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[Spidersona] The Amazing Zap-Spider
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Published: February 16, 2019
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Updated my spidersonas ref!! This time I'll actually put a little bio in here sidycgs
a lot of things may be subject to change oops

Name: Hailey M. Parkson
Alias: Zap-Spider
Pronouns: Any (she and they are most common)
Age: 17 years

Height: 5'6''
Weight: Average

Affiliation: Friendly neighborhood superhero
Personality: An absolute NERD. She loves video games, anime, cartoons, comics, and she'll happy talk about all her favorites if you initiate it. She's a lot smarter than her happy-go-lucky and childish demeanor seems to show, and she hates when people think she's dumb. She's a very friendly person, even to people she dislikes, and she loves making friends- especially with other spider heroes. She gets really excited every time she meets other heroes and people like her, finding great enjoyment in talking about how different their universes are. Despite being super into meeting new people, Zap is also a very anxious person. For some reason their anxiousness is doubled online rather than offline, however.

Likes: Pizza, bacon, dogs, animals, praise, drawing, games, DnD, bugs, POP vinyls, crime shows, slushies, cartoons, family, superhero landings, action, plushies, animation, swinging around town, saving the day
Dislikes: Seafood, assholes, losing, death and dealing with death, loneliness, murder, falling, being alone in the dark at night, pain, missing out, 

Skills/Talents: Getting into trouble, drawing, athletic, pulling all-nighters, swinging on their webs
Powers: Spidey Powers
- Able to stick to walls and ceilings
- Can shoot out electric webs that can stun enemies
- Has a spidey sense that lets them know right before something bad happens to them (although anxiousness often muddles this)
- Related to the spidey sense, they're very good at deciding if a person is good or bad right when they meet them
- Has a high resistance to being shocked
- Getting tangled in their webs
- Webs can run out and have to recharge
- Cant run on foot for too long or they get tired

Resources: A laptop, their mom, their two dogs, huge imagination

Born in a small town to a small family, Zap had a really good life. They moved around quite a bit and have lived in quite a few homes, but they haven't had a problem with it. They've been homeschooled since an incident when they were three, and due to this they haven't made many friends that aren't solely through the internet.

When they moved to a small town called Columbus, things were good. They were still homeschooled and only had friends through the internet, but they didn't mind it too much. Their mother was very protective and would barely let Zap leave the house unattended, so one night they decided to sneak out. It was 5am, the sun was just beginning to rise, and they were exploring the little place. It was out here that they swore they saw blue lights coming from a small part of forest, and upon inspecting it there seemed to be electricity sparking all around the area. Curious, they moved in, and the source was a spider. Being a lover of bugs, they were immensely interested in this over-sized arachnid, but you know what they say about curiosity and the cat.

Zap was bit by the spider, and as it bit them it sent a shock through their body, and the passed out. When they woke up they were still in the same place, except it was almost noon. Thinking it was some sort of dream and they fell asleep while exploring, they quickly made their way home and got told off by their mom, then went to their room.

For a few days nothing was different, until one day they were laying on their top bunk. They were playing on a game system when they put their feet up to the ceiling, and they realized they were sticking to it. From there on they began realizing that they could shoot webs, and actually climb on the walls and ceiling. They freaked out, and that caught their moms attention. To this day their mom is the only one that knows about their powers, and she helped them learn to control it.

They designed their costume after the spider that bit them, and now that they can control their powers completely they've started helping people. Saving people. Before this all happened Zap always loved books about superheroes, and always dreamed of being like them. This was their chance. Little did they know that being a superhero wouldn't be so easy after a while, not when real villains began to show their faces.
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EthanSLAMberryHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice work. Wish I'd been this thorough and decisive with mine lol. 
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joshiepopopHobbyist General Artist
Aa thank you so much!!
Your spidersona's good too, even if you weren't too decisive and thorough with it! I love all the different outfit color palettes you put them in
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EthanSLAMberryHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you. My backstory changes with every color scheme lol. I either need to make more than one sona or just pick one and be mad about it. 
joshiepopop's avatar
joshiepopopHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!! You could always do AUs off of your character for the different colors if you don't want to stick with just one!
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EthanSLAMberryHobbyist Traditional Artist
The sucky part is that I'll feel the need to completely redesign the suit. I'm too indecisive for my own good. My poor Spider-Sona. 
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joshiepopopHobbyist General Artist
Ahhh I see, that does suck D:
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EthanSLAMberryHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oof it does 
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SseroxyHobbyist General Artist
ooo new ref!
it looks so clean 0w0
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joshiepopopHobbyist General Artist
Aa thank you!!
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lololooooooStudent Traditional Artist
omggg they’re so cute!
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joshiepopopHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!
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