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Part 1: Hamburg: [link]
Part 2 Frankfurt: [link]
Part 4: Amsterdam [link]
Part 5: Nuremberg [link]
Part 3 of my Bachelor series looking at the German Urban landscape and my experiences of the cities here, this one is based on Munich.

Munich struck me as a very proud city - everywhere there are signs of old power - statues of powerful men and triumphal arches. This makes sense as Munich was once the capital of it's own Kingdom. More recently it is the home base for iconic German companies such as BMW.

I have tried to manifest this in my image - aloof and regal. The other thing that inspired me for this image is these candle pyramid contraptions: [link] Something we found all over Bavaria but I first encountered them here. Munich is home to some fantastic architecture - there was one building - the Rathaus (town hall) - which I could have made an image of alone and which I used pieces of throughout this image.

Once again I have tried to use all of my own stock, although had to use iStock for parts of cloudscape [link] [link] (making a scene of clouds at eye level is hard =P)

Photoshop and Cinema 4D

I appreciate any comments and constructive feedback :)
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