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Ahhhh finally :)

So this is my Ganondorf.

We have opened up a new store where my own (and others) artwork is now available for purchase if you're interested! This & more will be coming every week so stay tuned!! :) 


Here are the other villains if you haven't seen :)



Dr. Robotnik


If you're feeling a bit more angelic, check out The Heroes


This collection is part of a gallery showcase that will be announced in the near future as part of a gaming media company I'm part of 8bit Ego. Please join the Facebook page for more information :)

Check out 8bit Ego if you get a chance :) It's the lovely bunch of chaps I share loves with!
8bit Ego

If you wish to get in touch, contact me,
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Nintendo has created a lot of memorial villains, starting with Bowser. However, if I had to pick a second favorite villain, it would have to be Ganondorf. Every incarnation of The King of Evil has been extremely memorable, ranging from his young appearance in Ocarina of Time, his regal appearance in Wind Waker to what this form looks like: the one from Twilight Princess and it is phenomenal. If I was anyone but Link, I would not want to even challenge him. This looks so realistic, it's almost like a picture was taken. I also like the purple coloration, possibly of his dark magic from Smash Bros. which works. Also, his eyes really catch me off guard as if he is going to kill me simply for being in his way. Absolutely fantastic I love it!