Blue Ring Octopus Animation

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Hi all :) ,

Screen Saver here (ZIP file of it, ~14 MB file size):…
(please feel free to let me know if you have any problems with it)

My BIG THANKS to :icongoophou: for all of her excellent help with the screensaver! :dance:

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for the outstanding response on the Blue Ring Octopus Animation :D :w00t: !

And my GREAT THANKS to :icongodofodd: for the Daily Deviation!  

My apologies to anyone I have not had a chance to reply to yet, or if I have not had a chance to answer your question(s).

Here are the files for the Octopus Rig from my dA submission (Zip file for download) :…

Files in ZIP;

And the zip now has;

Created using 3ds Max 2009 32bit, and the CAT3.2 plugin for Max.  The CAT plugin now comes as a default part of 3ds Max 2011 (for both 32bit & 64bit).  It is like Biped/Character Studio, -a rigging tool to help in creating rigs & animations for those rigs inside of 3ds Max.

Note: You will need the CAT plugin to work the rig in Max if using the 'Octopus.max file.'  If you don't have the CAT plugin, then use the 'Octopus-without-CAT-plugin.max' (an FBX export of the scene).

A pic of the bones;

If I'm missing anything, files, exports, etc. feel free to let me know, -I'll be glad to try and help!

Thank You again everyone! :D

Be sure to check-out the dA 3D club (see Stamp below) :w00t:


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