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Okay so a few friends of mine tell me that i should write stories here. Not sure if anyone will read them but if they do I hope you enjoy them to the max! Not a real great writer but still enjoy.I wrote this story when I was taking a computer class in my first year of college. It's about a new specie of man after a tragic event becoming species along their journey to discovery peace, war, and knowledge of ancient/modern humans. I didn't write the present story on here yet but i did make random Journals for the scientist.

The Grand Journey

    Year 5409. My mother once told me of a time when people would walk with other races. It seems now that era is nothing more then a fairy tale. At the end of the year 2014, the countries revolted against one another with atomic bombs causing pandemic for the world. A young scientist studying in how to preserve life for future generations decided to go underground. His name was Michael Serpentis and he was brilliant. He experimented on man trying to create a stronger human specie that would not pursue war. 3000 years later we can walk outside again because of this man. This man is a God to us. It is sad how even after 3000 years of work that we still went against what The Creator wanted. A war has broken loose and if nothing happens soon we might become extinct like the earlier mankind.

Journal 1 Day 1

    The Earth is being destroyed by its most destructive virus "Mankind." What can I do as a scientist to save the earth from destruction? I am but one man also being a virus like the rest, therefore I mustn't save the earth, but I must continue it's suffering by keeping mankind alive. If I cannot keep mankind alive then I will evolve mankind! I will journey underground before the surface is destroyed and start my research. I wonder what the surface will be like in a hundred years. Will I be still alive? Will I somehow save mankind from their imminent destruction? I can only hope. I will work as long as it takes to create a world where man is not a virus but a being of light.

Journal 3 Day 548

    I've finally done it! I have created an evolved human being! This evolved creature may be a baby at the moment, but one day he will grow and hopefully lead his kind to the surface. What wonders will this creature do to this world? I must prepare for it to grow up. I have never thought this before, but I have given life to this creature and in doing so I am now this child's father. I'm so eager to see what he can do. Will he be faster, stronger, maybe even smarter than us humans? The endless possibilities! I must prepare for fatherhood of a creature not know to anyone. Hopefully, one day in the future he will end the suffering of our planet and bring peace to all. I will name my creation/child "Promus" meaning librarian in Latin.

Journal 9 day 7309

    Promus has returned from the surface safely! He brought back a sample of life growing on the surface. Still unsure if mankind can go to the surface yet, but at least know Promus and his kind can.I would love to feel the sun on my face again. I don't know how much longer I have on this Earth. I being a 79 year old man living underground. I haven't been sleeping much, but there is so much still to do before I disperse from this world. The plant Promus brought back is a type I have never seen before! It seems to drain radioactivity turning it into oxygen! Does that mean the plants and animals on the surface have also evolved on their own? I must venture to the surface. I must see for myself what has become of our Earth. For now I will keep sending Promus to the surface and researching down here. Hopefully one day I can see the world without a suit before I die.



    The dwarves are small but very strong people who live in the mountains. They mine for all sorts of gems. They were named dwarves for the miniture stature, their strength, and their love for Gems. The first dwarf that departed into the surface instantly headed straight for the hightest mountain. He and his people created a castle that could be seen from almost anywhere on the surface and was named, "The Palace of Gems." After "The Palace of Gems was finished the dwarves started to claim that all mountains were their domain. They become gem hungry and wanted more to make a finer domain.


Ignitians are a type of fire humanoids. When they came to the surface the radiation sparked flames around them. Due to their tough skins the flames on them do not harm them. These humanoids went towards the volcanoes on the surface due to their firery appearence. Till this very day the path from underground to the volcanoes are still charred.


Merfolk are as they sound.They are humans like people who live in the water. As they came to the surface they seemed eager to find the largest sea in the world. Though these people look like mermaids like in old folklore they are peaceful creatures. They will not attack anyone or anything unless provoked. They claimed the oceans as their domain, but they accept all races if other races can get to their domain at the bottom of the ocean.

