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My comic anthology, Madness & Mayhem is now available for purchase at the link below!…

It's a collection of various comics and panels I've done over the years, with new material and a new story that serves as a wrap around for the collection, which involves an alien invasion of earth! Check it out!
Got the proof for Madness & Mayhem this week, just before the polar vortex struck (mental note: Polar Vortex would be an excellent name for either a frozen treat or an all-Eskimo metal band), and aside from a few tweaks, it's good! I'll post up a couple of pages of the new material over the next few weeks, and as I said, it'll be unleashed at Fluke Athens on April 19th, and then I'll post a link to buy it online the day after. It's gonna be awesome!

Which reminds me, I need to get started on that OTHER comic I'll be showing off...
Spent yesterday afternoon writing and doing rough layouts for a 16 page comic I'll be doing over the next couple of months, hopefully in time for Fluke. I'm really excited about this one, but it's gonna take quite a while to polish it up to how I want it. I'll post previews of it once I've got some better roughs to show off.

Madness & Mayhem has been completed and sent off, I should be getting a proof sometime this week.

I also need to get started writing new Nolans strips for when I take the strip off sabbatical next week, so I've got a lot to do!
Anybody on my friend list here on Deviantart going to Fluke Athens again this year?
Okay, this year I need to buckle down and really get stuff done:

1) Finally get the Madness and Mayhem book done: I may end up cutting most of the extra ideas I had for the book; I've just had this hanging for over a year and I'm ready to move on.

2) Put together a second Nolans book: Long overdue, I should've had this done back in the summer.

3) Work on "Pastaghetti Western" comic: I plan on making a short 10-12 page 'pilot' by the end of March.

4) Draw more: Something I struggle every day to do.

5) Find true love: If I have time, maybe.

6) Actually watch that copy of 'Fight Club' a friend gave me years ago: Nope, still haven't seen it.

Wish me luck!
Been working on different projects recently, one of which being finally getting together an anthology book of my previously published gag comics, some of which you can view here on this very site! I'm planning on grouping the comics by theme into individual chapters, and put a few pages of original material between each chapter. I've posted the "prologue" to the book, which continues the 1950s horror comic theme the cover introduced (and yes, I plan on going back and tweaking the cover to be closer to the 1950s style).

Long story short, please check it out and give me some feedback! Let me know if it's funny, or the stupidest thing ever.
Sorry guys, but if you haven't been able to tell, I've fallen behind in my Drawing A Day challenge. I've got a lot of stuff on my plate currently, and it had gotten to the point where the DaD was becoming a chore to do, which is the exact opposite of its original intention. I did make it seven months this time (though I did miss a day or two).

I won't be posting stuff here nearly as often in the near future, but hopefully what I will be posting will be awesome.
Last year I attempted to draw and post one drawing each day in order to keep my creative juices flowing. That lasted about two months.

So I'm going to try it again, this time hopefully with more success. Sometimes it'll be a finished drawing, other times just a sketch. Sometimes it'll be something that looks awesome, other times probably something kinda crappy. The ultimate goal is to keep me drawing and hopefully improve over time.

Wish me luck!
Gimme something to draw. Keep it clean.
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Tomorrow marks the day the first printed collection of my comic strip "The Nolans" is released via print on demand at! It's been a long time coming, and plagued with delays and computer problems. It was originally going to be published back in 2010, but coupled with personal issues and computer crashes, I kept having to push it back. But no more! I hope you will take a moment to go check it out… and if you are so inclined, pick up a copy!

And then tomorrow I get to start on the layout for Book 2! Hopefully that won't take another two years to finish...
Too hot out!
Well, so far I've been more or less successful in drawing something new almost every day, but I seem to be lacking in new comic strip material lately. I dunno if it's because I've focused the free time in my day to drawing something new, or if I just can't think of a good subject.

What do you think? Should I keep going with a Drawing a Day? Or should I just go back to writing comics every so often?
Well, it's a new year, and that means it's time for resolutions and trying to make myself a better person. One resolution I have is to attempt to draw at least one new thing every day, be it a sketch or a finished piece of art. I think if I can do that, I can keep myself better motivated; motivation is something that I've been seriously lacking this past year... I don't know if it's my job situation, lack of social life, whatever... but I figure if I can do this, I can get back on track and kick ass.

We'll see how long I can keep this up, but I'm going to be optimistic for a change... kind of tired of having a dour, pessimistic attitude with life.

So... yeah! Stay tuned. I'll try to post art every day as I draw it, or maybe just upload a few days worth at once... who knows!
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Any chance DeviantART can develop a filter to filter out all the creepy-ass Sonic the Hedgehog fanart?
Happy Halloween! Time to watch Ghostbusters and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! :)
Well, I need to warm-up with some sketches, but my mind is drawing a blank. Any suggestions or requests?
People REEEEEALLLYYYY like lemons...
I need something to draw, but my ancient mind is drawing a blank! Gimme an idea or three!
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Since we're heading into the holiday season, I figured I might as well pimp my Etsy shop! I'm going to be posting Halloween and Christmas themed cards for sale in there over the next couple of weeks, so if you're in the market for some awesome greeting cards, click the link below!…
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