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Just something I threw together when I was bored.
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Lapzidorus's avatar
"It means I can kill you and send you off with a fanfare!"
Ooh, that's good!
ShadowGarthTimeRazor's avatar
Firebrand won. I laughed a bit. Good times! 
Thatponyflippy's avatar
I thought you hated rap?
Glittering-Wasteland's avatar
fire brand totally won this.
DatPoneEnthusiast90's avatar
You gotta do this in a YouTube video
LeSupremeDalek's avatar
I have no idea who the other guy was, so imma say Firey Joker.
Brianna330's avatar
Yes! Josh's Atomic Cock 

Although, that's kinda cheating. xD
number39utopia's avatar
What about an epic rap battle of the analysts community, you vs lily Pete
SgtTex's avatar
I say you won Josh.
dragonslayerman6's avatar
I want to see this as a video.
Scorpionspear77's avatar
This was awesome! Both battled well, but Josh wins.
Billybobjoeman's avatar
You both lose. Hades wins.
PoisonSkunkKing's avatar
Josh, make this a real thing, please!
Daisy-023's avatar
I totally cacked myself stupid reading this, it's absolutely brilliant!
someone contact nice peter and epic Lloyd RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AuraOfTheStars's avatar
very, how should i put it......uh, bold?
Flimflanboy's avatar
I'm picturing Hades and Discord watching this rap battle and making snarky comments.

....BTW, I preferred Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury over Skrillex vs Moxart. Personal preference.
Hippopig21's avatar
make a video
right now
do it
SilverChaos13's avatar
This was a very creative ERB parody. I could hear some music while reading this.

I take off my hat to you, sir. Clap 
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