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SOTC Tribute

Shadow of the Colossus-inspired! Similar to the last one, but whatever. It was fun and I learned a few things in the process.

Speaking of process, here's my... process:





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The run cycle was...different, but the gameplay made up for it. Awesome piece. 
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I feature your wonderful deviation here
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Oh I've heard about that game! I wish I could play it! Gosh, but you have definitely captured the suspense! I love how the colors are rushing back to stress the immediacy of the threat!  
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you can really see how fast he is going OO: completely awesome
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Your wander look dressed like ico .
Those movements are amazing you can feel what is about to happen next.
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best game every. and a fanart that does it justice
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Love that game. Thanks!
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I haven't yet completed much of Shadow of the Collosus, but I love the game so far and I really think this painting is great!
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.O. So Awesome!!!!! XD
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Awesome Picture ^^

I don't know much about Shadow of the Colossus, but i heart that it is the
" most Attack on Titan-like Game " ouf there ;) and therefore it must be cool :XD: =)

Playing a normal Human who struggles hard to defeat this gigantic, enormous
Beings - makes the Game challenging and the Player feel like a complete Badass :D
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you should play it it's great
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I watched a handful of Let's Plays and i must say i like this Game very much ^.^
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