake. The boy growled under his br
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Secret Santa - Sekuszka by JoshtheOverlander Secret Santa - Sekuszka :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 3 5 Cheshire - Hatter's Persona by JoshtheOverlander Cheshire - Hatter's Persona :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0 The Hatter by JoshtheOverlander The Hatter :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0 I'm Sorry by JoshtheOverlander I'm Sorry :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 1 5
Chapter 3 - Iki Town Festival
Jacky woke up as Cinnamon knocked over a figurine of a Mega Gallade from a tv show he watches. "What the...Cinnamon, come on!" He swept the sheets off with a groan as he rose up from his bed, strolling over to the figure and placing it back on his desk.
"Mrroww!" Cinnamon pawed his hand and meowed multiple times needily. Probably hungry or something. Jacky looked at his clock, reading 1:52 in the afternoon. A bit too early for his wake-up time. "Mrrooooow!" Cinnamon hopped to his hind legs and pressed his front paws against Jacky's arm, as if trying to get him to hurry up.
"Alright, alright…" he sighed, leaving his bedroom to look through the pantry for something. After a bit of shuffling, he found a plastic box filled with a variety of colored beans. "Alright, Cinnamon, how do you feel about Pokebeans?" He pulled out a red one and held it out to him, the little cat sniffing it briefly, but gobbling it up quickly afterwards. He seemed rather satisfied by it, so Jacky fed him one
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Chapter 2 - Little Litten Cinnamon
The two strolled back down to Iki Town, Jacky keeping the towel over his cut as they moved quietly. “What a first day,” he said. He sighed with an exhaustive chuckle as they reached the bottom of the hill.
“Hey, cousin, you’re back!” Kukui rushed in, saying, “I was just about to come find you.” After getting a closer look at Jacky, he stepped forward. “Woah, what happened to you?”
“He tried to save Nebby from some Spearow,” Lillie spoke up. As Kukui gently pulled the towel away to see the cut, the blonde-haired girl felt a chill roll up her spine. “Kukui, maybe you shouldn’t-”
“Woo! That looks like it really smarts,” he chipped in with a whistle. “Bet you wish you had some serious Foresight, huh?” Jacky scowled up at Kukui, finding the pun in poor taste, giving the professor a laugh. “Well, you look fine now.”
“He’s better than fine, Kukui! He’s gain
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Moonlit Nights Ch. 1 - Under the Moonlight
He stood in an isolated cave, strange gemstones protruding from the walls and a narrow path leading up towards another enclosed space with just a single shaft of light penetrating the alien environment around him. He felt urged on to run towards that light shaft and embrace the moon’s light, but as he neared it, something unearthly appeared and struck.
“Mrowwrr!!” He awoke with a start and breathed heavily as he realized that it was all just another nightmare. Turning to face his mother’s Meowth, he calmed himself and slipped out of bed, getting dressed into a navy blue gingham shirt with a pair of denim blue cargo pants. After having dressed himself, he stepped out of his bedroom with Meowth to find his mother unpacking the last couple of boxes left from the move.
She had bright red, wavy hair that clashed with the dim night light outside the windows. As she took notice of him, she set down a bronze star ornament and looked at him with round, jubilant green eye
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Digimon Kopya - Inner Demons Recap
Griffin and Mika awake to their respective partners making them underwhelming breakfasts, a toasted Poptart for Mika and a raspberry Toaster Strudel for Griffin. The two got out of bed and headed to the cafeteria, where they then made proper breakfasts, the two exchanging foods and discovering awesome things about the foods of their respective countries. However, all is not well, as Mika has been suffering migraines and exhaustion since he woke up.
Griffin suggests a training session for Kapurimon and the two head out, with Mika and GlitterImpmon following to watch. As Mika's migraines get worse and Glitter begins to express his concerns, the two fail to notice the dangerous obstacle course Griffin was setting up for Kapurimon, including actual barbed wire and military grade plastic explosives! Once Kapurimon is set to run the course, GlitterImpmon finally takes notice of the landmines and C4s and inquires cautiously if they were real, t
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Fire Flower Felony by JoshtheOverlander Fire Flower Felony :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 2 4
Music Inspired Short Tales - Yuki-Onna
Based off the song Falling Snow by Brandon Fiechter
Small puffs of white flutter from the misty grey skies as an everlasting chill rests in the open winter air. Children play along the streets, throwing snowballs, crafting snowmen, and simply running around, basking in the cold beauty. Couples gaze upon the colorless wonder from the warmth of their other, exchanging words of fondness and affection. Parents watch their children play as they prepare hot meals to warm them from their icy pastimes.
From my hilltop I look upon them with a wistful smile upon my face as pellets of frost continue to blanket the ground beneath my feet, observing the motions of such wondrous life and energy. It brings such joys and sorrows to see what I cannot have, a pinch of greed pinning itself into my heart like the stinging frost.  To see what I could have had.
A young child wanders intently towards my
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Digimon Kopya - Thrown into Madness Recap
Mamoru Mikaela and his partner Pipmon were sucked into the Digital World through a portal opened up in the computer, dropping them randomly outside of Digitamamon's Diner, where Griffin and Ursamon had stopped by for a bite to eat. After getting violently chased out of the restaurant after paying, Griffin points the confused and unnerved Mika towards the Organization HQ, heading in the opposite direction towards the Forest of Irrelevant Road Signs when a Kopya infected Greymon rampages towards him and the boy and his partner engage in battle, Ursamon Armor digivolving to AncientUrsamon.
The conflict sends Mika's fear of the strange, unfamiliar world into overdrive as he scoops up Pipmon and flees to the Organization. Doppelmon and Liontarimon catch sight of him on the way into the main building and, taking note of both his panic and the fact that he a new face, they follow him and inquire as to who he is and if he might have seen Griffin and Ursamon.
After Mika tells them what happened
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BotW Homebrew - Love at First Sight by JoshtheOverlander BotW Homebrew - Love at First Sight :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 4 0
Digimon Kopya - Pursuing Death
Mission complete! The time to return to HQ was now, but there was something troubling Griffin’s mind as he returned to base. Something he needed to relay to the Doppelmon and Liontarimon regarding Izanamimon. Ursamon had already headed to get some food after the mission, while Griffin made a beeline straight for his room, finding an unfamiliar face laying on it, snoozing soundly. It was a small furry digimon with blue and white fuzz and on its head, it wore a clean steel helmet with two large horns.
Griffin pulled his digivice out of his pocket and aimed it at the Digimon, learning what it was almost immediately.
In-Training Level
Previous Form: MetalKoromon
“So that’s MetalKoromon, now?” he wondered, approaching his bed slowly. As he came near, the creature stirred awake. His yellow eyes looked up at Griffin just as he’d reached the bed. “Hello, Kapurimon,” Griffin greeted cautiously. “Sorry if I woke you up.”
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Truth and Ideals
The sounds of battle echoed all the way to the far end of the castle halls, speaking volumes of the intensity of the battle the gym leaders were engaged in against Team Plasma. However, that battle was of no concern to him, he had bigger things to deal with.
Arriving at the gates to the throne room, he continued forward without hesitation.
"You've arrived! Good, you can witness the world changing firsthand!" A young man stood at the opposite side of the throne room holding a small black orb tightly in his hand. He seemed elated to see the trainer arrive. "Jacky, you've stood in the way of Team Plasma so much, but you won't stop us this time. Now is the time that I can finally achieve my goal. Pokemon have suffered too much at the hands of humans in the name of brutality and sport.
"No more! I've spoken to many Pokemon and heard their stories and sorrows. I've wept for them and comforted them. I'm the only one that can understand, I'm the only one that can-!"
"Do you ever shut up, N?" J
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Juke the Cat by JoshtheOverlander Juke the Cat :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 1 0


