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Life and Death

Might darken in the whole thing so the colors are brighter needs a little more detail too.
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this is ammaaaazing! I love the idea behind incorporating life and death with the fish...especially since the Buddhism ideology of resurrection AND the koi fish are both associated with asian culture. very cool
Mind if i use this for a tattoo, mate? Its a gorgeous piece of art.
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GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the colors you used, the transitions from bright colors to white. And I'm a Pisces :3  Incredible, love it.
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I love how you made this. Its perfect for life and death. I'm amazed that some people can come up with this sort of thing. You really do deserve to be called an artist.
Hey i have a fast question..

is it all good if i used this exact design as a tattoo when and if decide to get one?

just wanted to get your permission

kk well drop me a note back
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Yeah I don't mind if you use the exact design, some used the fish but they changed it alot and honestly I think it came out bad for them.

As a tattoo artist myself I can give you a few suggestions.
-Make sure its big, this was honestly designed for the upper back or the thigh and does not shrink well.
-Make sure your artist is decent, check his/her books. The last person to get the fish had a hack tattooist and it made me very sad to see the design come out so bad.
-Oh and I'd probably change the yellow on the Koi to something else, throw some black or orange spots in there to mix it up.

Send me pics when you get it done.
im not gonna get it done for sure,i was just asking,so incase i wanted to use it :] but sure id send pics ^-^

and ew omg thats so dumb!

and i was kinda looking for something to go on my side =[

got anything?
i love the koi one tho alot
just found my text tattoo :)
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This is something like the tattoo design I wanted, but with a bit of tweeking.

I was wondering if you would redraw this, replacing the skeleton fish with another coy then drawing a ying yang in the center.

And if, in fact, you'd do that, I'd want to know how much you'd want.

Thank you for your time. ^^
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Yeah I could do that, like 20 bucks for the lines and 40 if you wanted me to color it in. I'm gonna change some stuff around with the koi cause i drew it so long ago.
Th6-Fall6n-Ang6l's avatar
No, I'd just want the outline ^^
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Wow! dude thats bad ass! I love it! O.~
Love the design of this tattoo! The 2 Koi work very well together, along with the living and dead sakura!

:+fav: from me! Keep up the great work!
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awesome job on this! 8D
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thats pretty cool what do the kanji represent?
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left one means life right one means death
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thats a good concept. death and life intertwined.
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well done. Excellent balance in concept and execution. :worship:
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This is a really neat concept!! Kudos to you!
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