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Rainbow Rockin' - Animation

Okay, admittedly, I don't follow the MLP series. HOWEVER, one of my best friends does, and has been bugging me for a while to at least give the EQG movies a shot.

So. After finally watching both EQG movies, I figured, "Hmm...this could be a fun project to do..."

And that's how this little animation came about. ;)
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Wow. Very smooth and dynamic. Great work!

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Can you do Scootaloo next?

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One of the epicest animations I have ever seem... I was speechless the first time I saw it. I wasn't expecting this to have such quality ( the hair movement in special is just... wow.. ) , really impressive and inspirational work.

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Rockin' Rainbow.
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Very nice animation.
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Just trying to figure out what Rainbow's playing. Or does it really matter?
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The animation was originally based on a specific riff from a specific song, but frankly, I find it more interesting to let others decide what the song should be. 
So yeah, it doesn't matter that much. Rainbow is playing whatever it is you want to hear. ;P

Thanks for the fave!
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Yeah I guess if you perfer anime and such the EQG movies are the easiest in. Ha.
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Dang, this is smooth.
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So cute ^^

Wonderful animation you've done
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What animation you use?
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I use Flash for animation and After Effects for compositing.
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Looks really nice.
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Thanks very much! ;)
O God The HAIR. I wanna girl like this <3... beter than original by my opinion.
(dont tell it to my GF) :)
Por favor eu queria ela limpinha, pode ser por favor!
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Watching this while listening to Rainbow in the Dark is perfect
Sadly headbanging with a tail doesnt work well in real life
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So i recently saw Sing. and i was stunned by Scarlett Johansson's song Set It All Free. and I feel it would fit Rainbow Dash's look very well, and Scar Jo's voice fits prity well for this older looking Dash
The Cult - Rain

Period ;)
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Oh shut! She have Decepticon logo on guitar :D
This animation rocks!
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Beautiful animation, dude. Rainbow Rocks was my favorite of the EQG movies.
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