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Mandarin Beauty

Mandarin Beauty is a merpony loosely based off of a Mandarin fish. I say loosely because I took some creative license with the design.

Her tail was sculpted with apoxie sculpt over a base of foil and sculpey. It was then painted with many types of paint including - blacklight, acrylic and metallic. It was then sealed with sculpey gloss sealer with multiple coats.

Her fins were made with liquid sculpey. They were painted to go with the design but the ends are still slightly transparent. They are flexible and fully removable.

Her body was given a fbr with one of my handmade paints and it changes in the light. Her back and neck design was done with blacklight paint as well. Her body was sealed with dullcote.

She was rehaired with a hank of blizzard that I did a gradient dye - turning from turquoise to yellow to orange. It was pinned in place with yellow and hand painted green pearl pins (they glow too!). Her hair was then given a boil perm for ringlets.

Her eyes were painted with acrylics and blacklight paint and sealed with triple thick gloss. She also has a touch of neon orange glitter as her eye accents.
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That hair! ZOMG! I love her! :)
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Wow, she's amazing!
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her hair is gorgous,what did you use to dye it with, i would love to try it xxx
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Thanks so much - It is dyed using RIT dye for the yellow and orange and hair dye for the blue ( can't remember the brand but a standard crazy color vegetable dye) :) Hope that helps.
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that tail is SO amazing! i love her color changing hair!
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Thanks everyone! I think it is pretty comical to Kimmers!
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You are sooo talented
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If only she was pink. <3 :)
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This is the perfect pony! Totally love her! I need to find a special spot for her! I love that we made such opposites!
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