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The Villains

1st set complete :) A second set of Heroes is coming soon :D

Here are all of the portraits if you haven't seen :) 

We have opened up a new store where my own (and others) artwork is now available for purchase if you're interested! This & more will be coming every week so stay tuned!! :) 


Here are all of the portraits individually if you haven't seen :)


M.Bison ... Timelapse

Dr. Robotnik



If you're feeling a bit more angelic, check out The Heroes


This collection is part of a gallery showcase that will be announced in the near future as part of a gaming media company I'm part of 8bit Ego. Please join the Facebook page for more information :)

Check out 8bit Ego if you get a chance :) It's the lovely bunch of chaps I share loves with!
8bit Ego

If you wish to get in touch, contact me,
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Thanos, Darkseid, and Shao Kahn might be worth of inclusion.

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That was the greatest day of your life, but for me... it was tuesday.

Is it me or does Ganondorf look a lot like Kelsey Grammer here?

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I may have missed out with Bowser's solo image to critique but at least I can say something about this one. So here we go. A hero is nothing without the villain. Good is nothing without evil. There is always a yin and yang and these characters are the perfect opposites to the heroes. This image shows how a realistic version to a villain can work. You've made them scary which is something Nintendo and Capcom, to my knowledge, have not done yet. Kudos. However, shouldn't Wario be classified as an anti-hero seeing as he is driven by greed and that he does whatever he wants? That's just me.
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Wow the villains looking almost realistic is terrifying, but this awesome.
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oh my god wario i'm screaming
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Love This Artwork! Great Creation!
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YAS!!! Could you possibly do an anti-hero version? (I love shadowLa la la la Heart La la la la )
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This looks awesome!!!
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This... Is incredible.
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Oh yeah, man... that's good stuff
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Sick. How long did this take?
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Im not sure in total... Each painting took around 15-25 hours... because I was still learning things :)
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Wario? I though he was General Morden
This is really, really awesome. Although I might have replaced Wario with someone else, just because you now have two Mario villains in here. Maybe Dr. Wily or Mother Brain.
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I love how you've done Robotnik, well done.
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Not even Sonic '06 could make Eggman that creepy-looking. 'S awesome!
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Nice quality in detail :)
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Kinda funny that Ganondorf, the "King of Evil," looks to be the most human-looking and least scary of the five.
but I think he might be the most powerful...
correct me if I'm wrong.
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I can agree. None of these other dudes could stand up to Ganon(dorf).
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