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A Treasure Hunt for Life

The billions of human memories from eons ago have been lost in an ocean of consciousness. Now, a collective mind inhabiting trillions of physical avatars spread like dandelion seeds amongst the stars searches for life throughout the unending universe. Although the omni-mind's perception, experience, and wisdom exists outside spacetime and borders the divine, one question still sparks its curiosity and fills it with physical purpose — where did it come from, and how did it arise in the first place.

This is a painting I did in Photoshop for the fun of it. My painting portfolio is filled with fantasy landscape concept art, but little else. Expect more diversified, narrative-driven content from me as time goes on.

I hope it brings you some sort of joy!
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Awesome, Josh! :D
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Very nice, Josh!  I'd like to know from what is the POV? Based upon your narrative, it would be some sort "Avatar Controller"(?)