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Journal History


I once remembered a short film called Larger than Life from way back, about spiders that were hit with nuclear waste, causing them to grow in size and terrorize a woman who'd moved into her new home. I looked it up on Youtube and rewatched it. It was truly creepy and unnerving, that is, until the spiders actually turned huge, which made me laugh from how fake they looked. Then I got to thinking, "I wonder if there are any horror games based off arachnophobia." I looked it up and didn't come up with a single damn thing. Why hasn't there been a game like that yet?
Seriously! This idea could be a potential gold mine if the game is good enough, so why hasn't anyone done it yet!? And don't give me the argument of "It only focuses on a single fear!" because we've got plenty of games that bring out the fear of zombies, ghosts, monsters, and the like to the point where everyone's getting desensitized to it!
I understand that these subjects are almost always a guarantee for money, but it's seriously starting to get uber stale! Someone needs to experiment with new ideas and open up new ways of scaring and entertaining people through the gaming media! Otherwise it'll just continue being the same damn things all the $^%%ING TIME!!
No matter the success of it all, I tend to applaud game devs and indie devs that make games with unique ideas, with main examples being FNAF and Daylight, horror games that utilize a horror subject that is either never used or severely underused respectively. Because it brings to light subjects that have great potential and gives them a chance to get used again in the future. Granted, if the game is bad, it deserves the criticism and low ratings, but the subjects themselves should never be given the same punishment.
Instead, focus on how you can use that subject and make a better game out of it. See where the bad game went wrong and ensure that  you don't make the same mistakes, especially if you're going to utilize the same horror subject. You could do a lot with horror due to the very nature of horror being subjective and varying from person to person. Yes, a single horror game won't appeal to everyone, but horror also means that you have many, many different methods of scaring people to choose from!
But for god's sakes, please don't overuse jumpscares like a million other game devs have up to this point! Jumpscares are often incredibly cheap and lazy and rarely ever done right. It's become one of my most hated horror tropes alongside found footage movies, which can be good, like with Cloverfield, but are often incredibly shitty like the Paranormal Activity films and the dumpster fire that started it all, the Blair Witch Project. I'm sure there are people that find those movies scary, but I don't. IMO, they're boring, lifeless, and not worth the time or money.
If you want to do any of these things, please do us all a favor and don't fall into these tripe trope traps. In my experience, good horror brings out horrific nightmares, creates tension and fear, not knowing what will happen and when it will happen, and invades your comfort zone. It makes you constantly look around, keeping an eye out for what's behind you, and run like hell out of genuine adrenaline-pumped fear of what's chasing you.
Hell, you could even expand on the stuff we're already doing. Let's say in the monsters subject of horror games, you could make one that's based off of other cultures, like Greek or Japanese. Both of which have brutal or creepy legends and myths. Or perhaps you could make a horror game based off of Lovecraft's stories! You could do so many things, it's almost unbelievable!
To finish off this monster of a rant (Pun intended), what we have in the horror genre of video games is good, a bunch of games are downright amazing and deserve the aclaim, but there's also an ass ton of horrible pieces of garbage. And the lack of experimentation and exploration into more diverse subjects can be frustrating when you really think of what could be. There is progress, though, especially with Indie devs, but it's a very slow climb to the numerous and diverse subgenres of horror we could have. I have faith that we can get there, but at the moment, it just seems damn amazing how little variation we have.



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