Some Wars

The Eruption of the Mountain

The mountains belonged to the dwarfs, the volcanoes to the Ignitians, and the sea to the Merfolk. As the Dwarves became more and more mineral hungry they sent off on adventure for more mountains. They came across volcanoes and claimed that volcanoes are types of mountains. The Ignitians claimed that they cannot take the land that which they can only live in. The Dwarves declared if they cannot have it then they will take thus starting a conflict of war. This all started in the year 3300.At first the Dwarves would send warning shots from a catapult hoping that they would not have to take lives to get what they wanted, but the Ignitians retaliated with fire arrows from the sky. The war had only begun and neither side would stop engaging on one another. Around the year 3500 this war started to get more and more dangerous. The people of the Dwarves no longer wanted to take the volcanoes, but their King in his rage wanted to succeed what his grandfather couldn�ft. The Dwarf�fs name was Obsi after the rocks they found in a volcano named obsidian. Obsi would rally the men and take them to battles against the Ignitians. From the Ignitians view point they did not want war. They simply wanted to show the world how strong they were. Taking on the dwarves was the best example for they had controlled most of the land on Earth. For over 300 years neither side backed down. One day a man from a Dwarven village set out on a suicide mission for his King. His mission was to infiltrate and set bombs off from inside the volcano with a slight chance of coming out alive. The King had promised that even if he had died that his family would be safe and wealthy, that his name would be remembered as a hero, that he would be the start of the ending of this war. In his pride the dwarf went only to see that once inside the Ignitians were good people. They lived and breathed like the Dwarves. He questioned how such people can be their enemy. Then he realized that it was his King that should be brought down. He sneaked out of the volcano and ran back to his village in secret from the King. He gathered Dwarves from each village and charged at the palace. They demanded peace and that the war would end. The King would not have such riot in his kingdom and ordered his guards to kill them. The guards in confusion were unsure what to do. Should they listen to their King? Should they join rioters? In all the confusion, the man who was sent on the suicide mission grabbed from his backpack a bow and arrow and shot the King. The King had died. The rioters were shocked from what the one man did. They were not sure what to do for a leader or how to handle the affairs of the war. The man went up to the chair where the King was and shouted, �gWE ARE FREE FROM THIS WAR!�h The people in their confusion looked at him and then all smiled knowing that it had to be done to save their nation. The man who killed the King had become the leader of his people. He went to the Ignitians and offered his sincere apologies and begged for their forgiveness. The leader of the Ignitians looked at the dwarf leader said, �gWhy should I allow this war to end? Just for because your King is dead does not mean I shall let this war end. My nation has lost lots of good people. How can I just end this war without their revenge?If you really want this war to end prove to me why I should end it.�h The dwarf stood up, unsure how to settle the Ignitian King�fs anger. Then he grabbed his sword from his bag. He looked at the blade and said to the King, �gI shall kill all my men who were in this war�cand if this will not suffice I will kill myself.�h The Ignitian King looked at him, puzzled by his answered said, �gRaise your head. I shall accept this war is over. If you are willing to kill your own kind and yourself over this I shall end it here.�h The two leaders shook hands and signed a treaty called The Dormant Volcano Pact. This being the end of the war the 2 nations went back to their ways over 3 hundred years ago.

The Burning Forest

The year is 4656. After 11 hundred years of peace, war had found its way back into our lives. The Ignitians had become arrogant standing up to the dwarves for 3 hundred years. After the King who signed the Dormant Volcano Pact had died his sign Fearius became King. Fearius thought that the Ignitians were strong specie and they should control more than just Volcanoes, but due to the pact he could claim mountains. Fearius thought around the pact remember that dwarves don�ft own the forests. He sent 1hundred men one day to take over the forests closest to the dwarves. There were no more Kings in the dwarven kingdom but their leader at this time had gotten word before the attack on the village. He sent warning to Fearius that if he dared to touch Dwarven land, the leader would have to engage on battle against his men. This threat meant nothing to Fearius for he had thought a hundred could easily wipe out the dwarves and in doing so he ignored the warning. This was his downfall for the dwarf leader was ready for the battle. As the Ignitian soldiers walked through the forests they started burning everything. The dwarves jumped in around them, surrounding the Ignitians. The ignitian soldiers laughed as the dwarves were not armed. The dwarf leader walked in unarmed said, "Leave and don�ft came back. If you choose not to leave we will kill all of you!" The soldiers were not sure why they should be afraid of them. The leader of the soldiers threw a fireball at the leader shouting, "ATTACK!" The leader�fs clothes burned but underneath were not his skin but a set of armor. The leader now furious shouted in return to his order to attack, "DESTROY THEM!" From out of the burning forests rolled in giant cannons that the Ignitians have never seen before. As the cannons flashed out their ammunition the soldiers were turning to ashes in seconds. The leader of the soldiers ran to warn the King of their weapon, but as he ran through the forests the leader of the dwarves caught up and cut through his body with a sword. The battle was over but war had only begun. The leader sent a message to the King of the Ignitians saying if he sent any more troops there will be war. In every battle not one soldier would make it back to the Ignitian King�fs kingdom. Fearius was furious as he did not know what the dwarves were using to destroy his troops. He decided that even though he was scared he would join his next invasion. He had to see what was stopping him. He charged with his men into the forests not to see what was destroying them but a burnt forest with no life. Fearius pondered why there were no living beings in the forests, not even his soldiers�f dead bodies were left. Fearius knew nothing of with great power come great responsibility. The leader of the dwarves walked into the burned forests and said, "You are King Fearius? Can you see what you have done to the forest? Your men were forgotten but this forest will not be. Why have you come to take the forest?" The King in anger shouted, �gBecause my species is the strongest. We should control more than just volcanoes. "The leader could not describe his anger, but instead shouted, "You are not a King, but a foolish man who does not even understand that his species burns everything they touch. You cannot control what is not there. Today I shall end your foolishness. Men ready the cannons!�h Fearius enraged gave one last shout to his soldiers, "ATTACK THE DWARVES!" The cannons fired vaporizing all soldiers. The Dwarven leader told his men not to shoot the King. Fearius stood all alone with all his soldiers dead. "You being a King cannot die return to your kingdom and never return." Said the Dwarven leader. The king left, promising never to attack the dwarf lands. The war was over.


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Just a guy who loves looking at people's artwork. I doodle but I'm no where near as talented as most people. :/ i mostly just change colors on pics in photoshop and paint at home if i have spare time.


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