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Daily Deviation
December 31, 2010
Behemoth by *Dahoota Absolutely excellent and fantastic wallpaper!
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Part 2: Frankfurt [link]
Part 3: Munich [link]
Part 4: Amsterdam [link]
Part 5: Nuremberg [link]
This is a piece for my final bachelor series based on my explorations and experiences of Germany and a look at the German urban landscape.
Cities often develop in a very 'organic' way, especially cities as old as Hamburg, which is why I have chosen to represent Hamburg in this way. It is a creature built on the back of its heavy industry, especially its Dockyards where some of the largest ships in the world have been made.
It would be very easy to leave Hamburg thinking it is a rather ugly place - the main train station where I entered it is right next to the docklands. But upon exploring it I found it has some of the most beautiful Architecture I have seen to date. Architects here seem to have an obsession with defying gravity - hanging buildings out unsupported over water for example.

The water, fog and ice is simply because this is the state I saw the city in during December and I wish I had gone there during the summer months.

Stock by yours truly, mostly shot in and around Hamburg, although some of the mechanical pieces actually belong to a sugar cane mill and an oil refinery back home in Australia.

Photoshop, C4D and a bit of Corel Painter.

Edit: Thanks for the DD!

Also if you are interested in finding out how this was made, you can check it out the Tutorial here: [link]
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*Dahoota has brought such a creative master piece..

Well the idea is great but if one fails to present idea the way he/she feels about a creation then its of no use but the artist knows people's perspective too and this deviation is a shining example to it...No doubt it got a Daily Deviation..

Every thing covered in such a small Canvas..Of Course its behemoth but for an artist to cover the whole urban elements in such a small canvas is difficult. Everything from Power house used as chimneys for ship to buildings, clocks and artificial legs in walking in Snow certainly represents Urban Germany and is true to its title..