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Initially started as a study but then branched off. Just working on colours and stroke efficiency in this one.
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Exquisite . A very peaceful atmosphere .
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I LOVE the light falling on her face :3 
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All parents are concerned about what their girls are uploading and what their boys are downloading.
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Suzy? or just unbelievable coincidence? 
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Check that out ;) Lovely strokes
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Absolutely stunning lighting, really lovely work :)
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That lighting and atmosphere is really beautiful. Good job!
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Just beautiful. I think that cyberpunk really fits your style but not just that. I think it adds to it. It's fascinating.
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This is brilliant!
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The light is stunning <3
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Beautiful piece of art! :love:
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so very nice and well done,   love it ,, and her

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I like that she appears to have a body pillow cuddled to her AND has it between her thighs <3
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this is very nice :) I would not let her sleep :)
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Very wonderful art! Very beautiful person as well
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Too Beautiful, Too sexy, Just a wonderful piece of art.
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This is truly beautiful, the softness of the light on the blankets and on her skin is very pleasing to the eyes. I also love how it has an old fashioned aesthetic combined with ideas of the future.
Great work! :)
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Thank you very much :) 
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