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Cat-Snake Pokemon

By JoshKH92
I noticed one day how my Tabby's markings were kinda like that of a snake so I decided to merge the two animals together. Someone also linked me to the Tatzelwurm - a mythological beast with the front end of a cat and the rear end of a snake, so I tried to play on that a little bit with the designs.

With the growing number of feline Pokemon, I came up with a few moves for all of them to utilise:

New Move: Hairball - The user rids itself of excess hair to increase Speed but lower Sp. Def.

New Move: Hiss - The user lets out a loud hiss to sharply lower the opponents Attack.

New Move: Pounce - The user readies itself at the beginning of the turn and pounces at the end. It flinches if the opponent lands an attack though. Power is determined by the users weight.

Sly - Attacks that do not cause damage may leave a status condition.

Enjoy! :)


Basic Stage: Katrick - The Ruse Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Unnerve/Sly
Name Meaning: Cat-Trick
Evolves: Dusk Stone

It enjoys scaring people with its snakelike tail; it hides in the bushes and uses it to trip them up or steal their belongings. Enzymes in its saliva gradually weaken the foe until it can attack.


First Stage: Panthon - The Cat-Snake Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Unnerve/Sly
Name Meaning: Panther-Python

It's fur is so thin and tightly packed that it feels like rubber; it will spend up to 6 hours a day grooming to keep it's coils slick and manoeuvrable. It grabs prey from the ground and hoists it up to it's treetop lair.


These Pokemon have been designed by me. Please do not steal or use them without my permission.
The Pokemon Franchise Belongs to Nintendo.
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malibunny's avatar
This is so creative! I love it :D 
Goldexx's avatar
Omg this needs to be a pokemon. You make so many good designs.
naruto162's avatar
The first thing that comes to mind are the Nightstalkers from Fallout New Vega
Jai-Ti's avatar
I like the second evolution! :) It looks evil :)
Pumkinkiller777's avatar
There are so many Amazing fakemon out on DA. I wish that so many of them could be aviable in the games. This one would be in my team for sure!
JoshKH92's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!
Pumkinkiller777's avatar
if I were in the pokemon anime, this would be my pokemon :3
JoshKH92's avatar
Glad you like it!
Chikurui's avatar
I want one, omg ;A; is so cuteee
JoshKH92's avatar
Glad you like it!
Cheshirekitteh33's avatar
I would love to do fanart of Panthon! I wish this pokemon was reeeeaaaallll!!!!
JoshKH92's avatar
I would love you to do fanart of Pathon!
LeenaTanukii's avatar
A cat plus a snake is a sugar glider!!!!
This pokemon is SO cute!
Rookie141's avatar
cool idea! i'd love to see it in a pokemon game :D
JoshKH92's avatar
At first I thought these were real pokemon from the actual series 
You should totally contact Game Freak! 
JoshKH92's avatar
Thank you! glad you like them :)
iSherie's avatar
omg, why can't this be real?
JoshKH92's avatar
Glad you like it :)
Jolie45's avatar
Chinese Zodiac: Snake emote 
I REALLY want that too be a real poke'mon!
JoshKH92's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it!
Jolie45's avatar
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