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Terminal Lance: 20% Cooler

Just a quick edit of a Terminal Lance comic. I think it fits.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic owned by Hasbro
Terminal Lance owned by Maximilian Uriarte
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I think I found a new cover up rather than getting reamed by the guys for being a being.
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Lol. XD
And I got two questions to ask you.

1. If your armor was based on a Pokemon, what would it be?

2.If you had a chance to redesign wargoyle, what would his redesign be?
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What was the original comic?
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"SHUT UP! I'm looking at porn I swear!" Yah right XD
Pinkie-Spot's avatar
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the fact that they deny it is kinda sad...
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XxMetroBoyPSxX's avatar

I see where you're coming from, Josh. I have a grandfather who was in WWII, actually. 
Flimflanboy's avatar
Even non-military types relate. Though in my case it's an iphone and headphones.
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Uh, how hilarious this is. It reminds me all too well of the Chick tract comics. Have you ever, by unfortunate chance, happen upon them? If you have not, fear not, you are not missing out.
Not a fan of the show, but I really hate how some people try to tell you what to watch and what's 'manly'. Really just watch/play/read whatever the hell you want.
Torkuda's avatar
Yep. Manliness should be a description of your actions in real life, not what you happen to like on TV. 
AuraOfTheStars's avatar
how....inappropriate, for children
Theshadigi's avatar
That's some funny shit. Also your a good artist man.
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lol that cracks me up!
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That's just what I'll say the next time I want to watch-

On second thought No I'd rather have the "Black Arrow" Thank you very much.
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But, Yes, this is very funny.
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Hahahahahaha! That is brilliant!
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Who would tell someone your watching porn? XD

Great idea ^^ Love it
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