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Firebrand's Cutie Mark

A couple people have asked me to upload this. Here it is.

Cutie Mark designed by :iconxain-russell:
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I image that the opposite version of The Fiery Joker is The Frozen Mime

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Your the best Josh
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Fiery Joker, with your permission, I'm making a video of MLP Legends of mine and your one of them :) May I use your OC?
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it's up! Hope you like your number! :D…
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Thank you very much! :D
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As if Palutena hadn't already proven herself to be a complete troll.
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Awsome Cutie Mark!!!

ps...awsome videos,too.
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Hehehe this is awesome!!!!
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Pretty cool cutie mark
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Cool cutie mark:)!  I have been a huge fan of your various different videos for many yearsEs increible! ! Keep up the good workBrohoof ! 
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I'm making a Equestrian Military ID and wanted to make one for you, if you are ok with it.  Would you be ok if I used this on it?
I wonder, what would Discorded Firebrand be like?
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Hey Joker, I'm curious this mask is the mask of comedy right, does that mean the opposite of this would be a mask of sorrow that's blue and white with ice all over it?

What would that be called, The Frozen Cynic or something?
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I don't get it.
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Josh's pseudonym is Fiery Joker. Hence, Commander Firebrand's Cutie Mark is a literal Fiery Joker.
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