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Dragon Airlines

By JoshDykgraaf
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Ever wondered what happened to your missing luggage? Maybe it was spewed in a fiery ball of molten brief cases and travel bags?

I was originally going to call it "Dragon Air" but apparently thats actually a real airline.

The result of keeping myself busy during 6 hours of waiting in two major international airports on the way home, this is an experiment with the style I developed for my major final project for uni. I'm trying to keep myself busy and keep the creative juices flowing while I hunt for a job and hopefully get representation.

I hope to continue with this in next few weeks, experimenting with other forms and source material.

I'm open any thoughts, suggestion or ideas as this is fairly experimental =D

Stock is mostly mine, shot in Frankfurt Airport and KL Airport. (try doing that in an Australian airport. Security had no problem with me walking around with a camera both times).

Extra bits at odd angles were done in Cinema 4D.

Low angle of landing gear and Qantas tail: [link]
Wings and more landing gear: [link]
Stripped Engine: [link]
Closeup of Landing gear: [link]
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eightyatorHobbyist General Artist

This is phenomenal. It is bursting with creativity, and all the pieces fit together in such an interesting way. The slight disjointedness in combination with the clashing colors of the numerous liveries give a very cheery aesthetic to what would otherwise be an uncanny creation. A adore the details, from the turbine for a tongue to the luggage falling away. The silhouette of the jet in the background is just perfect. I've always seen the zoomorphic qualities of airliners - my mind cannot help but bring them to life. This, however, takes that to a fantastic extreme.

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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
what the fart?
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This image is indelibly imprinted in my mind. Nice job.
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do you even generate lift
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MapleLeaf02Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would've made sense if you used the Concorde's nose section as the lower jaw. Still really cool though.
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sydsenseStudent Traditional Artist
love it
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kjay747-400Hobbyist Digital Artist
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TheZenGuyHobbyist General Artist
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Why is this not a DD?
That idea is awesome and absolutely well done.
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O_O how awesome and fantastic and imaginative this is, I have no words...:iconmanlytearsplz:
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bolareiProfessional Artisan Crafter
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invisible-artisteHobbyist Digital Artist
really cool :o
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ghgkdnStudent Traditional Artist
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TheUnknownetyHobbyist Traditional Artist
It looks relay aerodynamic.
Probably don't want this flying over my head.
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MindTuberProfessional Digital Artist
Thats cool
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i dont think i would take that flight, lol.
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I always imagined this kind of thing without being able to properly put it on paper. Amazing work!

The dreaded dragon airlines... shaking their passengers to death for centuries :D
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DracoPhobosStudent Filmographer
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spartan316Student Traditional Artist
Looks like a good flyer :P

Love it, makes me curious why I didn't think to try something like this for one of my class projects...
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BiBiARTsHobbyist Photographer
wonderful work... send you a request and invitation of my group :iconsoulcollectors:
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DeothoHobbyist Artist
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You should call it "Insanity Dragon"!
I love you for this man!!
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C4mpe3Student Photographer
wow! this is awesome
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RikaylaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. Original -and- in HD quality!
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