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Mac OS X Installer x86-x64

Please redownload if you use windows 7, fixed wallpaper bug

MacOSX theme based LiteStep Installer.
Includes latest version of MacOSX theme.
Added support of x64 bit Windows versions
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This looks nice. Any way we could get an update with the Yosemite/El Capitan refresh. In both Dark and Light versions. I'm running a Mac, but had to install Windows to run a certain program, and would like to make it look and somewhat function like a Mac, no matter what I've booted into.
Wtf!? On my bro's computer it rebooted and now nothing will come up, no task menu bar no icons or anything. How do I fix this?
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Go Control Alt Delete Then Task Manager And Click New Task And Type In explorer.exe
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The installation went a bit strange after the required reboot. I can't even right click my desktop/litestep now. How do I remove this theme/installation? It is not in the themes folder (as far as I know) and it is not in the Windows program list. I am running Windows Vista x86
who can i remove it if i need
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Just..Awesome man!
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This is incredible! Works fine for me, save for a couple plug-in bugs, but no complaints otherwise. :D
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wow man i am amazed, that you can even do this. my mom was completely surprised when she turn on my computer. :D
Does this work on Windows xp
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do i lose anything my programs and files?..
does anything happens to ur files on the harddisc?
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I need some help uninstalling

I tried like 5 times but nothing happened.
This not work on Windows 7 RTM version (7600)...
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um, now im having windows 7 final version, and i downloaded the new installer, im having some issues, and the theme still crashes, the issue is thatt i cant modify my volume and thats it... :(
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how does this work is it an exe that i have to run, and will it replace any windows system files? will it work on win7ulitmate 32bit?
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LOL, this shit just keeps crashing at the slightest thing i do and at random times.... its so frikin unstable, and thus..not useable...and if its not usable, then it sucks and pretty much gets a 1/5 Stars
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good thing i tested on a VM first. made my machine hang after logon. BSoD. Lulz at least its only a VM. Any chance u can fix that? I tested it on 7 Home Premium x32.
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on win 7 ultimate x86 works fine under vm and on real amd athlon64 3800+
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would have been nice... I tried it with my win 7 build 7600. It was too buggy. My system hanged after install. not useable IMO.
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on my win 7 it works fine [link] this video shows only preview version of installer with older core, now core is fixed with wallpaper bug...
How can i restore my win7 after i installed it?
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