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Alteran standby screen saver

For the Stargate fans.

Here is the Stargate Atlantis Alteran standby screen saver. Finally found it somewhere.
I put it here because it's so hard to find anywhere. I hope it's the most recent version.
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I cant use it on windows 7, 10 , 11. please help

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Please update to a more recent flash version, preferably one that Windows 10 can use.
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I can't. It's not mine.
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Then tell the person who made the original.
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Thank you Josh for rescuing and posting this. It worked after installing activex flash version, using offline installer, and instantstorm.  

Advice to anyone installing this:  There are different versions of flash, you have to get the offline complete installer file name is install_flash_player_ax.exe, available from one of the troubleshooting pages at adobe flash, or jes follow google, and the InstantStorm_LegacyScreensaverUpdater.exe   Loo for it on google or follow a dialog box that might pop up during the as2 installation.  It has a web address
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cool idea.. but keeps stating that flash needs to be installed. Even thought it already is and has been installed...
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see my install notes
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so is it a working screensaver or just the pic?
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:( Do you have that for Mac as well? Windows only :(
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It works, i love this soooooooo much
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Not perfect but cool =(
Thanks fo sharing.
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i download it , installed it but it doesn't work
any ideas?
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I don't know. It works on my windows Vista 64 bit computer.
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