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As Newman is pushing into the final 48 hours of it’s Kickstarter, I’ve opened up some brand new stretch goals!

- Unlock Six issues of Newman!
- Everyone in the $25 or higher tier receives a free Newman Sticker/Decal! (Aprox: 5″x5″)

- Unlock Eight issues of Newman!
- Everyone in the $25 or higher tier receives a free, random, inked sketch card of either Newman or Gwen!

- Everyone in the $25 or higher tier receives a free, Newman mini print! (4″ x 6″)

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support so far! If you haven’t backed Newman yet and joined the subscription, I hope you’ll consider it!

Click Here For the Kickstarter!

I will be at MegaCon in Orlando this weekend!

I've got copies of Jackie Rose, patches, buttons, book marks, and I'll be doing ink and crayon commissions!

I'm at table Burgundy 6B in Artist Alley

Come and see me!
Just curious, which style of Newman do you like more so far? The inked version, or the painted look?

Newman is an artistic playground for me, so I don't hold myself accountable to any stylistic continuity, it changes with my whims. I'm enjoying the painted style right now though, and I'm learning a lot because of it.

So which do you like better? =)


I have just launched the kickstarter for "Jackie Rose: The Treasure of Captain Read" Volume 1. It is a full color graphic novel, over 150 pages long and nearly completed.

Set in an alternate 1940s, Jackie Rose is a rip-roaring adventure story about a sixteen-year-old girl fighting to hold on to the last remnant she has of her departed mother, her home. When Jackie and her best friend Eddie are kidnapped by the notorious air pirate, Elizabeth Read, Jackie sees the chance to save her house if she can return a stolen crown.

You can find the kickstarter right here:…

For those of you who are not familiar with kickstarter; it is a secure, fund raising website. I have set a goal of $6750 for the purpose of printing Jackie Rose book one. By supporting the kickstarter, you will receive all types of different rewards including the book itself, original art, prints, and much more depending on which reward level you choose. The site is set up so that your credit card is only charged if the project reaches it's funding goal, and after the time runs out (30 days). You can make changes to your pledges at any time before the kickstarter ends. 

The book is also being published on the web, and a new page is posted every M/W/F. There are already over 30 pages for you to read right now! You can read the comic online right here:

Please take a look at the project, and if it's something you're excited about, I hope you will consider backing it. If you know of anyone else that might like this project, please spread the word to your friends and family through email, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you use! I sincerely appreciate every bit of help, and I can't wait to get this book printed and in your hands!

Thank you so much!

Josh Ulrich

I just received this AWESOME fan art by :iconaimiislovebeautiful:

Gwen and Jackie Rose by AimiisLoveBeautiful

You should head over to her page and check it out!…

She's got some great work over there! =)
Earlier I posted an image of Newman throughout the years. A few people showed interest in these old stories, and I decided to bring them back online. So now you can find five years worth of Newman and Wizard and Snort history on my site! Check it out!